Friday, 9 October 2015

Afternoon Tea at Marcos' New York Italian // Sheffield

I always see Afternoon Tea all over blogs and I've always wanted to go. So, when I saw a deal on Living Social for afternoon tea for 2 at Marco's New York Italian for £19, I bought it there and then. Marco's is located right next to the Sheffield Hampton and is owned by the prestigious chef, Marco Pierre White. I decided to go with my mum for her birthday as it is a perfect opportunity for mother/daughter bonding special friendship time. 

With the deal, you got to choose whether you wanted traditional, New York-style or an autumn style afternoon tea. This came with 4 styles of sandwich; smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (typical), a pulled pork and coleslaw bun, pastrami, gherkin, rocket and mustard on rye bread and the bruschetta. I didn't know that bruschetta was very New York but I haven't been, so what do I know?!

Ok, the verdict? Meh. The bruschetta was lovely, with a fresh and herby pesto drizzled over it. The tomatoes were ripe & juicy and the onions perfectly crisp. The pulled pork bun was probably my favourite of the sandwiches and literally took two bites to finish it. However, there wasn't much pulled pork compared to the coleslaw and it was easily something I could've made at home for packed lunch. The pastrami rye has lovely crisp, tart gherkins in it and a peppery rocket that complemented the salty pastrami. The rye bread was awful, but I think that's just rye bread in general. It is so dense and hard and I wasn't a fan at all. The salmon and cream cheese bagel was pretty bog standard. I don't like raw fish and so I took all mine off, but you could still taste the fishiness left over. The bagel wasn't as soft and easy to bite into as I'd hoped, which was disappointing. Overall, I was super disappointed with the sandwich section of this afternoon tea.

On the bottom was the "dessert" section and in there you get lemon polenta cake, cronuts with a chocolate cream on top, doughnuts with a white chocolate dipping sauce, brownies, cookies and two strawberries. You also got some little dainty bottles of a fresh strawberry milkshake.

I was more looking forward to this one as I am generally a dessert girl. The polenta cake had a mild lemon flavour and the cream on top complimented it well. The raspberry was super fresh and the whole cake slice would've been lovely if it wasn't so dry. The doughnuts were super greasy and as soon as you bit into them oil just filled your mouth. Dipped into the chocolate sauce, they were bearable. The dipping sauce was beautiful and dipping the strawberries into them was lovely, I just wish they gave you more strawberries. I've never had cronuts before, but this doesn't make me want them again. They were just like little croissants and I couldn't tell any difference between them and a normal croissant except the fact that these were also super greasy. The brownies were lovely and moist, but I'll be honest and say that they didn't seem any different to ones you could get in a supermarket. The cookies were nice and crisp, perfect for dipping in the chocolate sauce. I was also disappointed with the bottom, but it was slightly better than the top.

With the afternoon tea, you were given a glass of prosecco which was amazing. It was light, crisp and had a wonderful taste. There was no bitterness and there was a sweet afternote of pear. The strawberry milkshake you got with the afternoon tea was lovely and smooth with an authentic strawberry taste, no overly sweet fake strawberry flavour there. Even my mum liked it and she hates sweet drinks. 

For £19 for two people, it was good. If I was going to pay full price for this (£19.90 per person), I'd be seriously disappointed. I'm not trying to slag this restaurant off, but I want to be fully honest with you. My favourite part was the liquids, the prosecco, the milkshake and the dipping sauce! It has so much potential and I think laziness on their part (because it was 2 pm on a Monday afternoon) ruined it. 

I expected more from a Marco Pierre White restaurant in all honesty and probably wouldn't go back. 

However, if you want to ignore my terrible review, you can check out the restaurant here and also the Living Social deal here, I believe it still has a few days left if you're in the Sheffield area. 

P.S Do you guys think I'm being too harsh? 

Til' next time! XOXO


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