Friday, 2 October 2015

El Paso Sheffield | Birthday Meal

This is my first sort of restaurant post and I'm super excited about it because I've wanted to get into writing foodie posts, but everytime me and Sam go to a restaurant, he inhales his before I even get the chance to pull out my camera. This time I told myself I'd take pictures, but I only managed to get them of mine.

El Paso is a small Mexican/Latin restaurant located just off Sheffield town centre. It was really quiet when we went as it was a Tuesday but the staff were super friendly and because it was quiet, everything came quickly and piping hot.

(pictures taken from El Paso website)

As said, I only managed to get pictures of the food that I got. To start, I obviously went for a cocktail. They have a great cocktail menu that features classics and house specials. I decided to first go for a house cocktail called a Kimsha.

vodka and peach schapps combines with creme de peche, peach purees, fresh raspberries & limes.

This was so fruity and refreshing and went down smoothly. It had enough alcohol in it that you could taste it but not enough that it was too strong. 

The Long Island Ice Tea that I had after wasn't as nicely presented as the lovely Kimsha and it was that full with ice I had to mix it for around 5 minutes before the plentiful alcohol had mixed with the Pepsi. For anyone that's never tried a Long Island, they're super strong and full of alcohol. A couple of these bad boys and you'll be on your arse.

Vodka, gin, rum, Cointreau, tequila and Pepsi.

After mixing this one it was pretty pleasant, but not the best Long Island I'd ever had.

To start I had something that I couldn't pronounce without trying and failing to say it in a Mexican accent. Huevo Ranchero which is:

Mexican tortilla topped with a sauce of minced meat, chillies, sweetcorn, peppers, onions, a fried egg and cheese.

I mainly got this because I always go for nachos and I really wanted to try something different. This sounded unusual but not too out of my comfort zone and it was really tasty. The chillies didn't overpower the flavours and spices in the mince and although the fried egg on top seemed really weird, it worked. Sam had the nachos so I got to taste them and they were really yummy. What I also liked about El Paso is that they brought you out big dishes full of sour cream, salsa, guacamole and some other thing so you could pile it up to your hearts content instead of having to space out the small dollop restaurants usually give you. 

For my main I had a beef Chimichanga which I have had before at other Mexican places and had it deep fried. However, it was baked at this restaurant which I was quite disappointed at. Sam also had a burrito and that came out looking exactly like mine. Except his was cut into two little Burritos. So, they were both pretty unlike what we'd had before.

That being said, it was very flavourful and the chips that came with it were hot, crispy and non-greasy which is always a bonus. The spice was at a perfect level and the salad served with it was crisp and flattering to the spice. I probably wouldn't have this again if I went back, but I'd love to sample some of the other items. 

If you''re looking for a relaxed, flavourful meal in Sheffield I would definitely recomment El Paso. The staff were so attentive and the cocktails were great. The food is definitely worth it and reasonably priced. 

Check our their food menu here and their cocktail menu here. Don't forget to check out their website! 

Til' next time! XOXO


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