Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Chub Rub is Real!

Currently, in the UK, it is hella hot. We're currently on the hottest day of the year so far and as a ginger with extremely pale skin and quite large thighs, I am not happy. I literally got sun burn driving to work with the sunroof open, not cool.

I really suffer when it's hot, just walking to the shop can be really uncomfortable if I'm not wearing trousers and I really don't want to wear trousers when the weather is like this. I want to be free and wonderful in my nice summer dresses that have been hiding in my wardrobe for about 5 years. Within minutes, my legs can get really hot and my thighs rub together, a short distance can be painful and uncomfortable. This is such a pain and especially as we get further into the hot weather it can get annoying when I get to the stage of nearly saying no to going out because my legs have chafed to the point of breaking skin.

Lose weight
I am totally kidding. You embrace yourself this summer and wear what the hell you want! Lose weight, pfft! You don't have to be bigger for your thighs to touch, it is just how we are genetically made and anyone from a size 8 to a size 20 can suffer from chafing.

Chafing Products
With chub rub being way too real in the summer, there are often a few products you can use. Now, I went into my local little Boots and I couldn't find anything! But, I think that's because mainly things aren't aimed specifically at that, or my Boots is just way too small and doesn't have the space. Here are some products that I recommend: 
These are just some of the options, you can choose to use a powder or a gel, it depends on the person. I personally prefer a gel, but some people don't like the feel of it. 

The type of Spanx or biking shorts that go down your thigh a bit are ideal if you still want to wear your summer dresses but don't want that dreaded chafe. An added bonus of these is that they can make your panty line disappear which is definitely great if you're going to be wearing a tighter dress. 

So there you go, there are a few tips and tricks for beating the chub rub this summer. I know I'm not going to let it stop me wearing my nice dresses and playsuits and stuff, so you shouldn't either. I hope you're all enjoying the sun, for those who its summer for!

P.S. If the chafe has got to the stage where it's broke skin, I'd highly recommend Sudocrem to put on the wounds, it's a miracle worker and so soothing!! Here for £2.99

Til' next time! XOXO


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