Monday, 31 August 2015

Primark Wishlist: September

I love September. It's my birthday and my brothers birthday and to me it marks the beginning of Autumn, which is the best season obviously. When Autumn starts, I get out of those nice summer clothes and happily jump into my fluffy socks and thick cardigans. I went through a stage of refusing to buy Autumn clothes before October, but I'm over that and love when I can start cosying down for the colder seasons. Primark is the best place for Autumn pyjamas and fluffy socks and just all round cosiness.

Lime Soda Candle £3 / Snake Slip On Pumps £5 / Soda Milk Bottle £3 / Thumper Fluffy Socks £2 / Hello Metal Sign £3 / White Grid Shirt Dress £13 / Double Sided Cat Cushion £5 / Grey Check Trousers £12 / Red Loafers £6 / Cat Glass £2 / Gryffindor PJ Set £11 / Copper Candle £3 / Princess Nightdress £7 / Burgandy Shirt Dress £13 / 

For all of these items for less than £100, I'm tempted to go on the hunt for it all! What's your favourite thing to do in the Autumn?

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 28 August 2015

Poundland Specials #1

Poundland is never somewhere I usually go to other than to get a couple of cans of Dr Pepper or if I desperately need some fizzy sweets on my dinner break at work. It definitely isn't somewhere I expected to discover brand name products for £1! Natalie at Petal Poppet Blogs sometimes posts about Rimmel lipsticks and other brands that she'll find at Poundland which is such a discount to products that usually cost like £6. So, Natalie was my inspiration to nip into Poundland and hunt me some bargains (check out her blog btw, she's lovely!)

I nearly missed these as they're not in a specific section. They come packaged in little plastic bags and sometimes they said the brand name on them. So, if you go into your Poundland, you could easily miss them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any lippies or anything but I'm a huge nail varnish hoarder and so I couldn't pass these up.

I chose the Revlon Colorstay in Delicious which is the perfect red. It's not a dark red and so I can see myself wearing this a lot. It'll be perfect for September time as I usually start wearing darker colors towards Autumn. I love the Revlon Colourstay range and they had so many of these at my Poundland! This retails for £7.99 at Superdrug!! What a steal.

The next shade I picked up was a Maybelline Color Show in Tropink. This is a very vibrant baby pink if that even makes sense? It's exactly what it says, it's neon but more of a bleached/pastel neon. This is going to be my go to toenail shade, as I never put dark shades on my toes. Feet are gross enough without the nails looking gloomy. I think these were a Summer 2014 range and so they're not available in shops, however, Maybelline's Color Show ranges from £2.99- £3.99 so you're still saving. 

I am super impressed with these finds and I am now a Poundland covert. There's a new one opening near where I work so stay tuned for plenty more Poundland Specials!!

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Art of Disney

 If you haven't already realised, I'm a huge fan of Disney. Disney and Harry Potter are my weaknesses, aside from chocolate obviously. This little package is called The Art Of Disney and it is 100 collectible postcards from Disney movies from 1989-2014. There is an older one featuring classics like Cinderella and Snow White, but I'm a fan of Disney films from when I was growing up so this really appealed to me. I preordered this in like June and I literally squealed when it came the other day.

The films that are featured in this collection are:
 - The Little Mermaid
- Beauty and the Beast
- Aladdin
- The Lion King
- Mulan
- Princess and the Frog
- Tangled
- Wreck-It Ralph
- Frozen
- Big Hero 6

These are so beautiful and they feature images taken from actual clips of the films right through to early sketches of characters. 

I think this is amazing and some of the pictures are breathtaking. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I love seeing the development of the characters. Mulan is my favourite Disney film, for those who were wondering, and I wish there were more sketches from there. I might get some small frames for them and put them on my wall. 

Also, my brother is having a baby and we're currently decorating their nursery. He's having a baby girl but really wants The Lion King to be the theme, can you tell we're Disney kids? So, some of The Lion King sketches will be really nice to frame and hang on the walls for him.

I am totally in love with this and it makes my Disney obsession feel that little bit more mature. What do you guys think?

Til' next time! 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Models Own Chrome Palette

Let me start out by saying that this was the hardest thing to photograph!! This is the Models Own Chrome Eyeshadow Palette and I bought it from ASOS for £5.99. I decided to get this mainly because I wanted free delivery and this made my order go to £20. Plus, it has 6 shades and they aren't like any I have in my collection. 

