Friday, 31 July 2015

Forza Multivitamins for Dieters*

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was doing the 5:2 which can be quite draining, especially on the two days where you are eating only 500 calories. Although I try and eat a varied and balanced diet, I try and make sure that my body is getting all the vitamins it requires. So when Forza asked me if I'd like to try their Multivitamins for Dieters* I was quite excited. I sometimes take a multivitamin, but these sounded great. They state that these tablets include 13 vitamins in them and are aimed at women who are taking part in a low-calorie diet.

Included in the 13 vitamins are calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins C & D. It seems like an all round product and something that is great if you're cutting out certain things that will mean you aren't getting as much as you should of these vitamins. They aim to help women who are doing all different types of diets from dairy-free to meat-free. The zinc that is included aims to help your skin, nails and hair which is an added bonus. My hair definitely feels healthier too, which is always a plus. 

You're supposed to take 1 of these a day on a full stomach and in each box you get a 30 day supply. I actually really love the colour of these capsules, how pretty right? The big question is do they work? I think these are a great product and I've noticed that when my eating is lacking, these make me feel a bit better. With most multivitamins, you don't feel an impact straight away and it was the same with these. I've been taking them for 2 weeks now and I feel that they have made a slight impact on the amount of energy and how my body feels. As mentioned above, my hair feels great.

At £7.49 for a 30 day supply, these are great especially for people who feel they aren't getting the vitamins they need in their diet. The only thing that bugs me about this product is the packaging. These are made exclusively for women and you can definitely tell. Everything is pink and stereotypical. The women in the white outfit is plastered everywhere on it and it makes the feminist in me grumble, a bit like how the Protein World bikini body campaign did. However, they do provide a really good 48-page booklet inside telling you all about the product and an ideal diet which I think is a really nice touch. You can find the tablets here.

However, my mum took them for 2 days and said they made her feel hungrier, as she was doing the 5:2 diet too. But, I don't know if that's just because she was hungry anyway because they definitely didn't make me feel like that. Weird,

Have you guys ever tried any tablets like these?

Til' next time! XOXO

*this product was sent to me free of charge but all opinions are honest and my own.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

August Goals

Hi everybody! Sorry for the radio silence over the past week, I got back from my holiday last Monday and since then I've just been so exhausted and poorly. "You caught it on the plane" seems to be everyone's explanation for this sudden flu I seem to have caught, I reckon it's my body punishing me for the copious amounts of vodka I poured into it on holiday. I'll be posting my holiday post later on once I've edited all the photos and decided which ones will be appropriate for your lovely eyes.

For now, I want to talk about my goals for August. I'm not going to do a June favourites because I was saving up for my holiday and so I haven't really tried any new products. On another note, though, can you believe it's August in a few days? I think I say this at the beginning of every month, but where is the year going?! In August, I have a few things to deal with, it's my boyfriends birthday and it's the first birthday we'll celebrate together and so I want to make it special. This also means that I can't afford to spend a lot on myself this month. So, my first goal is:

Be better with my money
As mentioned above, it's the boyfs birthday and I want to be able to treat him while not retreating further into my overdraft, so this month will be all about him and less about me spoiling myself. I need to learn to budget and set aside money for what I need so that the money I have left over can be spent on what I want.

Go to the gym
My new years resolution was to lose weight like it is every year. When I started the 5:2 I was doing really well with my food, but not so much with my exercise. I can be really good with my food but I think joining the gym will make me feel less guilty if I want to go ahead and have a donut. Since my holiday, I have just been eating what I want and so I want to change that. August is a great time to start as all the fruit and veg that is in season is great & the warm weather means I'm craving salads rather than warm food that lays heavy on my stomach. My boyfriend is also going back to the gym because he blames me for his weight gain and calls me a feeder, as if! But, hopefully, we can motivate each other. 

Read more
I recently got back into reading over the last week and I'm hoping to take this into August. Rather than watching TV in my free time, I feel like reading is a lot better although it consumes a lot more of my time than the TV does, especially if I find a book that just sucks me in. Hopefully by the end of this month I'll be able to make monthly favourites with books. I'm a fast reader and will probably get through loads! 

These are a few things I hope to achieve through August. I don't like to set myself too many things to do and then feel disappointed in myself when I don't achieve them, so it's best to start small. Do you guys set monthly goals? Let me know.

