Friday, 30 October 2015

9 Movies To Watch This Halloween

I am sure for those who have no plans for Halloween, you’re pretty sick of seeing tutorials and ideas for dressing up. I adore Halloween and I am a huge advocate of fancy dress at any time of the year so I will be taking full advantage of it this year (I’m going as Chucky from Child's Play, for those who would like to know) and definitely eating all the Cadbury’s Screme Eggs that I possibly can.

Anyway, for you poor unfortunate souls who aren’t going out and getting boozy while dressed up as a sexy zombie, here are some ideas for what films to watch on this frightful night.

It only seems fitting to watch at least one of the Halloween films on Halloween. The original is the best in my opinion and there are quite a few that have been done over the years. It’s a classic and if you’ve never seen it, Halloween is the perfect time to do it!

A Nightmare On Elm Street
Freddy Krueger is just the ultimate villain name, don’t you think? Nightmare on Elm Street, old and new are pretty good films & full of gore if you’re into that. Plus, the original has Johnny Depp in it, so win win right?

Again, another film that has an old and a new version. If you’re into your classics I’d suggest watching the original 1980 version. Of course they then have part 2, 3, 4 and so on. All of these are from the 80’s and make for a perfect Halloween marathon. The 2009 remake isn’t my favourite, it has far too much stereotypical teenage sex in it for my taste. However, there are plenty of jumps and death in it to keep your Halloween night spooky.

This was one of the first horror films that I remember being scared by when it first came out. A group of girls decide to go down some tunnels on an adventure after one of them suffered an emotional loss. They don’t expect to encounter some truly terrifying things down there. I feel that the “monsters” in this have inspired a lot of other horror films and I can definitely see them being replicated in more recent horrors. This has a great plot, albeit with a few flaws, but is truly scary. I’d really recommend this one if you’ve never seen it.

This is one of those horror films that makes you jump so much you feel like you should get up and take a walk. It has highly gory bits and the idea of mirrors holding spirits is truly terrifying. We are literally surrounded by a mirrored surface most of the time, in your home, car and even in puddles. The idea that something could attack you anywhere at any time through a mirror is scary and makes for a great horror film!

I label myself a pro horror film watcher. Nothing really scares me and I can really watch the goriest and scariest of stuff and still be able to sleep soundly at night. The idea of this film is based on a girl who was meant to be a twin, but the twin died in the womb. The reason why this film got to me was because I was meant to be a twin, but the other one died in the womb. So you can see why the plot would make me slightly freaked out! The plot in this is ok and the jump scares are definitely there. If you like ghosts, Germans and wind chimes, this is the film for you.

Halle Berry is one of my favourite actresses and she is brilliant is this dark film. Starting off as a professional in a mental institution, she finds herself as one of the patients after strange and gruesome events take place at her home. This is a dark and jumpy film which is perfect to watch when all your lights are turned off!

The Ward
John Carpenter really is a horror film genius and The Ward is one of the more unsung heroes of his brood. Although the ending disappointed me slightly, the jumps and spooks in this are unreal. Is anything better for a Halloween film than a horror set place in a mental institution! Give this one a go if you can find it.

I had to give my favourite film of all time a shout out didn’t I? Although not technically a horror, Shaun of The Dead is a comical take on the usually serious genre. It has lots of gore and also lots of laughs. I truly love this film and the actors in it. It’s a perfect film to ease yourself into the truly terrifying mix that I’ve put together for you!

Have you seen any of the films on this list? What’s your favourite? Have a happy Halloween & make sure that you lock your doors before putting on any of these horrible tales ;)

Til’ next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Urban Decay Haul

 I've loved Urban Decay ever since I begged and begged my mum to buy me the Book of Shadows years ago, just because the packaging was amazing and fairy like. I've been a huge fan of their pigmented shadows ever since and the Naked palette is something I will use most days. I wanted to explore more of their range, so I decided to get a few items that are very talked about in the blogging world.

