Monday, 10 August 2015

Primark £1 Hair Essentials

I adore Primark. It's my favourite place to go hunting for a bargain and next to eBay, they have everything I could need. This post looks at their hair essentials. These aren't masks or anything like that, but more on essentials what I use in daily life.

Hair Clips £1
I use these to pin my hair out of my eyes when I'm doing my makeup. I also use them to section my hair when I'm drying it or styling it. The little ones are great just to pin my fringe out of my eyes or put it back when it's being annoying.
Similar product here for $1.67

Teasing Comb £1
I have such thick hair & sometimes it can lie a little flat. Teasing combs are a life saver and for £1 you can't go wrong. I'm always losing hair brushes and so there's no point me spending a fortune on something I guarantee will fall out of my bag in a nightclub toilet whilst I'm being my classy self,
Similar product here for $2

Elastic Bands £1
Usually at night I will plait my hair to save it getting tangled in the night & sometimes I just like to have my hair in plaits to keep it out of my face. These little elastics are so great for that purpose as they're not as big and bulky looking as bobbles and if they get tangled in your hair it's not that much of a shame to snap them as there are so many in a pack. 
Similar product here for $0.76

Bobbles £1
I honestly don't know what I do with all my hair ties. I buy a pack of 100 and within a month I'm down to about 5. I will then cherish those 5 bobbles like they are my newborn children for another month until they also are stolen by fairies. For £1, I can't complain that much. I prefer to buy more neutral toned hair ties. 
Similar here for $3

Invisibobble Dupe £1
When these bobbles came out they were given a huge hype for not leaving a kink in your hair even if you slept with it up or in a bobble all day. I didn't believe the hype and I didn't want to pay £3.75 for 2 bobbles when I was pretty ok with bog standard bobbles. When I saw a 5 pack in Primark for £1 I thought I'd try them, Seen as they were a cheaper alternative and made of bobble material rather than plastic, I didn't think they'd work. However, I have been converted. I slept with my hair up using these and there wasn't a kink in sight! For £1, I'd definitely seek these out rather than paying ridiculous prices for 2 bobbles. (These came in a pack of 5, but I had one in when taking this photo)
Similar here for $0.99

I skipped putting grips/bobby pins in there but Primark also do a great selection of those. They include all different colours for dark and light haired individuals, but sadly none specifically aimed at us redheads.

What's your favourite hair essential bargain?

Til' next time!XOXO


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