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 20 July 2015

Society6 Wishlist

My last post was talking about my new art print from the superduper cool website Society6. I am a huge nerd, just a heads up, so a lot of this may be Disney/Harry Potter related & also just super cute. However, Society6 is home to some amazing artists and if you don't want make your house geeky like mine, there will be something on there for you.

I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, I am slightly obsessed with throw pillows. I want nothing more than to get all of these pillows and fill my house with all of my nerdiness. But damn, look at that shower curtain, what a conversation starter that would be! 

P.S. I am an adult, yes, but I'm still allowed to love Disney.

Til' next time! XOXO

*features affiliate links, I was not paid for this post & all opinions are my own. 

Society 6: Brave Art Print

I'm back with another Society 6 item! I tried so hard to get a good picture of this myself but it's in a frame and the light kept reflecting on it & it just didn't want to work for me at all. So the picture of my print is from the Society6 website. I ordered this the same time as I ordered my pillows (which you can check out here if you haven't already) but it didn't come for ages so I had to get in touch with Society6 who said it had been lost and they sent a new one out super quick.

This is another Disney item and it's a print from the movie Brave. I love Brave! As a sassy redhead myself I think she's incredible and the film itself is adorable.  This piece is amazing. I think the artist is so talented & I can't wait to hang it up. I bought mine in a size small which is 13" by 18" and although it says small, it's a decent picture size. The piece cost me $23 which is £15 roughly and I think for the quality of the print, it's very reasonable. The print is on thick white paper or card of some type and although it states it's 13x18 I had to cut it down slightly to fit in my frame, but I think they mean the actual print is 13x18 not including the white surrounding it.

The artist, Westling, has some incredible pieces and she also has a Tangled version of this and a How To Train Your Dragon which is another movie I adore. I love the Tangled one, but I chose this one as I already have a Tangled throw pillow.

(All images are from & not owned by myself)

I love Society 6 as you are supporting independent artists when you buy their pieces and you have so many options for what you want. For example, these prints come in phone cases, tote bags, t-shirts, canvas pieces and so much more. If you've never heard of Society6 you seriously need to check it out!

Til' next time! XOXO

* post features curator links but I payed for all items myself & all opinions are my own. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

eBay Holiday Bargains

I'm currently excessively drinking sunning it up in Ayia Napa as this is posted. One thing I hate about going on holiday is how much I end up spending on clothes that I may or may not wear. Or just wear for one week and then they're chucked to the back of my wardrobe when I come back to rainy England.

I love eBay for getting cheap and wonderful things. This little wishlist is all from eBay and what I'd get for my holiday. The only thing with a lot of these things is that they're from Asia and generally take about 2 weeks to come, so bear that in mind if you decide to order anything.

  1. Pink Flower Kimono £3.98 - I love kimonos for when you go on holiday, they're so easy to throw on over a bikini or to glam up a night time outfit. This is super affordable and comes in a great variety of sizes.
  2. Halterneck Chiffon Dress £4.98 - This dress is so beautiful & if I wasn't already on holiday I would've bought it. I love dresses like this when you go on holiday because it's easy to throw on and you don't have to accessorise much with it as it's already so detailed.
  3. Gold Necklace £2.98 - I think this is so pretty & I'd easily pair this with a white t-shirt and shorts. It's also a lovely one to wear every day. Check out the link as they have so many more styles, I'm sure you'd find one that you like. 
  4. Boho Tassel Dress £7.78 - This is the most expensive dress on here, but it's so pretty & still cheap compared to dresses like this in stores. This could easily be worn abroad and it's so suited for a holiday!
  5. Baby Blue Jelly Shoes £8.94 - I adore jelly shoes. I think they're so cute to wear and especially on holiday as they are waterproof. They come in so many colours, but I couldn't resist this blue colour. Just make sure you don't wear them all day or you'll end up with some seriously funky tan lines. 
  6. Travel Bag £1.87 - I think these are so handy for traveling as they have loads of compartments where you can put all the essentials safely. They have all sorts of colours as well so they're perfect for males and females!
So that's it for my eBay Holiday Bargain thingymajig. It can't be just me that loved browsing through eBay trying to find amazing and fun stuff. A little tip if you're buying from Asia, always size up. Their clothes run small so I always end up getting 1 or 2 sizes bigger than I am.