The first item is a repurchase and I think my favourite item in the whole Urban Decay range; the Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion which is £16. This eye primer will forever be my favourite and although I use a cheaper alternative for my daily look, this will make my eye make up last all night with minimal creasing. It makes my eyeshadows blend seamlessly and effortlessly. 

I am quite predictable with my lipstick selections and usually go for nudes or berry shades. This one is a bit out of my comfort zone. The Matte Revolution Lipstick 1933 (£15.50) is a brown nude that appears quite dark on my lips. It's a lovely colour and Sam even commented how nice it was. This is a boy that could tell you what engine any car has, but can't tell the difference between blush and eyeshadow. The application is so creamy and although it has a matte finish, it's very wearable and not at all drying. The wear time is really good and because it isn't fully matte and drying, you will get about 4 hours with eating and drinking before needing to reapply. I wore this for my birthday meal and didn't need to reapply even after eating a messy mexican meal! I am totally and utterly in love with this lipstick! 

 Finally, a cult Urban Decay product that I heard so much about, I just had to finally get it. The All Night Setting Spray is quite expensive at £21, so I was a bit cautious. To be honest, I haven't trialled this on a night out, but I did wear it on my trip to Chester Zoo and I found that my makeup only began becoming patchy at around 4pm which was a good 8 hours later.

That's it for my Urban Decay haul! My favourite thing from this haul has to be the Matte Revolution lipstick because I cannot express how in love with the formula I am. For the same price as a Mac lipstick, it's worth the splurge. I am super tempted to try out the other colours. 

What's your favourite Urban Decay product? 

P.S Urban Decay boss, if you read this, please bring back the Book of Shadows because that packaging was my favourite thing ever!!! 

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 26 October 2015

Cheap eBay Haul

I'm a sucker for a bargain, I really am. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the art that goes into selling a throw pillow for £40, but I just can't afford that. So, I'm a bargain hunter and eBay is my hunting ground (wow, did you cringe at that as much as I did?). I love eBay and I will freely admit that I spent around 3 hours looking solely at cushions. Socks too, I got socks. 

Ok, so I may be slightly obsessed with throw pillows and boy, I do not need any more in my already overcluttered room. But, I am a Harry Potter nerd through and through and I want people to know that as soon as they enter my room. So, enter throw pillow that was only £3.49 and is actually a lot better quality than I thought it would be. It's a woven material, so not the softest but it's got a very clear pattern and for less than £4, I am definitely not complaining.

I have seen this Mermaid print pillow before on Society 6 or Red Bubble and I'm sure it's a rip off of some hard working artists design. You can even faintly see the name of the artist on the pillow what they put over the image so it can't be ripped off! Which is annoying because you can see that it's a ripped off design, you'd think they'd have the skills to at least take off the watermark wouldn't you. The material is super soft and velvety and I like that in the background it has the lyrics to Part Of Your World from the Little Mermaid. It's cute, even if it is a rip-off and for again, less than £4 I am definitely not going to complain.

I couldn't resist those cute Little Mermaid socks even if they look a bit potato-ey. They were only 99p and they do loads of other designs, including Princess Fiona from Shrek! They're quite small, so if your feet are over a size 6 they may not fit. Amazingly cute and cosy for less than a quid!

That's it for my cheap eBay haul. My name is Courtney and I'm a shopping addict, so I'm sure there will be plenty more eBay hauls in the not so distant future! Let me know what your favourite item is & if you enjoy posts like this.

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 23 October 2015

TK Maxx Candle Haul // Autumn Scents

TK Maxx is one of my favourite places at the moment. There are quite a few stores where I live but there's a huge one opened near where I work so I can't resist sneaking a look in after shifts seen as they have new stock in every week. At the moment, it's full of autumny essentials and Halloween goodies. I literally could buy all of their Halloween section, it's amazing.

