Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Degustabox

So, I didn't post last months Degustabox because it was horrendously late and so I just didn't see the point. Plus, it's so hard to try and get pictures of all the stuff before everyone in my house devours everything. This month it arrived on the day it was meant to and I was home alone so I managed to get the pictures of everything before my brother swooped in and knicked everything.

The theme this month is "Back To School", I think. Everything is snack related, but the majority is healthy, it's meant to be stuff you can put in a lunch box and children will be happy with. I think this box contains some really good stuff, but there are a few repeats. Although, the repeats aren't on the little list that they give you, so I think they're included as a little sorry for being late last month.

Walkers Biscuits
You receive 4 different types of little snack pack biscuits. These are a great idea and I'm going to use them to take to work to dunk in my tea. I've tried Walkers before especially their shortbread and it's really yummy. I'd more likely put these in the boyfs lunchbox though than the kids (I don't have children, just so you know, so I'm not expert!)

Dr.Oetker Mug Cakes
These are such a good idea & you literally just add one ingredient to them and pop them in the microwave. I can see these being good when I want something sweet, but I don't have anything in the house and I'm too lazy to go and get anything. Although, they are like 250 calories per bag so I wouldn't think of giving these as a snack to a child.

Balksen Choco Leibniz
Oh my sweet baby Jesus, these are so nice. I adore white chocolate, so anything with that is just nice anyway. The dark biscuit on the bottom makes these so nice. I literally had to get my brother to hide these so I wouldn't eat the whole pack. His hiding game is not strong though and I ate them all anyway.

Ryvita Sesame Crispbread & Cracked Black Pepper Crispbread
I always buy Ryvita with the intention of having healthy lunches and snacks and stuff, but I just never eat them. They lay dying at the back of the cupboard until I do my annual cupboard sweep. I also hate black pepper, I think it was created by Satan to make me choke and sneeze. Screw you pepper. 

Organic Energy Lite Fruit Flavoured
This is meant to be a "healthy" energy drink. I never buy into those gimmicks, if I'm going to have an energy drink (which doesn't count if I add vodka to it) then I want all the sugar I can get. I only got one sip of this before my brother stole it, but it tasted ok. I couldn't tell you what flavour it was though, just "fruit". 

Life Tonics Elderberry & Juniper Drink
I haven't tried this yes but it has coconut water and that's another thing I think was created by Satan, it's the worst drink ever. I'm going to try this and hope that it's sweet but I have my serious doubts.

Fru Snax
I got 2 bags of these in the last box so they must just be trying to get rid of leftovers. These are the weirdest things. There are bits of fruit and then dehydrated/frozen/weird yoghurt bits. The fruits really nice in it, especially the strawberry version. The yoghurt is just plain weird. It always has a weird aftertaste and I don't get it. I just don't get it and so I don't like it. For 47 calories, though, these are great snacks.

Kallo Chocolate Rice Cake Thins
This is another repeat and oh I am glad to see them. These are literally the nicest things ever and I could eat them all day every day. I think these will be my favourite snacks for all time. They're semi-healthy too and only 63 calories a slice, but I mean, who can eat just 1?

The Primal Pantry Paleo Bars
These are weird. The paleo diet is something I've heard briefly of and avoided cause it just sounds too natural for me. But, these do seem good as they're all natural and the flavours sound interesting. I haven't tried them yet but I'm sure they're going to be horrible interesting. Interesting is the word of choice when it comes to these "natural" bars, I'm 50/50 on them. 

Penne Rigate & Arrabbiata Sauce
I don't really know what to say about this, it's pasta and sauce. I think it's a great addition, though, I suppose because it's a quick and easy dinner when you finish work or for kids or whatever. I like pasta, but I never have it just plain with sauce. I like that this sauce has chilli in it for an extra kick. I'm sure it'll get used in my house.

Pick Up Dark Chocolate Bars
I'm not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but these will be nice for dipping in a cuppa and there's going to be someone in my house who will eat them. I think a lot of these brands aren't from the UK which I like as I like discovering new brands. Although, it's a pain if you love them and can't get them over here.

Overall, I think this box was good and better than last months, hands down. I think the snacks in here would be better for adults, not kids as a lot of them are high calories and just plain weird. Degustabox is a cool brand and for £12.99 these boxes are quite good value. I actually buy my Degustabox every month, they don't sponsor me, so I feel I'm being extra honest when I say it's worth it. However, I don't know if I'm going to keep subscribed because I'm trying to be extra healthy and this box is just a huge temptation for me! If you want to find out more about this box, click here

Til' next time! XOXO


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