Til' nex time! XOXO

Monday, 13 July 2015

June Favourites

How behind am I? I know it's like 2 weeks into June but this is my first favourites and I was excited to do one. So bear with me because I found it quite hard not just to chuck everything into this post as I got so many nice things in June!

Makeup Favourites
I've not actually used that much new makeup in June, none that qualify as a new favourite anyway but I've rather rediscovered old favourites. I've had the Clinique Chubby Stick in Whoppin' Watermelon (£17 which I don't think I'd pay for personally, but this was a free gift) for about 2 years as I got it in one of those gift bags you get if you spend over a certain amount. I used to hate it because pink wasn't really my shade and I thought it was too balmy. Now, I pair it with Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob (£3.99) to great the perfect colour. The liner is very matte and so I use the stick very lightly over it and it creates such a nice pink colour that I've been wearing as an easy everyday shade!

Fashion Favourites
I don't know if sunglasses count as fashion but they're definitely more in this category. I love these sunglasses! They're in this cat-eye shape that I've been seeing everywhere lately and have a cute leopard print rim. These were really cheap as well and the quality is great. They're really sturdy and the colour provides great protection for your eyes, which is something you rarely see in cheap sunglasses. 
I bought these from eBay but I can't find the specific page as I bought them ages ago. Here are some similar ones.

Fragrance Favourites
I've been using the same perfume for ages now and I haven't actually tried any new ones though I am dying to get my hands on some! So my fragrance favourite is this Aloe Vera & Mint Anti-Perspirant from Marks & Spencer which is also only £1! It seems really weird that this would be a favourite but I've kind of fell out with bog standard spray deodorant as I've found it irritates under my arms, especially after shaving. This is lovely and gentle and I've found it's not irritated my skin. The scent is really fresh and probably wouldn't appeal to those who like floral and girly scents, really it's not something I'd go for either. However, the scent lasts all day and I've even found when the weather gets stupidly hot, I don't have to apply again! If I feel I have to, it's usually about 8 hours after the first application. 

Skincare Favourites
I've tried so many new skincare products throughout June, which is probably not great for my skin or my bank balance. However, I'm glad I did because my skin feels great and I've discovered some great new brands. I reviewed this Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix cleanser here & I really enjoyed it then, I'm still enjoying it now. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and cleansed without being drying. I complained a bit about the price for the size, but I would definitely repurchase this as my skin feels so much better after I use it. It's also great for removing makeup. You can find it at Boots for £5.30 here as it's currently on offer!
My other skincare favourite is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo which has significantly improved my skin since I've been using it. I only use it once a day but I've seen such a reduction in blemishes and my skin looks the best it's been in forever! Check out my other French skincare in my haul here

Another favourite is this Sunkissed Instant Bronzing Mousse in Dark which is £3.99 from Superdrug. I am super pale and so when I go out or when I feel like I'm getting extra pale, I always fake tan. Now, this is in the shade dark and that may seem extreme but I'm have really fair skin, but it goes on beautifully. It doesn't go really orange and it's so easy to apply! This has been my favourite fake tan for a while and it's so affordable. I always go back to this one, especially if I can't afford to splash out on tans such as St Tropez. 

So that's it for my June favourites! I know it's mega late but it was fun to make and I look forward to posting my July favourites already.

P.S. I'm currently on holiday, sunning it up in Ayia Napa, so expect a delay in replies and such! 

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 10 July 2015

Primark's 4-in-1 Foot Buffer

I think this is called a foot buffer but it might be foot file, I don't have it near me and I covered up the name like an idiot. Either way, it's great. I've seen plenty of posts lately about different kinds of foot files and electronic ways to get your feet ready for summer. But, so many of these methods would involve me spending a small fortune on something that I always always forget to do.

With my holiday approaching, and fast, I came to a sudden realisation that I have the feet of a dragon. Over winter, they've gone gross and hard (aren't feet always gross anyway) and so I wanted to get them sandal ready. I was seriously considering investing in a machine that files away my skin but then I saw this little beauty in Primark.

For £1, yes you read that right, £1, you get 4 different things to hack away at your feet and make them human again. You get the cheese grater side, the normal file side and then inside in this little device thing with two sides to it. One side is a regular pumice stone which many people just use anyway and on the other side is this weird kind of pumice stone that I just don't get.

