Monday, 18 May 2015

Society 6

Hi everyone! So, the other day I was browsing on Instagram and came across a Disney blog (don't judge) and saw that they had posted the prettiest things from a website called society6. Now, I feel like I'd heard of the website before and so I went to have a little browse on there and discovered it is an AWESOME website where artists can put their work on and you can buy it in the form of pillows and phone cases, rugs, t-shirts, wall art, etc. It's amazing!

I have a slight, slight obsession with home d├ęcor. I love buying bedding and mugs and little things for my bedroom and when I saw some of the throw pillows I melted a little bit inside. The currency on the website is in dollars, but they do have good policies on delivery and I believe I got free delivery on all my purchases.

I bought 2 throw pillows, without the middle.
The pillows were both by the same artist (Alice X.Zhang) and the first one was a based on The Little Mermaid and it is very elegantly done. I did not expect the print to be exactly as I saw on screen because I know the fabric of pillows can be quite dulling. However, it was beautiful. You can easily see the design and it is so beautiful!

(pictures taken from

The second pillow is also a Disney design and it is based on Tangled, the beautiful light scene. It is so so pretty! The colours are so well put together and they come through so well. All in all I am very impressed with these. I bought cushion fillers separately for cheap on Amazon and I bought them a size up so they are so squishy.

My room is decorated in a grey neutral scheme and so they don't ideally fit in with the decor, but I just don't care. I am completely in love with these and I want them on show for all to see!

I'd highly recommend for you to browse for unique and quirky things. From Disney to Harry Potter, zombies to vampires, they have something for everything you like and I can't fault it at all!

(Disclosure: I paid for these products myself and the reviews are views entirely of my own)

Do I have any more disney fans out there, what is your favourite disney themed thing you have?

Til' next time! XOXO


  1. Lovely cushions!! Great prints.


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