Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Melt Crowd: October

I am always super excited for The Melt Crowd to come through my letter box. I was especially excited this month when they hinted on their Twitter that it was going to be full of autumnal scents (yeah, that's right I said autumnal)

What I also loved about this box is that every £2 from each box will be donated to Pink Ribbon Foundation. They have created a scent specifically for the cause and money they make from the wax melt and also from the jar candle will go to cancer research. I think that is such a good way of doing it and such a good cause.

In this box we have: 

Bubblegum: although I don't really see Bubblegum as autumny it is still a lovely scent and I do like it. I can see this burning in my bathroom or bedroom because it's such a fun and sweet scent. 

Thunderstorm: this is part of their new range and so I was glad to see one of these in the box. Thunderstorm is such a masculine scent and I'm not usually a fan of these, but this one is quite earthy too and so quite enjoyable. This will definitely be sent to Sams house.

Golden Woodlands: again another earthy one. This is more of an autumn scent because it reminds me of walking through the woods when the ground is soggy and the leaves are turning red and falling off the trees. I was thinking of sending this to Sams as I can imagine this burning when we cuddle up with our bedtime cuppas (no we're not a pair of 90-year-olds).

Nutmeg & Ginger: This is a Melt Crowd exclusive and this is such a fall scent! It's spicy and rich and usually everything I hate in a scent, but I really enjoy this one! 

Pomegranate & White Fig: I'm glad they included a fruity scent, especially if some people aren't fond of spicy scents. Fig seems a really popular choice in candles lately and I do see it as an autumn scent so it fits in with the theme. 

Applecurrant Crumble: Now this is something that definitely reminds me of autumn, Apple crumble. The currant comes through strong on this one and I can't really smell the typical cinnamon that comes with a crumble scent. I do really enjoy this one and it makes me went to get up my apple tree and pick some apples for a crumble!

Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon: This is definitely an autumn/winter scent and reminds me of walking around a Christmas market with a mulled wine or mulled cider. The fruitiness and the spiciness go perfectly together and I can imagine being curled up with a good book while this burns.

Pink Ribbon: this is a beautiful floral fragrance and sticks out from the rest. It has a fruit background and perfectly envisions the pink ribbon campaign to me. I'm so glad they included this! 

Overall I'm super impressed with this month's box. In my last Melt Crowd unboxing, I mentioned that I wish they had more of a theme going and they seem to have done that this month. I love that it's not typical autumn scents and that there is something for everyone. The only one that didn't really go with this box was the Bubblegum scent as I don't see that as an autumn scent, but it's still a super sweet scent and I am a fan of those. 

I am super happy with The Melt Crowd, as always and can see this being my favorite subscription box for many more months to come! Check out last months box here and don't forget to check out The Melt Crowd for just £10 per month.

Til' next time! XOXO 


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