Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cheap & Cheerful Lunch Idea

(I've posted very beauty heavy posts lately and I want to establish myself as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, so bear with me on the rusty posts!)

As an apprentice I am always looking for ways to save money and make life a bit easier for myself. Going out for lunch everyday racks up, even if it's a £3 meal deal from the shops. I'm also going on holiday soon so I'm trying to eat healthily, which is so hard when you see doughnuts selling for 65p compared to salads for £3.

So I thought I'd share what I usually do for my lunch a couple of times a week which is healthy, cheap and stupidly simple. I like to make pasta salads and simple salads for my dinner and this is just one of my easy things that I do.

Wholemeal pasta (ASDA, 99p for 1kg)
Red pesto (ASDAs own brand, 88p) you can use green pesto as well, I prefer red.
Spinach* (Florette salads £1.49)
Crispy mixed salad* (Florette salad £1.59)

You can also make this in bulk and freeze the pasta, adding in the salad before you eat.


  • Boil the pasta 
  • Drain the pasta
  • Add the spinach and the pesto (around 3 tablespoons, or to taste)
  • Once cooled, add the salad and then you can add mayo or whatever condiment you choose.

I know this may seem really simple but planning ahead like this can be really helpful to save money. It's always helpful to look for salad ideas online, I love Florette Salads website for these as it's important to try and get those veggies in where you can! 

I hope you liked this post and I hope you'd like me to post stuff like this in the future. I know what it's like to try and budget yourself and things like planning ahead can slip your mind. You can adjust recipes like this to add more veggies or swap pesto for chopped tomatoes. 

P.s don't forget that sharing is caring, never leave the bunnies out on the greenery!

What ways do you like to plan ahead to save time and money?

(This post is sponsored but all opinions and ideas are my own)

Til' next time! XOXO


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