Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekend Plans: What to do when you're all alone

My boyfriend is currently away for his second stag do of the month which means that I have a urge to kill him lot of time to myself. If I want to save money and have no plans to go out with friends I need to keep myself entertained. Here are some plans to do when you’re all alone:

Binge watch guilty pleasures on Netflix: I’m looking at you Gossip Girl. These are things that you don’t want other people to know you watch, or what they just won’t let you watch while they’re around. Pft. 

Take a ridiculous long time to pamper yourself: I plan on doing the whole works; face mask, nails, pluck my eyebrows, pamper my feet, I might even fake tan if I’m pushing the boat out. Screw you fake tan that doesn't dry for about 5 hours.

Spend some time with someone you haven’t in a while: I haven’t spent much time with my mum lately so I’ll suggest we do something like go for lunch. A walk would be a cheaper alternative. I think it’s important to divide your attention to all the significant people in your life. This could also be your dog.

Get clean and organised: I know for some people this will be the worst thing they could do when they have free time but for me, getting organised is great. There’s nothing better than seeing all your makeup organised and having fresh clean bedding.

Take a walk: For those who hate any form of exercise this could be a bit of a no go but sometimes it’s nice to take a walk. This could be through a park, around a shopping centre or market. You don’t have to buy anything but walking around and just taking in your environment can be quite liberating. 

Have a karaoke session: This one may require that you’re home alone. But just sing your heart out! I love being home alone, wacking on music full blast and running around the house singing, especially to noughties tunes. 

Get out of the house: If you can that is. Keeping yourself cooped up will do you no good. If the weather is great, sit in your garden. If it’s not, sit by your window and watch the rain, this is one of my favourite things to do.

Bake: You don’t have to be Nigella Lawson to throw together some cupcakes or something. If you’re absolutely hopeless at that, go get a ready mix from the shops. I love baking and it passes the time so well.

Do something you’ve been putting off: For me this is cleaning my makeup brushes, for you it might be going back to the gym. You have this weekend to do things for yourself, so get stuff done!

Take a break from your diet: I personally am on a diet as I have a holiday coming up soon, so if you’re like me just take a little break. I plan on having at least one chocolate bar if not more. Weekends are not for being well behaved! If you’re not on a diet, have a chocolate bar anyway!

I hope this post gives you some ideas of what to do when you have nothing to do. Have a good weekend everybody!!

Til' next time! XOXO


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