I had to resist, though. I literally just took a top back to return and I fully intended to go in and out but then I saw this lovely Halloween candle and for only £6.99 I needed it! It's not very pumpkin based and has a sweetness to it that is quite sour. I'm not overly fond of autumn scents but this one has a lovely scent that I can't really describe. I love the packaging and it goes perfectly in the house to add a spooky touch.

The second one I bought is also a Pumpkin one and is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the Halloween one. It's sweet and spicy and something I usually hate, but this one has a lovely sweet base to it that makes it perfect for autumn. It was only £3.99 and I couldn't resist it! The scent throw on this is insane and I only burnt it for around 30 minutes and the whole room smelt of sweet pumpkiny goodness. However, it can be quite sickly and I had to blow it out after a while.

The TK Maxx website is crap compared to what they have in store and if you've never been to a TK Maxx, I insist you go! If not just for their candle selection. They have an amazing autumn and winter section and I can't wait to start buying the Christmas candles. 

What's your favourite autumn/fall scent? Do you have a Halloween candle?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ali Express Wishlist

Believe it or not, I have only really just discovered AliExpress. Which, if you didn't know, is an online store with literally everything on it. It is an Asian based store (I think) but unlike sites like Dresslink or Sheinside, it isn't all made by one person. It's more of an eBay type store with loads of different shops and sellers. Having only just discovered it, I ended up spending like 3 hours browsing it and that isn't even exaggerating. It's addictive and the range is that extensive that it is easy to get lost on it and next thing you know your basket has a total of 30 items in it.

Flower Wash Bag 80p - Ok, so this isn't how I'd usually structure my wishlists, but I just had to do it so I could talk about the price. 80p?! Seriously?! With FREE SHIPPING. Ok, so the English is a bit muddled but this is super adorable & practical. Cause who doesn't need like 10 makeup bags, right? Plus it comes in 3 different designs so you could get all three for (ok lemme do that simple math....) £2.40!! or $3.63.

Snow White Vogue Tee £5.23 - This is hands down the cutest tee I have ever seen and I need them all!! Snow White isn't my fave, but I think she's the most obvious princess on the t-shirts (other than Merida, who is my Queen obviously). They have Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel and more. For £5 I think these are amazing even though they're probably ripped from some amazing artist. Sorry, but I'm a poor student with a thing for Disney. What I also love about this t-shirts is that they go to 3XL! That's amazing, especially for a Asian site as they are notorious for One Size or teeny tiny sizes. 

Bambi Joggers £10.24 - Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for Disney? How freakin' adorable!! Look, if you put your legs together they will be smooching. Bambi isn't my favourite Disney film, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear the death out of these joggers. A tenner is a great price for joggers and it's also great that these again go up to XL. These are also in the mens section, so hopefully would be a bit bigger than the female XL. 

Stripe Shirt Dress £8.99 - As we're getting into cooler months, I find it harder to look nice and sophisticated at work while wanting to be cosy and warm in ten layers. I thought this dress was super sophisticated and would work well with these new thermal leggings I got from Primark (seriously, £6 and they're the warmest leggings in the world) and a thick, long cardigan. 

Pink Trousers £4.31 - These pants are adorable and something that I've been after for so long! They do them in an assortment of colours including black and blue. I could easily pair these with some Chelsea boots, 10 layers of fluffy socks a cute shirt and a jumper.

Alien Crop Top £2.62 - I've seen these before but this is the cheapest and the biggest size I've seen them in. It's super super cute and perfect for weekend wear. Again, pair with a cardigan cause it's autumn guys (if you couldn't tell). 

Dragon Wall Stickers £3.29 - I've seen these stickers before on the likes of Etsy but they were going for like £15. These are less than a third of that! They're designed after the dragons from Game of Thrones and I NEED them!!

Grey Shirt Jumper £8.53 - This is perfect work wear and would be so easy to throw on. I don't know how thick it would be, but if it's a jumper it'd be perfect if you work in an office like me and there's always one fucker who turns the heat down. Again, this goes up to 5XL which is super impressive! (Drink everytime I say cardigan and super!)

