Monday, 31 August 2015

Primark Wishlist: September

I love September. It's my birthday and my brothers birthday and to me it marks the beginning of Autumn, which is the best season obviously. When Autumn starts, I get out of those nice summer clothes and happily jump into my fluffy socks and thick cardigans. I went through a stage of refusing to buy Autumn clothes before October, but I'm over that and love when I can start cosying down for the colder seasons. Primark is the best place for Autumn pyjamas and fluffy socks and just all round cosiness.

Lime Soda Candle £3 / Snake Slip On Pumps £5 / Soda Milk Bottle £3 / Thumper Fluffy Socks £2 / Hello Metal Sign £3 / White Grid Shirt Dress £13 / Double Sided Cat Cushion £5 / Grey Check Trousers £12 / Red Loafers £6 / Cat Glass £2 / Gryffindor PJ Set £11 / Copper Candle £3 / Princess Nightdress £7 / Burgandy Shirt Dress £13 / 

For all of these items for less than £100, I'm tempted to go on the hunt for it all! What's your favourite thing to do in the Autumn?

Til' next time! XOXO


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