Friday, 11 September 2015

Candle Wishlist

I love candles (screams every female blogger ever) and September is when I enter full on crazy candle lady mode. It's like the temperature drops by 2 degrees and so that means my home has to be filled with warm candles and nice scents. I could literally spend every paycheck I get on candles, but I don't because a girl got to eat. So, I thought I'd make a wishlist of all the candles I'm lusting after this month and cry while writing it because I don't have any of them.

Everyone has a different budget and while some people can afford to splash £50 on a candle (I wish I could) others can only afford to spend around a tenner (ME!). Luckily, there is an abundance of candle companies out there offering affordable or luxury candles. I want them all, so here is what I'm lusting after this month.

Ok, so I may have got a little carried away with this wishlist. Hopefully, you'll discover some brands on here that you may not have heard of! 

TK Maxx has some of the most amazing candles and they're so discounted! I love love love Rhubarb scents and the Baylis & Harding Rhubarb and Vanilla cream hand wash is my favourite hand wash ever just because of the scent, so I obviously need the matching candle to go with it. Maple & Whisky is one of my favourite Etsy stores and I was gutted to see that they're currently away and so you can't see their products! They have just stocked loads of new scents in and most of them are Disney themed, so you can see why I love the store. The antidote candles seem so cool to me as they're designed to eliminate specific scents. We cook a lot of garlic in our house and this candle is designed to counteract the smell. Also, I have 2 doggies and when the go for walks, they like to splash in the river. A candle that counteracts their wet dog smell would be perfect.  Another Etsy addition is these cute Fruit Loop candles which are so reasonably priced for their unique scents and cute packaging.

I have always wanted a Jo Malone candle and the green tomato leaf has been on my wishlist for so long but I just can't justify forking out £42 on a candle, so I'll just lust after it from here. The White Company candle is actually on my birthday wishlist and I'm hoping someone will be nice enough to get it for me because I know if I get money for my birthday, I won't end up buying it! 

That's it for my candle wishlist! What is your favourite candle brand?

Til' next time! XOXO


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