Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I've heard about the beauty blender and sponges similar for years but the price tag didn't seem worth it when my cheap eBay make up brushes were doing a adequate job of sloshing foundation onto my face. Lately, however, my foundation brush is just not doing it. I find that around my nose area foundation looks horrible and patchy and just doesn't want to blend. Even if I try blending it out with my finger, it still looks dry and highlights all my pores and blemishes.

The Real Techniques sponge by Sam Chapman is similar to the beauty blender, but more than half the price and, in my opinion, better for your money. At £5.99 in Boots you get 3 sides to the sponge; a flat side for getting in the nooks and crannies such as around your nose and under your eyes, a pointy end for blemishes, and the rounded side for the general facial area.

I have used this a couple of times already with different foundations and can honestly say I'm well and truly converted! My make-up on my nose is absolutely perfect and there is no pore visibility and it also applied effortlessly to the rest of my face. It blends my foundation really well to create a flawless finish, using both matte foundations and dewy foundations.

I cannot rave about this product enough and I am so happy that I decided to purchase it! The only flaw I would say is that you have to wash it every 3 uses, which is something I know I'll forget to do (I can't remember the last time I cleaned my brushes eek!). Also, I feel that I'm losing more foundation with a sponge than what I would with a brush as it does soak into the sponge, but I find because it applies so well I'm using less foundation anyway. However, I would absolutely suggest you try this product and I can not see myself using a foundation brush in the foreseeable future.

Rating: 9/10

Have you used any beauty sponges before, what did you think?

Til' next time! XOXO


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