When I first used it I went straight for the grater and when I opened it (WARNING I'M GONNA GET GROSS) all my skin was there and flew on to my bed which I was not expecting and there was also the two-way pumice stone thing which I didn't know was inside. So, one negative of this thing is that it's quite messy if you're all excited like me and have to hack at your feet straight away. Another thing what was messy is the lighter side of the pumice stone. I'm used to pumice stones just being bog-standard grey and stoney, but this one is like a condensed loofah and oh my days it is hella messy! It disintegrates into your hand and little bits of the stone get everywhere.

However, this is absolutely great. I'd warn anyone who gets this to be gentle with the cheese grater as it is just that, and if you go too hardcore on your dragon feet, they could get quite sore. For £1 this is absolutely amazing and my feet felt totally brand new after I had finished using it. I'm not gonna gross you out with pictures of my dragon feet but if you're looking for something to get your feet nice and soft that doesn't cost an arm or a leg, I would definitely recommend this. For what you pay, it's incredible.

If you've never used anything to make your feet all lovely before I'd recommend trying this out, for £1 you're not losing out on much if you don't like it. Tip: After using this device, slather your feet in body butter, foot cream or coconut oil and stick some socks on, you'll have baby soft feet in no time!

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Life Update: Bad Luck

I've never done this kind of post but my life has been unlucky weird lately and I kind of needed to get it out and said because I kind of feel like everything is piling on top of me.

Bad Luck
I've never really thought of luck and whether I believe in it or not. But, lately I've been having the worst luck! Like, stupidly unlucky.
At the beginning of June, I crashed my car, into the back of another car. It was my fault because I was in a rush to get to work. I literally hit the back of another car at about 5mph but it was a huge 4x4 and my little car just crumpled! My insurance deemed it a write off & so I was without a car. This is my third car that I've gone through since I passed my test 2 years ago. Moving on to car number 4...

Then, the other day, I was just tidying up and my phone slid off the table and smashed, completely. I then had to have my phone repaired which cost a small fortune. My phone was all lovely and fixed, for one day. I literally had the phone one day, then dropped it in the bath. In the bath. Either my luck is on the down or I'm just literally the clumsiest person ever. So now my phone doesn't work and I can't afford to have it fixed as I'm going on holiday on Sunday. 

Have you ever felt that you've upset karma or your luck or anything like that? It may sound silly but it is making me slightly miserable how everything is not going my way lately. I'm emotional & no, it's not that time of the month. I know this is probably a stupid post & you might read it and think, you have it ok, but I don't feel that way.

It's not just these things that have made me feel this way, it's just little things that keep happening that make me wonder what the hell is going on. Have you ever felt this way, or do you just think I'm being daft? 

P.S I realise I sound quite bratty and spoilt but I promise you, I'm nice really & not a moany boob. 

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 6 July 2015

The Melt Crowd July Box

If you were around last month you would have seen the launch of The Melt Crowd on Flamingo Candles. Flamingo Candles are a great brand with some amazing scents and The Melt Crowd is their new subscription box service where they send 8 wax melts to you every month with some of their new and old smells. In your first box you get a wax burner as well so you're all set to have an amazing smelling household.

This is the July box, and the scents you get are: Raspberry & Salted Caramel, Cucumber & Melon, Mojito, Green Tomato Leaf, Lemon Curd, Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto, Pink Lemonade and Island Breeze.
In this box my favourite is the Green Tomato Leaf which is one of their new and exclusive scents. It smells amazing & not all tomatoey. I don't like herby smells really but this is lovely! My least favourite would be the Raspberry & Salted Caramel or the Lotus one. I just don't think Raspberry and Salted Caramel is a great combo and I don't like floral scents. 

The first one I tried was the Oriental Lotus one as I wasn't too keen on it and so it could be the experimental one for me. The scent throw is ok, if I had my door open then the scent could hardly be smelt even after a few hours, but if I closed my door it was really strong! I burned it for around 1-2 hours & the smell lingered around for quite a while after which I really like. Overall, I'm impressed with these and I will definitely be staying with the subscription.

The Melt Crowd is great for the price, £10 a month, working out at £1.25 each for the melts which I think is really great value. It gives you the opportunity to try different scents and then if you like them, you get a 20% off coupon in your box so you can get a candle with it. I think it's good for finding scents you wouldn't pick on your own, like the Tomato Leaf. 