Walking Toy T-shirt £6.56 - This top is funny and I love wearing huge tops like this for bed. I love Toy Story and I love The Walking Dead, so I obviously need this t-shirt, don't I?

That's it for my AliExpress wishlist. If you've never browsed their website before, you need to! It's stupidly packed full of stuff, I'm sure you'd find something you love. Just remember, spend responsibly! Lol, who am I kidding?!

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 19 October 2015

Another Boots Haul

I don't think there will ever be a time that I walk past Boots and don't buy something. I am a poor, poor apprentice and I think I have an addiction which wrecks my saving plans! Before I go into a rant about how bad I am at saving, here is what I bought...

The Collection Lasting Gel Nail Colour in Poison Ivy (I think I'm not too certain on the colour) which is on offer at the moment for £2.50. I bought this on a whim because I'm really into khaki colours for this season and I haven't got a shade like it. I bought this over a purple I was going to buy from Barry M (oh why am I so tempted by bargains) and I regret it! This colour goes on so streaky and looks nothing like the tube! It looks almost black and I need about 3 coats before it looks anywhere near good. I totally regret this purchase and I'm glad I didn't spend a fortune on it!

After buying my first Colour Tattoo in my last haul here, I was addicted! I decided to pick up another one in the shade Metallic Pomegranate which is a lovely berry shade and is perfect for autumn. It is easy to layer up and I adore it so much & I can't stop wearing it. These cream shadows are £4.99 each.

I just had to pick up one of these new Imperial Leather shower gels in Fruit Salad which are only £1 at Boots and this one smells exactly like the sweet. It's super sweet and smells delicious. I think Imperial Leather shower gels are such great quality and the scent lingers on your skill for a while.

The final thing I picked up was the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory which is £7.99. I think these have gone through a formula change because the Rimmel stand was making a big deal out of these ones and the new Nude range. I decided to go for the normal one because I've tried it before and I needed a new foundation. So far I am loving it! It gives great coverage and I love that it doesn't go patchy on my nose like every other foundation I have ever tried!

That's it for this haul! I tried to keep it small and I keep telling myself I'm not going to buy anymore makeup until I absolutely have to. Fingers crossed I keep to that promise. It's Halloween soon, so I'm not counting Halloween makeup. It doesn't count, right?!

What's your biggest spending weakness? Mine is definitely food makeup.

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 16 October 2015

Great Balls of Bicarb // Lush

For my birthday my mum & dad bought me a fair amount of Lush goodies. I think they were so sick of me moaning "but all the other bloggers have so many!!!" like a spoilt little child. One of the things they bought me was this giant tube called The Great Balls Of Bicarb which made me laugh, great name choice! It's a tin tube that contains 5 different bath bombs. What's great about this as well is that I've only ever tried 2 of these bath bombs so I was looking forward to trying the others.

Avobath contains lemongrass and bergamont oils to pick you up, avocado and olive oil to tackle dry skin and lustre to leave your skin feeling "dazzling". This has a really fresh scent and is a bath bomb that I've not really heard a lot about. I like that it's hydrating, especially as we get into colder seasons.

Blackberry Bath Bomb is a lovely smelling bath bomb that isn't as sweet as I thought it would be. It has bergamot and frankincense oils to help you relax and induce a feeling of wellbeing. This sounds like the perfect bath bomb to use after a long, hard day at work or to end a stressful week (cause we all know Sunday is bath bomb and facemask day!).

Dragon's Egg uses citrus oils and jasmine to leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. I've used this bath bomb before and I do love the smell of it. It transforms your bath into a lovely orange colour with lots of shimmer in it. Although this isn't one that states it helps dry skin, I did feel that it left my skin softer.

Honey Bee is the one I'm most excited to try as it uses honey, aloe vera and rhassoul clay to help cleanse and nourish skin. This smells heavenly and the ingredients in it sound perfect for my skin! The aloe vera will cool, honey hydrate and the clay cleanse (check out my alliteration) which sounds exactly what my skin needs! 

