Monday, 25 May 2015

Meet my pets!

I've been a bit review crazy lately so I thought I'd try something different and introduce you to my animals! (I have a few!)I have always been a lover of animals and I can't remember a time growing up where I didn't have at least one thing running around the house.

At the moment I am the proud owner of 3 American Bulldogs; Chester, Freya and Bella. I know that sounds like a whole bunch of a huge size dog, but they aren't all mine. I have the momma, Bella, Freya is my brothers and Chester is my mums but we all live together (Chester and Freya are Bella's pups). Bella is 6 in June and she is getting to an old lady, big dogs are a lot quicker to age than smaller dogs and so she is getting very old very fast! But she is still my baby and I don't think I can express my love enough for her fugly little face (I say fugly in an affectionate way ofcourse). Chester and Freya turned 2 in May and they are craaaazy. Chester is the biggest American Bulldog in the world, I'm quite sure of it, and he is a typical boisterous puppy whereas Freya is the complete opposite and is just the worlds most affectionate thing, who doesn't like strangers and has a slight obsession with nibbling feet and likes to greet you when you arrive home by howling at you.


(Bella: who has perfected the sad face)

I also have two bunnies, Benedict and Floppy. I know, the names couldn't be further apart from each other. Benedict used to he housed with another rabbit called Rupert who sadly passed away earlier this year whereas Floppy was a little rescue rabbit who I agreed to foster until she gained weight. But she was the most loving rabbit I have ever met and I just couldn't part with her (I used to work at a pet shop so I'm lucky I don't have like a million critters running around the house). When Rupert passed we decided to put Benedict and Floppy together and now they are so happy to be cuddling all the time and she's helped make Benedict a bit more affectionate as he acts a bit like a grumpy old man. Floppy is around 1 and Benedict around 2, they couldn't be further apart in personalities but I think that makes them both special in their own little ways.
(Side note: Benedict is not a fan of anyone but Floppy, meaning that he is not keen on posing for the camera)

 (Benedict: the mardy bunny who won't let me take pictures of him)

There you go, they are my crazy bunch of animals. I cannot see myself ever being without animals and I hope you've all enjoyed meeting my babies.

(Quiz time: how many dogs can you spot in the picture!)

Do any of you have an crazy animals like mine? And do you treat them as much like your babies as I do?

'Til next time XOXO


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