Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ali Express Wishlist

Believe it or not, I have only really just discovered AliExpress. Which, if you didn't know, is an online store with literally everything on it. It is an Asian based store (I think) but unlike sites like Dresslink or Sheinside, it isn't all made by one person. It's more of an eBay type store with loads of different shops and sellers. Having only just discovered it, I ended up spending like 3 hours browsing it and that isn't even exaggerating. It's addictive and the range is that extensive that it is easy to get lost on it and next thing you know your basket has a total of 30 items in it.

Flower Wash Bag 80p - Ok, so this isn't how I'd usually structure my wishlists, but I just had to do it so I could talk about the price. 80p?! Seriously?! With FREE SHIPPING. Ok, so the English is a bit muddled but this is super adorable & practical. Cause who doesn't need like 10 makeup bags, right? Plus it comes in 3 different designs so you could get all three for (ok lemme do that simple math....) £2.40!! or $3.63.

Snow White Vogue Tee £5.23 - This is hands down the cutest tee I have ever seen and I need them all!! Snow White isn't my fave, but I think she's the most obvious princess on the t-shirts (other than Merida, who is my Queen obviously). They have Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel and more. For £5 I think these are amazing even though they're probably ripped from some amazing artist. Sorry, but I'm a poor student with a thing for Disney. What I also love about this t-shirts is that they go to 3XL! That's amazing, especially for a Asian site as they are notorious for One Size or teeny tiny sizes. 

Bambi Joggers £10.24 - Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for Disney? How freakin' adorable!! Look, if you put your legs together they will be smooching. Bambi isn't my favourite Disney film, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear the death out of these joggers. A tenner is a great price for joggers and it's also great that these again go up to XL. These are also in the mens section, so hopefully would be a bit bigger than the female XL. 

Stripe Shirt Dress £8.99 - As we're getting into cooler months, I find it harder to look nice and sophisticated at work while wanting to be cosy and warm in ten layers. I thought this dress was super sophisticated and would work well with these new thermal leggings I got from Primark (seriously, £6 and they're the warmest leggings in the world) and a thick, long cardigan. 

Pink Trousers £4.31 - These pants are adorable and something that I've been after for so long! They do them in an assortment of colours including black and blue. I could easily pair these with some Chelsea boots, 10 layers of fluffy socks a cute shirt and a jumper.

Alien Crop Top £2.62 - I've seen these before but this is the cheapest and the biggest size I've seen them in. It's super super cute and perfect for weekend wear. Again, pair with a cardigan cause it's autumn guys (if you couldn't tell). 

Dragon Wall Stickers £3.29 - I've seen these stickers before on the likes of Etsy but they were going for like £15. These are less than a third of that! They're designed after the dragons from Game of Thrones and I NEED them!!

Grey Shirt Jumper £8.53 - This is perfect work wear and would be so easy to throw on. I don't know how thick it would be, but if it's a jumper it'd be perfect if you work in an office like me and there's always one fucker who turns the heat down. Again, this goes up to 5XL which is super impressive! (Drink everytime I say cardigan and super!)

Walking Toy T-shirt £6.56 - This top is funny and I love wearing huge tops like this for bed. I love Toy Story and I love The Walking Dead, so I obviously need this t-shirt, don't I?

That's it for my AliExpress wishlist. If you've never browsed their website before, you need to! It's stupidly packed full of stuff, I'm sure you'd find something you love. Just remember, spend responsibly! Lol, who am I kidding?!

Til' next time! XOXO


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