Apart from the top sort of clear shade, these are all super pigmented and shimmery. What the ASOS page didn't tell me, however, is that these are actually cream shadows. I am just not a fan of cream shadows, but I used the darkest brown shade all over my lid and I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the look. 

I'm actually super happy that I picked up this palette and Models Own is never a brand I thought of for anything other than nail varnish. I love the silver shade and I could see this going over a smoky eye to glam it up. The gold is also interesting and I can't wait to play around with it and create a look with it. 

One thing about these though, the glitter will stay with you forever. I removed these swatches with micellar water and I look like I'd dipped my arm in unicorn blood. The glitter is a bitch to remove and I still have some on my arm now. But, I think that's the same for most ultra glittery shades. 

For £5.99 this palette is totally worth it. I can see myself reaching for this often and as an introduction to using cream shadows, it's great. If you're a fan of metallic shades and cream shadows, you need this palette! 

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 21 August 2015

Night-time Routine

The biggest struggle I had whilst writing this post was figuring out how to spell "night-time". Is it one word, is it a word with a dash? Who knows, certainly not me and my lacking knowledge of the English language. Anyway...

Most of the week I'm split between my house and my boyfriend's house and so having a set routine can be quite hard. I have all my concrete routine at my own house & some cheaper alternative at my boyfriends. I think this works quite well for my skin because I currently only have face monsters and I think that's mainly because of the other monster who lives in my uterus if you catch my bloody drift. So, this is going to be 2 part series. I have no clue when I'll get the other part up, but I'm sure you'll all forget about it so who knows.

Garnier Micellar Water £4.99 (Currently £3.33 at Boots): I usually use the pink one but I thought I'd try the green one and although I can hardly tell a difference in quality, I think I prefer the pink version as it's a lot kinder around my eyes. 
I use this to get the bulk of my makeup off, especially my eye makeup. It's also good for making sure any makeup is off that you may have put on your chest, such as bronzer. I often forget about that and end up with nasty demons lurking on my chesticles. 

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser £7.95 (Currently £3.97 what a bargain!): I am totally not loyal to cleansers/face washes but this has lasted me ages and I've found it's really improved my skin. Saying that, I don't think I'd ever pay full price for it. As it's currently so cheap, I may have to pick another one up as I am running dangerously low. 
I wash my face with this after removing my makeup if I can be arsed to make sure my skin is squeaky clean. I will admit, I don't use this every night. I am so lazy when it comes to actual face washes. I hate when the water goes down your arms and attacks your armpits inside of your warm pyjamas. 

Garnier Softening Toner for Dry Skin £3.29: I don't know why I picked this up, I think it must've been on sale. However, it's really good and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight like toners sometimes do. Instead, my skin feels so soft!
I use this after cleansing just to make sure my skin is extra clean and fresh. The only downside with this is I find it comes out super quick and I feel I haven't actually had a lot of uses out of the bottle.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray £8.50: This is so refreshing. I use this all the time just when my face feels drab and dull. 
I use this as a toner alone or after my Garnier toner. I'm more likely to spray my face with this and let it settle in that go through all the effort of pouring toner on a pad and wiping it on my face. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo £15.50: This is specifically aimed at spot-prone skin and this has worked wonders on my skin for reducing spots and also for making my skin tone even. If there's one face product I could ever recommend you, it'd be this.
I usually use this as a pre-moisturising treatment, especially if my skin is spot prone. I lost this for a while and I noticed that my skin was definitely more spotty for it. If my skin feels moisturised, I will just use this as a moisturiser alone. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil £17: This purchase was on a complete whim when Escentual had a huge sale on. I know I wouldn't have paid £17 for it, I'm too much of a tight arse. When I first bought it, I hated it. I put it in my hair and I put too much so it felt incredibly greasy and it smells quite grannyish. After using it a bit more and more on my skin than hair, I've discovered a good balance. Although I do think this is great, I don't think I'd buy it again. 
I use literally a drop of this and it makes my skin feel so hydrated. If I use it in my hair I'll use just a drop and run it through my ends. For the price, this is great as it lasts so long. 

That's it for my night routine. If I'm feeling extra glamorous, I might put hand cream and some lip balm on. I didn't feature any lip balm on here because I always forget to do it. But, if you want to know a great lip balm to put on at night, I'd recommend Nuxe Rêve de Miel, it's so lovely and it will last forever! Have you tried any of these products? Who am I kidding, everyone and their dog has tried Garnier Micellar Water!

