Friday, 10 July 2015

Primark's 4-in-1 Foot Buffer

I think this is called a foot buffer but it might be foot file, I don't have it near me and I covered up the name like an idiot. Either way, it's great. I've seen plenty of posts lately about different kinds of foot files and electronic ways to get your feet ready for summer. But, so many of these methods would involve me spending a small fortune on something that I always always forget to do.

With my holiday approaching, and fast, I came to a sudden realisation that I have the feet of a dragon. Over winter, they've gone gross and hard (aren't feet always gross anyway) and so I wanted to get them sandal ready. I was seriously considering investing in a machine that files away my skin but then I saw this little beauty in Primark.

For £1, yes you read that right, £1, you get 4 different things to hack away at your feet and make them human again. You get the cheese grater side, the normal file side and then inside in this little device thing with two sides to it. One side is a regular pumice stone which many people just use anyway and on the other side is this weird kind of pumice stone that I just don't get.

When I first used it I went straight for the grater and when I opened it (WARNING I'M GONNA GET GROSS) all my skin was there and flew on to my bed which I was not expecting and there was also the two-way pumice stone thing which I didn't know was inside. So, one negative of this thing is that it's quite messy if you're all excited like me and have to hack at your feet straight away. Another thing what was messy is the lighter side of the pumice stone. I'm used to pumice stones just being bog-standard grey and stoney, but this one is like a condensed loofah and oh my days it is hella messy! It disintegrates into your hand and little bits of the stone get everywhere.

However, this is absolutely great. I'd warn anyone who gets this to be gentle with the cheese grater as it is just that, and if you go too hardcore on your dragon feet, they could get quite sore. For £1 this is absolutely amazing and my feet felt totally brand new after I had finished using it. I'm not gonna gross you out with pictures of my dragon feet but if you're looking for something to get your feet nice and soft that doesn't cost an arm or a leg, I would definitely recommend this. For what you pay, it's incredible.

If you've never used anything to make your feet all lovely before I'd recommend trying this out, for £1 you're not losing out on much if you don't like it. Tip: After using this device, slather your feet in body butter, foot cream or coconut oil and stick some socks on, you'll have baby soft feet in no time!

Til' next time! XOXO


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