Friday, 17 July 2015

eBay Holiday Bargains

I'm currently excessively drinking sunning it up in Ayia Napa as this is posted. One thing I hate about going on holiday is how much I end up spending on clothes that I may or may not wear. Or just wear for one week and then they're chucked to the back of my wardrobe when I come back to rainy England.

I love eBay for getting cheap and wonderful things. This little wishlist is all from eBay and what I'd get for my holiday. The only thing with a lot of these things is that they're from Asia and generally take about 2 weeks to come, so bear that in mind if you decide to order anything.

  1. Pink Flower Kimono £3.98 - I love kimonos for when you go on holiday, they're so easy to throw on over a bikini or to glam up a night time outfit. This is super affordable and comes in a great variety of sizes.
  2. Halterneck Chiffon Dress £4.98 - This dress is so beautiful & if I wasn't already on holiday I would've bought it. I love dresses like this when you go on holiday because it's easy to throw on and you don't have to accessorise much with it as it's already so detailed.
  3. Gold Necklace £2.98 - I think this is so pretty & I'd easily pair this with a white t-shirt and shorts. It's also a lovely one to wear every day. Check out the link as they have so many more styles, I'm sure you'd find one that you like. 
  4. Boho Tassel Dress £7.78 - This is the most expensive dress on here, but it's so pretty & still cheap compared to dresses like this in stores. This could easily be worn abroad and it's so suited for a holiday!
  5. Baby Blue Jelly Shoes £8.94 - I adore jelly shoes. I think they're so cute to wear and especially on holiday as they are waterproof. They come in so many colours, but I couldn't resist this blue colour. Just make sure you don't wear them all day or you'll end up with some seriously funky tan lines. 
  6. Travel Bag £1.87 - I think these are so handy for traveling as they have loads of compartments where you can put all the essentials safely. They have all sorts of colours as well so they're perfect for males and females!
So that's it for my eBay Holiday Bargain thingymajig. It can't be just me that loved browsing through eBay trying to find amazing and fun stuff. A little tip if you're buying from Asia, always size up. Their clothes run small so I always end up getting 1 or 2 sizes bigger than I am.

Til' nex time! XOXO


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