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Superdrug Face Masks

I have a small problem with not being able to stop spending. So, although I had promised myself not to spend any money this weekend I found myself free on Saturday night. Boyfriend away and the house to myself, I needed to desperately get that onesie on, makeup off and a facemask on. Superdrug's own brand face masks are a steal at 99p each and they're currently on 3 for 2 which is a result! So, like I usually do, I bought enough to last me the month. All in moderation right? 

 I bought:
Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask 99p: Packed with Witch Hazel and Willow Bark extract this mask will deeply cleanse pores. Dead Sea Minerals within the mud will help to draw out impurities leaving skin looking clearer and more radiant.
I love clay masks and witch hazel usually works really well with my skin. 

Tropical Cocktail Peel-off Mask 99p: Its exotic blend of fresh mango fruit and the lesser known Noni Fruit will revitalise your skin and leave you with a healthy looking glow.
I think peel-off masks are great as they really get into your pores and it's just so fun peeling them off! I thought this one would smell great.

Cucumber Cooling Mask 99p: Enriched with cucumber fruit and Dead Sea Minerals this clay mask will eliminate impurities and soothe skin for a vibrant fresh-faced look.
The smell of cucumber is always really calming to me and I thought this mask would be great when my skin was having an off day and was irritated. 

De-Stressing Mud Mask 99p:  This Aloe Vera soothing mask calms and revives skin for a healthy looking complexion.
This is the one that I wore at the weekend and although I don't think it de-stressed me, it was definitely a lovely mask and my skin felt so invigorated after.

Calming Facial Sheet Masks £1.29: Soaked in a soothing and refreshing herbal blend of Green Tea, Cucumber Fruit and Aloe Vera juice, it revives complexion radiance and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.
These were slightly more expensive but I've never tried single packet sheet masks before and they sounded great. I love how quick and disposable they are compared to normal face masks. This one sounds ideal after a long day at work!

Purifying Facial Sheet Mask £1.29: Soaked in a cooling and refreshing blend of Tea Tree and Spearmint essential oils, it will energise the skin and leave it clean, bright and fresh
I haven't tried this one, but I could see it irritating those with sensitive skin. I love spearmint and I hope it smells like this. This one will be ideal for a pick me up when my skin is feeling dull. 

These are all the face masks I bought and they were all 3 for 2 meaning that it cost me less than £5 for a whole bunch of different pamper nights. There should never be an excuse for a pamper night, even if your significant other is shouting at the football or a toddler is pulling at your leg. Whack a face mask on and give yourself 5 minutes to just unwind.

What's your favourite face mask, cheap or high-end? 

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 17 August 2015

Etsy: Harry Potter Card

I haven't posted an Etsy post in a while so when I was cleaning my room on Saturday I came across this card that I had given my boyfriend and I had to share it you lovelies. I had given it him on our half-year of being together, but mainly just because I wanted to buy this card and find an excuse to use it. I am in love with this card and even though I gave it to my boyfriend, it's currently on show in my bedroom. 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan & this card is so beautiful! I can't believe the quality of it & it goes perfectly with the rest of my HP shrine. The card is nice quality and quite thick and sturdy. It's empty inside but is a perfect size to write what you want. This card cost me £2.25 and shipping was 60p so for less than £3 I think this is such a steal! This card is from a store on Etsy called EnglishRoseCards and some of the designs on there are beautiful. You can find the I Love You More Than Harry Potter card here.

Do you guys love greeting cards as much as I do? 

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Story Of Floppy

This is Floppy. I found Floppy when I was working at Pets At Home. She was this little bunny that we had got when we got all the new baby bunnies in a Tuesday like we do every week. Except, Floppy was different. As soon as she arrived at PAH she became ill and she became super skinny and developed this funny little head tilt. We got her in her own little cage and took her to the vets who suspected that she might be brain damaged, which is actually more common in rabbits than you think.

They prescribed her Critical Care, which is used to fatten animals up and ensure that they are getting the calories they need and more. Except, Floppy refused to eat it. So, one day, we tried mixing it in with a Munch Bunch (a kids yoghurt) and oh my days, did she love that. She devoured it! So we started feeding her on that and she started putting the littlest bit of weight on. When I was on an early at PAH I used to let her out of the cage so she could run around the room where we kept the new animals and she used to sit there with her tilted head. Except, she was miserable. She wasn't getting any attention and just wasn't getting better. So, my assistant manager, Emma, decided to take her home and "foster" her. She fed her Munch Bunch and let her out and she loved it. But, Emma's boyfriend said she couldn't keep her because she already had a bunny, a dog, a cat, a tortoise and a hamster. So, Floppy came back to PAH.

