Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Art of Disney

 If you haven't already realised, I'm a huge fan of Disney. Disney and Harry Potter are my weaknesses, aside from chocolate obviously. This little package is called The Art Of Disney and it is 100 collectible postcards from Disney movies from 1989-2014. There is an older one featuring classics like Cinderella and Snow White, but I'm a fan of Disney films from when I was growing up so this really appealed to me. I preordered this in like June and I literally squealed when it came the other day.

The films that are featured in this collection are:
 - The Little Mermaid
- Beauty and the Beast
- Aladdin
- The Lion King
- Mulan
- Princess and the Frog
- Tangled
- Wreck-It Ralph
- Frozen
- Big Hero 6

These are so beautiful and they feature images taken from actual clips of the films right through to early sketches of characters. 

I think this is amazing and some of the pictures are breathtaking. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I love seeing the development of the characters. Mulan is my favourite Disney film, for those who were wondering, and I wish there were more sketches from there. I might get some small frames for them and put them on my wall. 

Also, my brother is having a baby and we're currently decorating their nursery. He's having a baby girl but really wants The Lion King to be the theme, can you tell we're Disney kids? So, some of The Lion King sketches will be really nice to frame and hang on the walls for him.

I am totally in love with this and it makes my Disney obsession feel that little bit more mature. What do you guys think?

Til' next time! 


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