Friday, 14 August 2015

The Story Of Floppy

This is Floppy. I found Floppy when I was working at Pets At Home. She was this little bunny that we had got when we got all the new baby bunnies in a Tuesday like we do every week. Except, Floppy was different. As soon as she arrived at PAH she became ill and she became super skinny and developed this funny little head tilt. We got her in her own little cage and took her to the vets who suspected that she might be brain damaged, which is actually more common in rabbits than you think.

They prescribed her Critical Care, which is used to fatten animals up and ensure that they are getting the calories they need and more. Except, Floppy refused to eat it. So, one day, we tried mixing it in with a Munch Bunch (a kids yoghurt) and oh my days, did she love that. She devoured it! So we started feeding her on that and she started putting the littlest bit of weight on. When I was on an early at PAH I used to let her out of the cage so she could run around the room where we kept the new animals and she used to sit there with her tilted head. Except, she was miserable. She wasn't getting any attention and just wasn't getting better. So, my assistant manager, Emma, decided to take her home and "foster" her. She fed her Munch Bunch and let her out and she loved it. But, Emma's boyfriend said she couldn't keep her because she already had a bunny, a dog, a cat, a tortoise and a hamster. So, Floppy came back to PAH.

I approached my manager and asked her if I could take Floppy home and get her better and she reluctantly said yes, because it wasn't exactly normal practice to take home poorly animals. So, without telling my parents (oops), I brought Floppy home. My mum instantly fell in love with her cute little face and her little head tilt. It didn't take long for her to fatten up. She must've been with us about 2 weeks and you couldn't feel her ribs anymore! I think it was all the attention she got and she had a whole room to run around in. Obviously, the whole family fell in love with this Munch Bunch eating Bunny, who also had a fondness for Pringles and prawn crackers, and we couldn't let her go. So we adopted her!

I had two male rabbits Rupert and Benedict and when they were neutered, Floppy got to run around the house with them too. She was soon spayed because she started humping Rupert a lot and he didn't like it. Sadly, Rupert had to be put to sleep because of some problems with his teeth and so Benedict was all alone. That's how Floppy came to have a husbun. She was housed with Benedict and they got on like a house on fire! They loved each other and they were so happy! Floppy grew and grew into the lop she was and became a cuddly girl. She was fat really. She was so cuddly and although she now had a husbun (rabbit husband), she still loved her cuddles and would come running up to you in the garden for cuddles. Although, she didn't like it if you wore jeans and would tell you that by biting you.

Floppy had a fit on 4th of August. My dad was leaving for work when he heard her and went in to cuddle her. He said she calmed down and he didn't know why she had it. Later that day she passed away. She was only 1. Floppy was the most amazing rabbit and I wanted to share her story with you guys. I know it seems silly putting so much character into a rabbit, but to me she was the same as a dog or a cat and I loved her just as much. She made my day brighter with her little kisses and I cannot describe the heartbreak when I was told she was gone. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not being there to comfort your pet when they go, or to even give them one last cuddle. I'm just happy that I gave her a good year of her life and that I hope she's frolicking away with Rupert up there in bunny heaven.

Adopting and keeping animals is the most rewarding, beautiful and heartbreaking thing you can do. You can never guarantee that they'll live long or if they'll have illnesses but you're providing them with the life they deserve and all the love that they need and I'd encourage anyone to do it at least once in their lifetimes.

R.I.P to my special little angel.

Til' next time! XOXO


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