I approached my manager and asked her if I could take Floppy home and get her better and she reluctantly said yes, because it wasn't exactly normal practice to take home poorly animals. So, without telling my parents (oops), I brought Floppy home. My mum instantly fell in love with her cute little face and her little head tilt. It didn't take long for her to fatten up. She must've been with us about 2 weeks and you couldn't feel her ribs anymore! I think it was all the attention she got and she had a whole room to run around in. Obviously, the whole family fell in love with this Munch Bunch eating Bunny, who also had a fondness for Pringles and prawn crackers, and we couldn't let her go. So we adopted her!

I had two male rabbits Rupert and Benedict and when they were neutered, Floppy got to run around the house with them too. She was soon spayed because she started humping Rupert a lot and he didn't like it. Sadly, Rupert had to be put to sleep because of some problems with his teeth and so Benedict was all alone. That's how Floppy came to have a husbun. She was housed with Benedict and they got on like a house on fire! They loved each other and they were so happy! Floppy grew and grew into the lop she was and became a cuddly girl. She was fat really. She was so cuddly and although she now had a husbun (rabbit husband), she still loved her cuddles and would come running up to you in the garden for cuddles. Although, she didn't like it if you wore jeans and would tell you that by biting you.

Floppy had a fit on 4th of August. My dad was leaving for work when he heard her and went in to cuddle her. He said she calmed down and he didn't know why she had it. Later that day she passed away. She was only 1. Floppy was the most amazing rabbit and I wanted to share her story with you guys. I know it seems silly putting so much character into a rabbit, but to me she was the same as a dog or a cat and I loved her just as much. She made my day brighter with her little kisses and I cannot describe the heartbreak when I was told she was gone. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not being there to comfort your pet when they go, or to even give them one last cuddle. I'm just happy that I gave her a good year of her life and that I hope she's frolicking away with Rupert up there in bunny heaven.

Adopting and keeping animals is the most rewarding, beautiful and heartbreaking thing you can do. You can never guarantee that they'll live long or if they'll have illnesses but you're providing them with the life they deserve and all the love that they need and I'd encourage anyone to do it at least once in their lifetimes.

R.I.P to my special little angel.

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Gym Wishlist #1

For those of you that read my August Goals post, you'll know that one of my goals was to join the gym and get on the exercise train again. Well, I have!! Yay! I definitely earned that McDonald's I had yesterday after going to the gym for approximately 1 hour. Yes, that's what I'll tell myself. Anyway... I'm pretty chuffed and although one of my goals was also to not spend money, I really really want need a new gym wardrobe. Although the chubby girl inside of my is telling me to sell all my gym clothes and spend the money on chocolate, but we'll ignore her until the weekend when she's let out on a day release. I'm going to try and be good and not buy ALL of these things on my wishlist, but surely 1 thing wouldn't hurt (or 6)...

I definitely don't have a theme here. Imagine me wearing all this to the gym, I'd look like a clown! But, I need that armband, I'm forever dropping my phone in the gym ("What, all 2 times you've been?!" I hear my chubby girl shout) and something like this would come in handy. I'm also not one of those people that can wear shorts to the gym! I just don't have the confidence yet! Forever 21 have some adorable workout stuff, although I don't get why so many places think they can charge like £15 for a plain vest just because it is labeled as activewear. 

I love brightly coloured clothes in the gym because it makes me feel a bit more glam while I'm sweating away & I adore leggings. They're so comfortable & just look at that snazzy print! I'm also a hater of crop tops in the gym. I like a baggy top and this isn't a confidence thing, it's just more comfortable. There's also no sports bras on here because I prefer to try them on. A lot of sports bras aren't good because they offer no support and are really just fashion statements. I bought a multipack from Primark years ago and they've lasted me. Although, I am a proud member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) so, I'm not that fussy. As long as you can't see my nips, I'm happy.

What are your thoughts on workout clothes, do you like to keep it plain and simple? Or go colourful & bold like I do?

Til' next time!XOXO

Monday, 10 August 2015

Primark £1 Hair Essentials

I adore Primark. It's my favourite place to go hunting for a bargain and next to eBay, they have everything I could need. This post looks at their hair essentials. These aren't masks or anything like that, but more on essentials what I use in daily life.

