Friday, 26 June 2015

June Degusta Box

This is my first Degusta Box and I can honestly say that I'm really pleased with it! I mainly bought it because I've seen loads of bloggers with it and I saw a coupon for it that meant my first box was like £7. For what I paid, and just for the box in general, it's so worth the money!

The theme for this one is "picnic box" and they aim to provide you with things that you can take on a picnic or I think mainly to enjoy when the weather is nice. The box was £6.49, but usually they are £12.99 which I think is really reasonable. You can find the box here where you can also check out their old boxes.

What I got:

Kallo Caramel Corn & Rice snacks: these look very similar to the caramel Snack A Jacks which I love! So, I think I'm really going to like these.  I haven't tried them yet but I can already tell I'm going to love them. I've had a look on Kallo's website as well and they do a blueberry & vanilla rice cake I really want to try! A 65g of Snack A Jacks would be 121 kcal whereas this bag is 93 kcal per bag, so you're saving calories right there. 

I received another Kallo product which is these Belgian Milk Chocolate rice cakes and oh my days they are amazing. They have little caramel pieces on the top and I literally ate 3 off the bat, then my boyfriend came in and finished the rest. At only 65 kcal per rice cake, I don't feel too bad about snacking on these but I definitely could have eaten all 6 of them if I was given the chance. These are definitely on my next shopping list! 

Chilli Love Chin Chin are something that I've never heard of. They're a West African biscuit that tastes like a cake. I got the chilli flavour but I think there was vanilla, lemon and cinnamon you could get. I wish I'd got the vanilla but I actually do like the chilli. It's really weird because at first bite I didn't like them but then the more I ate them, the more I couldn't stop! These are really peculiar and I'd recommend you try them out. 

Pitch Chocolate Chip & Chocolate filled Brioche are something that I've tried before when I was younger. I think they're great for kids or anyone that's got a sweet tooth as they are very sweet. They're also great for picnics as you can easily chuck them in your bag. These have gone down a treat in my house as my brother has a huge sweet tooth and loves a snack. 

Can I just say, I absolutely HATE coconut water! I know that it's meant to be amazing for you but when I see people casually drinking it I just wonder how they're doing it! This is by the brand Vybe and it is bog standard coconut water. I made everyone in my house try it and not one person liked it. If you've never tried coconut water it basically tastes exactly how coconut oil smells; buttery and fatty. I honestly cannot stand the stuff, I feel like I'm drinking melted butter and oil! EW (this is me not judging you for liking it by the way, you weirdo.)

These Melba Wholegrain Thins look great and I've not tried them but I can see why they'd be included in a picnic box. I think I'd probably put cream cheese on them and cucumber, yum!

These Icycl vodka ice drinks are so cool. They're basically an ice pop, like what you'd have as a kid, but they have a 6.4% alcohol level! I got mine in the apple flavour but they also do lemon & lime and blackcurrant. You get a 20% off voucher with the box for a box of these and so I might get them. I can imagine they're great when you have a few friends round for a BBQ in the summer.

These Zeo drinks are so fancy! I got zesty lime & peach and grapefruit. I haven't tried these but I can imagine them being very refreshing. I wouldn't be able to take them to work or something because I think the glass bottle is quite heavy, but for sitting on the garden in the sun they're ideal. Also, they have less than 30 kcal per bottle, result!

This coconut sugar threw me a little bit as I didn't know what it was doing in a picnic box. However, they have a little sheet inside which gives you a recipe for brownies which uses the coconut sugar. I think that's a great idea and I've heard that coconut sugar is really good. I don't think I'd repurchase this one as it's like £4 for a bag which isn't even that big! If I'm baking, I don't plan on being healthy haha!

The last thing in my box was this Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime cider. I've tried these before and I love the mixed fruit version and the raspberry-peach one but I'm just not a fan of this flavour. That being said, I think they're great for summer and I love fruity ciders for when I'm sat on the garden and I fancy a drink.

Overall, I'm very happy with this box and I'm glad I decided to try it out! I think I'm going to stay subscribed to the Degusta box! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got in the box.

What's your favourite summer drink?

Til' next time! XOXO


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