Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Teeny Tiny Wax Melt Haul

Ok, I have a confession to make. I'm becoming a lazy blogger. I don't mean in the sense that I can't be arsed to blog anymore because I am still loving that dearly. I just mean that I am so lazy when it comes to taking pictures! I hear your gasps of horror, I do. I have a very very messy room and literally own nothing white/marble/picture-worthy to put as the background of my pictures. This is something I'm trying to improve on. Lately, I just seem happy to make wishlists and my daft GIF blogs, although I think you guys like them. Anyway, I am going to try and make more of an effort with my pictures and if you have any tips on how to get my lazy ass into gear, do let me know!!

Right, on to the haul!!

I have so many wax melts because I get the Melt Crowd every month, but I just adore them. I am slightly obsessed at the moment because I'm really the only person in my house who buys them and so I buy them for every room. I still live with my parents, if you didn't know, but they don't seem that bothered about a heavenly scented house. I do, so I buy them all and put them everywhere even though nobody notices my nice and thoughtful acts.

Kringle Wax Melts are literally the strongest scented wax melts, but they're just so hard to get a hold of! Kringle candles seemed to have disappeared from the UK and there's just one store in Meadowhall that sells them, but they only sell like 4 different scents. I used to have a lime & that was so heavenly. Pink Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents and this smells exactly like the real thing! It's fresh and citrusy, mm! This was perfect for the kitchen and made is smell so clean. What I also like about Kringle wax melts is that they come in a weird shape but it also means that you can split them up into 5 bits and savour them. These are more expensive than Yankee candles wax melts at £2.49 but they're so worth it, in my opinion. Find them here.

Traditionally, I go for Yankee Wax Melts because at £1.49 each I think they're quite reasonably priced and also easy to break up and use many times. I got the scents Baby Powder which smells exactly like talcum powder and I think this would be great in the bathroom while I'm having a bubble bath. I also sort of bought it for my brothers pregnant girlfriend because shes going through that phase in her pregnancy when her senses are really sensitive and this is one of the scents that doesn't make her throw up. Find it here for £1.49.

Fireside treats is quite subtle, but sometimes subtle is best. It's a marshmallow fragrance that isn't too overpowering and sickly, which I find some sweet scents can be. I haven't burnt this yet but can imagine the scent throw won't be as good as the more powerful scents. Although, I think it is a perfect autumn candle for those who don't like spicier scents. I really like this one and I think this will be the hallway wax melt. Can you tell I take my wax melt placement seriously? Find it here for £1.49.

Well there you go, that's it for my teeny tiny wax melt haul. Do you like hauls like this? I love reading candle hauls and reviews, I'm just slightly obsessed with them. Also, apologies for my ranty-ness (word or no word?) it's just one of those weeks.

Hope you liked this kind of post, I'm sure with autumn coming very quickly you'll be seeing more and more candle hauls on Pretty Mad Things!!

Til' next time! XOXO


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