Friday, 30 October 2015

9 Movies To Watch This Halloween

I am sure for those who have no plans for Halloween, you’re pretty sick of seeing tutorials and ideas for dressing up. I adore Halloween and I am a huge advocate of fancy dress at any time of the year so I will be taking full advantage of it this year (I’m going as Chucky from Child's Play, for those who would like to know) and definitely eating all the Cadbury’s Screme Eggs that I possibly can.

Anyway, for you poor unfortunate souls who aren’t going out and getting boozy while dressed up as a sexy zombie, here are some ideas for what films to watch on this frightful night.

It only seems fitting to watch at least one of the Halloween films on Halloween. The original is the best in my opinion and there are quite a few that have been done over the years. It’s a classic and if you’ve never seen it, Halloween is the perfect time to do it!

A Nightmare On Elm Street
Freddy Krueger is just the ultimate villain name, don’t you think? Nightmare on Elm Street, old and new are pretty good films & full of gore if you’re into that. Plus, the original has Johnny Depp in it, so win win right?

Again, another film that has an old and a new version. If you’re into your classics I’d suggest watching the original 1980 version. Of course they then have part 2, 3, 4 and so on. All of these are from the 80’s and make for a perfect Halloween marathon. The 2009 remake isn’t my favourite, it has far too much stereotypical teenage sex in it for my taste. However, there are plenty of jumps and death in it to keep your Halloween night spooky.

This was one of the first horror films that I remember being scared by when it first came out. A group of girls decide to go down some tunnels on an adventure after one of them suffered an emotional loss. They don’t expect to encounter some truly terrifying things down there. I feel that the “monsters” in this have inspired a lot of other horror films and I can definitely see them being replicated in more recent horrors. This has a great plot, albeit with a few flaws, but is truly scary. I’d really recommend this one if you’ve never seen it.

This is one of those horror films that makes you jump so much you feel like you should get up and take a walk. It has highly gory bits and the idea of mirrors holding spirits is truly terrifying. We are literally surrounded by a mirrored surface most of the time, in your home, car and even in puddles. The idea that something could attack you anywhere at any time through a mirror is scary and makes for a great horror film!

I label myself a pro horror film watcher. Nothing really scares me and I can really watch the goriest and scariest of stuff and still be able to sleep soundly at night. The idea of this film is based on a girl who was meant to be a twin, but the twin died in the womb. The reason why this film got to me was because I was meant to be a twin, but the other one died in the womb. So you can see why the plot would make me slightly freaked out! The plot in this is ok and the jump scares are definitely there. If you like ghosts, Germans and wind chimes, this is the film for you.

Halle Berry is one of my favourite actresses and she is brilliant is this dark film. Starting off as a professional in a mental institution, she finds herself as one of the patients after strange and gruesome events take place at her home. This is a dark and jumpy film which is perfect to watch when all your lights are turned off!

The Ward
John Carpenter really is a horror film genius and The Ward is one of the more unsung heroes of his brood. Although the ending disappointed me slightly, the jumps and spooks in this are unreal. Is anything better for a Halloween film than a horror set place in a mental institution! Give this one a go if you can find it.

I had to give my favourite film of all time a shout out didn’t I? Although not technically a horror, Shaun of The Dead is a comical take on the usually serious genre. It has lots of gore and also lots of laughs. I truly love this film and the actors in it. It’s a perfect film to ease yourself into the truly terrifying mix that I’ve put together for you!

Have you seen any of the films on this list? What’s your favourite? Have a happy Halloween & make sure that you lock your doors before putting on any of these horrible tales ;)

Til’ next time! XOXO


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