Hair Clips £1
I use these to pin my hair out of my eyes when I'm doing my makeup. I also use them to section my hair when I'm drying it or styling it. The little ones are great just to pin my fringe out of my eyes or put it back when it's being annoying.
Similar product here for $1.67

Teasing Comb £1
I have such thick hair & sometimes it can lie a little flat. Teasing combs are a life saver and for £1 you can't go wrong. I'm always losing hair brushes and so there's no point me spending a fortune on something I guarantee will fall out of my bag in a nightclub toilet whilst I'm being my classy self,
Similar product here for $2

Elastic Bands £1
Usually at night I will plait my hair to save it getting tangled in the night & sometimes I just like to have my hair in plaits to keep it out of my face. These little elastics are so great for that purpose as they're not as big and bulky looking as bobbles and if they get tangled in your hair it's not that much of a shame to snap them as there are so many in a pack. 
Similar product here for $0.76

Bobbles £1
I honestly don't know what I do with all my hair ties. I buy a pack of 100 and within a month I'm down to about 5. I will then cherish those 5 bobbles like they are my newborn children for another month until they also are stolen by fairies. For £1, I can't complain that much. I prefer to buy more neutral toned hair ties. 
Similar here for $3

Invisibobble Dupe £1
When these bobbles came out they were given a huge hype for not leaving a kink in your hair even if you slept with it up or in a bobble all day. I didn't believe the hype and I didn't want to pay £3.75 for 2 bobbles when I was pretty ok with bog standard bobbles. When I saw a 5 pack in Primark for £1 I thought I'd try them, Seen as they were a cheaper alternative and made of bobble material rather than plastic, I didn't think they'd work. However, I have been converted. I slept with my hair up using these and there wasn't a kink in sight! For £1, I'd definitely seek these out rather than paying ridiculous prices for 2 bobbles. (These came in a pack of 5, but I had one in when taking this photo)
Similar here for $0.99

I skipped putting grips/bobby pins in there but Primark also do a great selection of those. They include all different colours for dark and light haired individuals, but sadly none specifically aimed at us redheads.

What's your favourite hair essential bargain?

Til' next time!XOXO

Friday, 7 August 2015

An Angry Story

This isn't like my usual post but something happened to me today and I needed to get it off my chest. To set the scene: I was walking through town, it was lunch time and I was walking back to my office, it was very busy and there were people everywhere.

Now, I suffer from a serious syndrome called Resting Bitch Face, RBF for short. This affects me in many positive ways, such as people avoiding asking me if I want a Big Issue or if I want a "Mini-makeover" in Debenhams. Then there are days when it can go the opposite way. Today is one of those days.

As I said, I was walking through town and there were people all over offering things like The Big Issue or the newspaper or buskers or charity people. The specific incident in question involved a charity worker. This man was around 40 and was asking for money to "Help the troops", I didn't actually see what charity he worked for. So I was walking past him and he went "Oi Smiler, help the troops". Now my automatic reaction to someone referencing my RBF syndrome instantly puts a grin on my face. Now this grin must have been extra sexy or something because then this charity worker then proceeds to say, "Come on, I won't bite". Now, this phrase is harmless enough. What really made me mad was when he then proceeds to say, "Only if you want me too, sweetheart." and then, "Come on, promise I won't bite hard!"

What on earth would make him think I would then A) Want to go over to him B) Donate to his charity?! I'm 19 and this man must've been double my age! I expect it from a disgusting heckler on the street but from a charity worker! I was disgusted! Why do some men think they can talk to a young girl in this way. There is no excuse for his behaviour at all! I don't know if his way of flirting has bagged him a girl in the past, or donations for that matter, but it definitely wasn't working on me.

I didn't know how to react and I wish I had come up with some witty response but I just walked off. This sort of incident is what makes me not want to walk the streets on my own. There are so many dodgy folk about and the fact that he thought it was ok to speak to me in that way was not acceptable. I know it could've been worse but it really made me mad!

Apologies for the little outburst and I promise normal posts will be back soon. What are your thoughts on this sort of thing? Has anything like this happened to you before?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Superdrug Own Brand Haul

Superdrug seem to be on it lately with their beauty and skincare products. Although I love their B. brand I thought I'd try out some of the other things they have to offer. (Plus they currently have so much stuff on sale so it was a steal really!)

Also, I needed some more stuff to have at my boyfriends house. Anyone else find it so annoying lugging stuff about to your partners house when you don't live together. Sometimes I don't plan to have a shower at his and forget my body butter or sometimes I'll forget my cleanser. So a lot of this stuff is skincare things that I want to store at his so I don't have to lug a small suitcase with me every time I want to have a grown-up sleepover. 