What's your favourite candle scent?

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 3 July 2015

Escentual Haul

After hearing loads of people and blogs raving about French skincare I decided to actually try some out for myself. is a great website and all through June they had a third off skincare and so I had to take advantage. A lot of what I got were inspired by Emily and her French skincare haul because I was a complete newbie and had no idea what to go for.

I've heard loads of people absolutely rave about this product, which is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo 40ml which is £15.50 (but it's on offer at the moment for £13!). It is ideal for acne prone, oily skin and aims to reduce the look of blemishes and clear up your skin. I can honestly say this is great & I'm so glad I bought this! I personally think it's definitely reduced my blemishes as every time I've used this (nearly every night) the next day my face is so clear & I have no signs of new blemishes and the ones I have are reduced. I'm so happy with this and will definitely repurchase when it runs out. It is quite small for the price but you don't use a lot of product at all. 

The La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray is £8.50 (currently £7.20) and it is a toning mist again aimed at oily and acne prone skin. I actually don't have oily skin but it has started to become more oily in the summer. This is such a refreshing spray but I don't know if I'd repurchase this as I don't think it's tightened my pores or mattified my skin, like it says it does.

The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for £17 was a huge spur of the moment purchase so I could get free delivery and I mainly bought it due to the great reviews. I love Nuxe as a brand and I like using facial and hair oils and this can be used on both. I've used it on both my hair and face and think it's great for a moisture boost to both. One thing I don't like about it is the smell, it has a very old lady perfume smell to it. I will also say it's hard to get a lot out at once, but I suppose that's just so you don't get too much out and waste it or make yourself too oily.

I've heard so many people rave about this Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm for £9.50 and I was apprehensive before because it would make it the most expensive lip balm I own. But, I have to say I am impressed with this. I apply it at night and before lipstick if I know it's going to be a drying lipstick and it is so hydrating! The scent is lovely & I can tell it's going to last me ages because I've used it nearly every night all week and it doesn't look like I've even touched it.

So there you go, there's my introduction and I can honestly say I'm glad I took the plunge. Let me know in the comments if there's any more French skincare that you'd recommend!

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Chub Rub is Real!

Currently, in the UK, it is hella hot. We're currently on the hottest day of the year so far and as a ginger with extremely pale skin and quite large thighs, I am not happy. I literally got sun burn driving to work with the sunroof open, not cool.

I really suffer when it's hot, just walking to the shop can be really uncomfortable if I'm not wearing trousers and I really don't want to wear trousers when the weather is like this. I want to be free and wonderful in my nice summer dresses that have been hiding in my wardrobe for about 5 years. Within minutes, my legs can get really hot and my thighs rub together, a short distance can be painful and uncomfortable. This is such a pain and especially as we get further into the hot weather it can get annoying when I get to the stage of nearly saying no to going out because my legs have chafed to the point of breaking skin.

Lose weight
I am totally kidding. You embrace yourself this summer and wear what the hell you want! Lose weight, pfft! You don't have to be bigger for your thighs to touch, it is just how we are genetically made and anyone from a size 8 to a size 20 can suffer from chafing.

Chafing Products
With chub rub being way too real in the summer, there are often a few products you can use. Now, I went into my local little Boots and I couldn't find anything! But, I think that's because mainly things aren't aimed specifically at that, or my Boots is just way too small and doesn't have the space. Here are some products that I recommend: 
These are just some of the options, you can choose to use a powder or a gel, it depends on the person. I personally prefer a gel, but some people don't like the feel of it. 

The type of Spanx or biking shorts that go down your thigh a bit are ideal if you still want to wear your summer dresses but don't want that dreaded chafe. An added bonus of these is that they can make your panty line disappear which is definitely great if you're going to be wearing a tighter dress. 

So there you go, there are a few tips and tricks for beating the chub rub this summer. I know I'm not going to let it stop me wearing my nice dresses and playsuits and stuff, so you shouldn't either. I hope you're all enjoying the sun, for those who its summer for!

P.S. If the chafe has got to the stage where it's broke skin, I'd highly recommend Sudocrem to put on the wounds, it's a miracle worker and so soothing!! Here for £2.99

Til' next time! XOXO

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