Friday, 23 October 2015

TK Maxx Candle Haul // Autumn Scents

TK Maxx is one of my favourite places at the moment. There are quite a few stores where I live but there's a huge one opened near where I work so I can't resist sneaking a look in after shifts seen as they have new stock in every week. At the moment, it's full of autumny essentials and Halloween goodies. I literally could buy all of their Halloween section, it's amazing.

I had to resist, though. I literally just took a top back to return and I fully intended to go in and out but then I saw this lovely Halloween candle and for only £6.99 I needed it! It's not very pumpkin based and has a sweetness to it that is quite sour. I'm not overly fond of autumn scents but this one has a lovely scent that I can't really describe. I love the packaging and it goes perfectly in the house to add a spooky touch.

The second one I bought is also a Pumpkin one and is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the Halloween one. It's sweet and spicy and something I usually hate, but this one has a lovely sweet base to it that makes it perfect for autumn. It was only £3.99 and I couldn't resist it! The scent throw on this is insane and I only burnt it for around 30 minutes and the whole room smelt of sweet pumpkiny goodness. However, it can be quite sickly and I had to blow it out after a while.

The TK Maxx website is crap compared to what they have in store and if you've never been to a TK Maxx, I insist you go! If not just for their candle selection. They have an amazing autumn and winter section and I can't wait to start buying the Christmas candles. 

What's your favourite autumn/fall scent? Do you have a Halloween candle?

Til' next time! XOXO


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