Monday, 7 September 2015

September Melt Crowd Subscription

The beginning of a month signals the arrival of a new Melt Crowd box. This subscription box is literally my favourite subscription box, I cannot describe the excitement I feel when my little box of goodies is posted through my door every month. 

This months box is amazing! I think it is my favourite so far out of all 3 months that I've recieved. I like each and every one of the scents and they're some that I would never choose for myself. I love this box because it introduces you to different scents that you'd never choose because you're sure that you hate it, but then when you actually do smell it you're like "oh, maybe I have been wrong!"

The scents this month are varied and in all honesty, I think that's the only con I have to this box. They don't seem to have a specific theme. I like when boxes have a different theme each month and so far, the Melt Crowd hasn't had one yet. However, they are a very new subscription service and so they might develop one the longer it's going (which I hope is forever!!).

In this box we have:

Creme Brulee - this is one I think they're sending in the boxes before it features on their site & it is beaut! It's very sweet and creamy and definitely reminds me of a dessert. This is one I would never think to chose myself but I love it! It's not sickly sweet and it's just heavenly.

White Lilac & Rhubarb - Lilac and Rhubarb is a winning combo. This is hands down my fave of the box! I love rhubarb scented things and although the lilac isn't all that strong, it is just an all in all amazing melt. 

Grapefruit, Ginger & Lemon Peel - This is exclusive to the box and I love when they do that, but it's also annoying because when you adore it, it's not available online yet! This one is really lovely & you can smell all the individual scents. I hate ginger, but the scent goes very well with the two citrusy scents. 

Lemon & Lime Mojito - I don't get why this is "mojito" because all I smell is lemon and lime. That being said, this was a perfect kitchen melt and made everything smell super clean!

Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber - This is another winner for me. I love cucumber scents, they're so clean and refreshing. Pairing it with earl grey was a stroke of genius. This isn't a masculine scent, but I'm going to take it to my boyfriends house to put in the burner I've put in his room. It's a great unisex scent and it'll help hide his man smell. 

Candy Floss - Their circus range is a cool range but I hated the doughnut one from last month. This one is a lot nicer and it's super sweet. I much prefer this one and I love sweet scents. This will be perfect to put upstairs in my bedroom. 

Rose & Marshmallow - Unpopular opinion here but I hate rose scents. I love the flower rose but anything that has that overpowering floral smell is just disgusting to me. This one has more of a marshmallow scent though and so it is sweeter. This is yet another good scent. 

Jamaican Coffee & Walnut - This is my least favourite of the bunch and I just think it's a bit of an oddball to put with these other ones. However, this is another great one to take to my boyfriends as it isn't sweet at all and is quite masculine. 

As I have been subscribed to The Melt Crowd for 3 months now I received this fun little gift. As well as having amazing candles and melts, Flamingo Candles (who run the Melt Crowd) also sell scent eggs which are smaller versions of melts that you can mix and match to make amazing scents. This little collection is Cafe Mocha and consists of chocolate, vanilla and coffee eggs. I thought these were so adorable with the little flamingo printed on them! 

 These are ideal for smaller burners and I put 4 eggs in at a time. This was so powerful and the scent was beautiful! I couldn't believe how much it actually smelt like a mocha and it made my whole house smell like Starbucks!! You get a 20% off voucher with each box so I might have to use mine to get more of the scent eggs. They were so good! (Also, apologies for the ugly wax burner, sometimes you get that stubborn wax that just refuses to come out of your burner but you're also too excited and impatient to clean it properly)

Overall I'm so impressed with this months Melt Crowd subscription box and it has easily been my favourite out of the 3 I've had. For only £10 a month it's such amazing value. If you are interested in getting your own Melt Crowd box, check it out here. Alternatively, visiting Flamingo Candles website and see the other amazing products they have to offer! I'd seriously consider checking out these scent eggs, so cool.

Til next time! XOXO


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