Friday, 5 June 2015

Etsy: TwaBurdsSoap

Hi there! I have another Etsy find for you today, which I am again really impressed with. This store is called TwaBurdsSoap and is run by two lovely ladies who hand make all the products and are based in Glasgow. They sell various bath and soap products such  as bath bombs, hand wash, beard oil, etc. Their handmade soaps are really popular and I can't wait to try more of their products.

I bought two products from this company. The first one was a sachet of their Epsom Salt Bath Soak which is in the scent parma violet. Parma violet is one of my all time favourite scents, it just takes me straight back to childhood and eating those little purple sweets. The size of the product is quite small but the scent is really nice and strong so you dont have to use a lot in your bath. The salts dissolve really quickly and they have flower petals in them which I think is a really nice touch. Overall I was impressed with the bath salts, they made the bathroom smell so so nice! These were £2.00 which is good for the quality and I think equal to the size.

The other thing that I bought from this shop was their Oatmeal and Honey handmade Soap Slice with the oatmeal used for gentle exfoliation. I bought this soap out of their large range because of how they describe it:

"A light, soft smelling treatment bar that gently exfoliates and deeply moisturises. This bar is great for dry or sensitive skin. The oats gently exfoliate and help to trap moisture in your skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties, help to balance the pH of your skin and are great for relieving any annoying itches. This soap marries fabulous properties for dry and sensitive skins with a beautiful soft fragrance. "

I have really dry skin at the moment and so I don't want to be using shower gels that are stripping my skin of it's oils. This soap is so nice, it really feels so soft when using and it lathers up really nicely. There isn't at much exfoliation as there was in their picture of the soap which I was a bit disappointed at but it really is a nice soap. It's the perfect size and the smell is beautiful. I don't think the scent would be for everyone as it smells like milk and honey, so very sickly sweet. I was impressed with this soap and I will definitely be buying more. They have a best selling Nettle Soap bar which is helpful for eczema and psoriasis which I want to buy for my dad. This bar was £3.50 for 100g. They also have a deal on for 4 soap bars for £10 which I think is really good. 

(This is the picture of the soap from their store, compared to mine. I understand that they are all handmade and so will be different. I do like the product though, so I'm not trying to complain too much)

My order total came to £8.65 including shipping. I think this is quite good for the quality of the items. They came quickly as well and I think I will definitely will be rebuying, they have some of the prettiest soaps. I recommend you give them a look! 

The Scottish Bluebells Soap Slice and the Parma Violet Soap Slice are definitely next on my list, just look at these beauties!

What's your favourite bath product?

Til' next time! XOXO


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