I feel like Sex Bomb is one of the first bath bombs I ever tried, just because I felt naughty buying something with that name and it was pink, obvs. It uses jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage to help get rid of tiredness and stress. The lush website says it "helps get you in the mood" but I have never had that urge after using this bath bomb! All I want to do after this is get into a freshly made bed and read a good book, not get all hot and sweaty (if you catch my drift).

I am really happy with this gift and I think it's a super good idea if you don't know what to get someone for their birthday or you know they love Lush but don't know what they love from it. You can never go wrong with a bath bomb right?! This set was £21.50 which works out at around £4 per bath bomb which is more than each individually, but you are paying for the packaging too. 

One word of warning to anyone who buys this for themselves or others, don't knock it over! I accidentally knocked mine over and 3 out of 5 bombs are now shattered!! I was so gutted because they won't have the same fizzy magic when I put the millions of different pieces into the bath. It was my clumsy fault but I now have an excuse to rebuy the bath bombs to see their full effects!

You can buy the set here or check out the Lush website for all individual bath bombs. What's your favourite Lush product?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Born Pretty Store Foundation Sponge

I was recently contacted by the Born Pretty Store to try out a couple of items. The Born Pretty Store has a huge variety of items from homeware to make up and so I had a lot of choices. I chose mainly beauty things cause I'm a hoarder and I can't seem to stop getting things to make my face perfect. Anyway, the first item I chose was this beauty sponge.

I have never tried a beauty sponge in this sort of shape and honestly, I don't get why it is this shape. When using it dry, it's not that great and absorbs my foundation a lot more than my Real Technique sponge. When damp it is better and goes onto the face a lot more smoothly and using a lot less foundation. I wouldn't say I'm ready to throw out my Real Techniques sponge, but it's interesting to try different shapes and try different techniques with foundation.

For £1.69 this sponge was a bargain and totally worth the price to be able to try different methods of applying my makeup base. You can find the sponge here and make sure you check out the Born Pretty Store. Use my code WOCH10 for 10% off on the site, which is great when everything is already such a bargain!

Have you guys tried a makeup sponge in this unusual shape before?

Til' next time! XOXO

*product was sent for review, all opinions are my own.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Chester Zoo

I was very spoilt for my birthday because along with a wonderful meal and lovely presents, Sam also took me to Chester Zoo! I have wanted to go here for ages as I've never been before and I'm the biggest animal lover.

For those who have never been to Chester Zoo and maybe feel a bit skeptical of zoo's, don't be! This Zoo is huge and it took us all day to get around it. All the enclosures were giant and clean, the animals had plenty of space. Outside of each enclosure they also wrote about how endangered or vulnerable each animal was, showing their conservation efforts. There were also lots of signs around the park telling how much they raise and how much goes into conservation. There were plenty of talks around the zoo as well so that you could hear about the effort they go to to try and save species of animals. 

It was an absolutely lovely day and the weather was perfect for it. I loved seeing all the different animals and I can't thank my lovely Sam for spoiling me as much as he has for my birthday. I know I will be visiting the zoo again because I didn't get a chance to see the new tiger enclosure.

I'd say my favourite animals were the Chimpanzees and the Jaguars. The jaguars are such interesting animals and they came right up to the glass and even play-fight like real cats would. The chimps were just insane and they were separated because they were introducing new ones so they kept banging on the metal. It was funny and you could see that the keepers were trying to show the audience that this was normal, especially when they were chasing each other. This was to show dominance apparently. 

My lovely Samuel also bought me a cute little rhino teddy and a funny flamingo mug (which is seriously hard to hold) and I thought they were a perfect reminder of my perfect day!

P.S Baby meerkats are the cutest thing I have ever seen.

If you would like to visit Chester Zoo or learn more about their conservation efforts, check out their website.

Til' next time! XOXO

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