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Review: MakeupRevolution

Being a girl who's currently doing an apprenticeship, I'm always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to high end make-up. I'm a lover of Revlon and Maybelline, Elf and Rimmel and so when I saw a blogpost on Pretty52  (click there to read it) stating about MakeupRevolution and their £1 blush I thought I'd look in to their site. I immediately went to the blush that I saw on the blogpost and was amazed at the range of colours, for such an unheard of brand (to me anyway) I didn't expect them to have so many things. In total, with shipping and handling, I spent £22.97 and I received 12 products!

With the amount of money I spent, and the price of the products, I wasn't expecting much to be honest. When the package came, however, I was impressed! In my package I bought 4 lipsticks ranging from £1-£3 and definitely in a range of colours.

(Left to right: vamp, make it right, totally not boring and the one)

Salvation Lip Lacquer- Vamp was the most expensive of the lot at £3 and it is a matte drying lipstick which starts out wet and dries very very matte. The colour is very highly pigmented but I didn't expect it to be so dark! I'm not saying this is a fault, as I thought this was a very good product. The only problem I have with it is that it can be quite hard to get off, and unlike some other lacquers that I've bought, it doesn't entirely survive the kiss test. It is also ridiculously hard to get off!

Atomic Lipstick Make It Right was £1 and was another purple colour. This one I really like, it isn't matte but for £1 I'm impressed with it. The pigmenting isn't total amazing and it is slightly opaque, but for £1 it was definitely worth the price!

Amazing Lipstick The One (£1) was my favourite thing out of the collection and is currently my daily go to lipstick. It's a lovely nude that is on the lighter scale of nude and has really good pigmentation. I'm not a huge nude lipstick wearer so for £1 I thought I'd try it out so if I did like it I could add more to my collection. Again, this isn't a matte lipstick, but I really like it.

I ♡ Makeup Lip Geek-Totally NOT boring- was £1.99 and I would say this is my least favourite lipstick. There isn't anything wrong with it and I don't have any colours like it, so I would wear it. The pigmentation isn't great and it's quite opaque. Being more expensive than the £1 lipsticks I quite expected it to be a bit better, but no. Overall, it was the packaging that put me off the most. It's very bright metallic pink, and looks quite rude (I think some of you will know what I mean). I don't think I'd repurchase this one, or others in the collection, mainly because of the packaging. 

Vivid Blush Lacquer Heart was on sale at £1 and it is a liquid blush, which I've never tried before, and I gave it a try. I was impressed with this, you only have to use a very little bit to get the effect you want and it dries matte. Although it hasn't swayed me to go on to liquid blushes, I would repurchase this.

(Left is the liquid blush, right is sugar)

The powder blush that initially got me onto the website is also a favourite of mine. I bought it in the shade Sugar and it is a very nice pinky peach colour. I would definitely say that this blush competes well with that of more expensive brands. It's very highly pigmented and you only need a very tiny bit for it to look good, which for some may be a negative. The colour is great and lasts all day, and because they have such a huge collection there are shades for everybody! 

(Top:insomnia bottom:panic)

I bought two eyeshadows from this website, a dust and a normal singular eyeshadow. The eyedust was in the shade Panic and was £1. It is a typical eyedust, very high fallout. I've not used it in a look yet so I don't know how it fairs to be blended but it hasn't got the highest pigment when swatching it. It is a black eyeshadow with silver glitter, the glitter is very visible, which I actually don't like. The eyeshadow was in the shade Insomnia and was again £1. The colour was very nice but it isn't very pigmented and you have to use a lot of it to get a good smoky eye going. For £1 I didn't expect it to be great, and it wasn't. 

I bought one eyeshadow pallette from MakeupRevolution and it was a 5 coloured one on sale for £2.50. The 5 Baked Eyeshadows Pure and Innocent is very shimmery, which I knew when purchasing them. They are VERY shimmery, and the fallout is quite great on the lighter of the shades. However, I am quite happy with them and they are very pigmented on the lighter shades, the darker ones not so much. You get one of those crappy little brushes with them, which I didn't use. I did like this palette, but it doesn't compare to that of higher quality ones. 

Finally, on the makeup front I ordered the Focus & Fix Brow Kit in Light-Medium for £2.50. In it you get 3 different shades and one gel and a brow brush. The brush is rubbish, I must admit, it's very light and fluffy so will give you no definition. I don't know what the gel is for, maybe taming your eyebrows? I use this pallette everyday in combination with the gel from the Rimmel Brow kit and I really like the effect I get. The combination of light and dark powders makes for a really nice brow and I'm very impressed with this kit. 

My last purchases were two brushes, the Pro F102 Concealer Brush which was £1.99 and the Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush which was also £1.99. The concealer brush was rubbish, it feels sharp on your face and doesn't do anything your finger couldn't do better. However, the eyebrow brush has now become an everyday essential. It's very sharp and defined and is perfect to get the sharp edges on your eyebrows, if that's the style that you're after. I would definitely recommend that brush over more high end ones that lose their shape quickly. 

Overall, I was pretty impressed with my purchases from makeuprevolution and would most likely shop their again for their prices and their lipsticks. Although their lettering for their logo looks suspiciously like Revlon! Their eyeshadows aren't the best but their blushes and lipsticks are pretty good so I'd recommend a visit.

(I apologise for the quality of the pictures. My camera broke earlier but I wanted to get this posted so i've used my iPhone) 

Til' next time! XOXO


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