This was really cheap and I've never really tried out a cleansing oil so I thought I could start here. I was drawn to the "multivitamin" aspect of it and it's aimed at those with dry skin. I love anything that is labelled with vitamins and minerals even if I don't know what they're going to do to my skin. I'm a sucker for packaging really.

I mainly bought this because it was on offer and again, I love anything that says it can do everything. I'm going to fess up here and admit that I've never actually tried a BB cream. I love full coverage and I've never seen the point. However, this one says that it's a moisturiser, concealer, primer, foundation and has a SPF 15 in it. I've only used this once and it does feel like a primer but has very low coverage. I'll have to see how it goes but I can imagine using it a lot under my foundation.

As you can probably tell, I'm a sale surfer and I especially love when skincare is in the sale or on offer. I've just ran out of my old eye cream and as this was so cheap I thought why not. It's supposed to reduce puffiness and help dark circles, just like most eye creams. I've only used it once so I can't tell if it works or not. Stay tuned for a review in the future.

This product I bought just to stick at my boyfriends. It's a huge pot for 3 quid and there's no smell to it. I thought it would be good if he decides to moisturise as my Raspberry Body Butter from the Body Shop went down suspiciously quick, even though he said he didn't steal it. However, it does sound good and I love Argan Oil for my hair, why not for my skin. 

There you have it for my quick Superdrug haul, they have loads of offers on at the moment so you should definitely head on over to the website. Let me know if you'd like to see me review any of these products after I've tested them out. Who am I kidding, I'll probably do it anyway.

What's your favourite own brand product from Superdrug?

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 3 August 2015

Ayia Napa 2015

Sorry, this has taken so long to go up but I'm just a huge procrastinator and put it off for days! I thought I'd make a post all about my first girls holiday to Ayia Napa. Obviously, with this type of holiday, we didn't exactly go to have a relaxing break from work. I still feel like I need another holiday this year to relax, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Anyway, I went to Ayia Napa and stayed in the Napa Rocks Hotel or Pambos Magic or Magic Napa, it had so many freakin' names it was insane. When we booked this hotel it was being renovated and we were told that when we went it would be done and would be like a completely new hotel. However, when we got there it wasn't fully done. One-half of the hotel was done and looking in the rooms they looked great, the other side was still being done and was still basic rooms. That was the side we stayed on. Our room was gross and on the first night we had to move because our room didn't have a safe. We didn't want to stay in a room without a safe and so we got a new room the next morning. I'm so glad we did because some other people didn't get a safe and got a lot of money stolen!

The hotel was horrible and the staff were so rude!! Our reps were great but the reception staff acted like they hated you, they were vile. However, as it was a Club 18-30 hotel, we were just using it for a bed and to get ready really. The pool was lovely and had been completely renovated (because someone had died in it!!) but there weren't enough sun loungers which bugged me for some reason.

While we were out though we had a great time. On our first night, we got to see Rudimental live which was amazing, although they were only on for about 20 minutes! Oh well, we bought these wristbands which were 250 euro but it was all our events paid for and then we just had to pay for drinks and stuff on the night, it was a good deal and we got to do everything we had wanted to go to like a paint party, foam party and a boat trip.

We also went to an ice bar which is so cool! It only cost us 3 euro on a night out and you have this huge coat because it's so cold. It was so refreshing juxtaposed against the 32 degree heat.

Overall, I had the most amazing time even though I burnt horrendously and had to stay in the room one day while some of the girls went to a pool party. Both of them got ill after the pool party, though so I'm kind of glad I didn't go. I did do something silly though and got a tattoo, oops don't judge! It's not a cheesy "Ayia Napa '15" one though so don't worry.

Would I go back? Maybe. I think I would definitely go on another holiday similar but maybe to a different place as Ayia Napa is one of the most expensive places. We were invited to The Big Reunion in November, no not the Big Reunion you're thinking of. It's basically an indoor festival with lots of house music. So, I'm excited for that.

So there you go, that was my holiday. It was hot, sweaty and involved a lot of shots and cocktails. It isn't the most elegant place to go, but I loved it. I hope you enjoyed reading all about my holiday and if you're going to Ayia Napa I would recommend our hotel because the reps are awesome and the pool is legendary. I also wouldn't because the staff of the actual hotel aren't trustworthy at all and it's still being done up. It's a 50/50 recommendation really!

Have you ever been on a party holiday like this?

Til' next time!XOXO

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