Monday, 17 August 2015

Etsy: Harry Potter Card

I haven't posted an Etsy post in a while so when I was cleaning my room on Saturday I came across this card that I had given my boyfriend and I had to share it you lovelies. I had given it him on our half-year of being together, but mainly just because I wanted to buy this card and find an excuse to use it. I am in love with this card and even though I gave it to my boyfriend, it's currently on show in my bedroom. 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan & this card is so beautiful! I can't believe the quality of it & it goes perfectly with the rest of my HP shrine. The card is nice quality and quite thick and sturdy. It's empty inside but is a perfect size to write what you want. This card cost me £2.25 and shipping was 60p so for less than £3 I think this is such a steal! This card is from a store on Etsy called EnglishRoseCards and some of the designs on there are beautiful. You can find the I Love You More Than Harry Potter card here.

Do you guys love greeting cards as much as I do? 

Til' next time! XOXO


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