Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Superdrug Face Masks

I have a small problem with not being able to stop spending. So, although I had promised myself not to spend any money this weekend I found myself free on Saturday night. Boyfriend away and the house to myself, I needed to desperately get that onesie on, makeup off and a facemask on. Superdrug's own brand face masks are a steal at 99p each and they're currently on 3 for 2 which is a result! So, like I usually do, I bought enough to last me the month. All in moderation right? 

 I bought:
Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask 99p: Packed with Witch Hazel and Willow Bark extract this mask will deeply cleanse pores. Dead Sea Minerals within the mud will help to draw out impurities leaving skin looking clearer and more radiant.
I love clay masks and witch hazel usually works really well with my skin. 

Tropical Cocktail Peel-off Mask 99p: Its exotic blend of fresh mango fruit and the lesser known Noni Fruit will revitalise your skin and leave you with a healthy looking glow.
I think peel-off masks are great as they really get into your pores and it's just so fun peeling them off! I thought this one would smell great.

Cucumber Cooling Mask 99p: Enriched with cucumber fruit and Dead Sea Minerals this clay mask will eliminate impurities and soothe skin for a vibrant fresh-faced look.
The smell of cucumber is always really calming to me and I thought this mask would be great when my skin was having an off day and was irritated. 

De-Stressing Mud Mask 99p:  This Aloe Vera soothing mask calms and revives skin for a healthy looking complexion.
This is the one that I wore at the weekend and although I don't think it de-stressed me, it was definitely a lovely mask and my skin felt so invigorated after.

Calming Facial Sheet Masks £1.29: Soaked in a soothing and refreshing herbal blend of Green Tea, Cucumber Fruit and Aloe Vera juice, it revives complexion radiance and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.
These were slightly more expensive but I've never tried single packet sheet masks before and they sounded great. I love how quick and disposable they are compared to normal face masks. This one sounds ideal after a long day at work!

Purifying Facial Sheet Mask £1.29: Soaked in a cooling and refreshing blend of Tea Tree and Spearmint essential oils, it will energise the skin and leave it clean, bright and fresh
I haven't tried this one, but I could see it irritating those with sensitive skin. I love spearmint and I hope it smells like this. This one will be ideal for a pick me up when my skin is feeling dull. 

These are all the face masks I bought and they were all 3 for 2 meaning that it cost me less than £5 for a whole bunch of different pamper nights. There should never be an excuse for a pamper night, even if your significant other is shouting at the football or a toddler is pulling at your leg. Whack a face mask on and give yourself 5 minutes to just unwind.

What's your favourite face mask, cheap or high-end? 

Til' next time! XOXO


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