Friday, 22 May 2015

Etsy: Maple and Whisky

Maple and Whisky is a shop on the popular online marketplace, Etsy. Now, I've always browsed on Etsy, but this is one of my first purchases. I think that it's more popular in the US as it has limited UK sellers and that's a big thing for me, because shipping is so costly.

I discovered them one day as they sell candles and wax scents based on Disney and Harry Potter (which as we've established, I'm a geek over). So, like the big nerd that I am, I had to buy some. Because I didn't know what scents I'd like, I purchased 'Sugar Rush' and 'Arendelle' in wax tarts rather than full candles. There's nothing worse than forking out £15 on a candle to discover you hate it.

Now Arendelle is based on the popular Disney film, Frozen, (it's where it's based) and smells very much like Mint with an undertone of something spicy, like cinnamon. I really really really like mint and spearmint scents, one of my favourite candles is the candy cane Yankee candle. I didn't expect the undertone of cinnamon, which is one of my ultra hated scents, but when burning the candle smells really nice. It's not the earthy mint but more sweet like a spearmint chew.

The Sugar Rush scent is based from the movie Wreck It Ralph and is very sweet! It's like marshmallows and bubblegum and candy floss. I can tell this scent would not be for everyone as it can be quite sickly, but I love it. I love sweet scents like this and I put this one in my bathroom. The scent managed to drift all around upstairs and when burning it isn't as sickly.

They offer scents like Sherbet Lemon and Butterbeer which are on my wishlist, but I may try their candles next!

You get them in little cubes and so you get a lot for what you pay. The burn time is really good on these products and I think I had one of the little cubes burning for around 6-8 hours before the smell wore off. At £2.50 for 6 little cubes I think they're really good for their money, and a lot more cost efficient than other wax tarts.

They're really worth a check if you're a big Disney fan, or even if you just like different types of candles with very sleek packaging. Check out their store here.

What's your favourite candle scent?

Til' next time XOXO


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