Monday, 9 November 2015

Another Tk Maxx Haul

So it was payday, it was a quiet afternoon and I decided to go to Tk Maxx and spoil myself. I did also buy a long shirt/dress thing that was very gothic and Halloween-appropriate, but I spilt mayo on it and so it's not here to be pictured. Hold back your blogger awards people. Thanks. The new Tk Maxx near me is literally a treasure trove and their homeware stuff is amazing. 

The first thing I picked up was this sturdy Everything Starts With A Dream Notepad for £4.99 which is more than I'd usually pay for a notepad, but this was so pretty and quite inspirational. I don't know if I have a dream, but this is a perfect little notepad to jot down blogging ideas. It will also be perfect for using in the backdrop of blogging photos because we all know I'm so amazingly good at taking blog photos *rolls eyes*

As it's getting colder, I am drinking more and more hot chocolate. One of my favourite hot chocolates is the Options mint hot chocolate, but when that's not on hand I could easily stick one of these Mint Marshmallow Melts which were £2.69. I thought these were adorable and would be perfect for a Friday night treat. You make your hot chocolate, stick one of these on top and they will melt to make a nice frothy, mint mixture. 

How pretty is this Green Feather Glass which was £3.99. I think this is so beautiful and I gave it to my mum as a little treat because she loves having pretty glasses to have a cheeky glass of wine in. This reflects the light so nicely and makes wine drinking an elegant affair.

Lastly, I picked up this Raspberry & Tomato Candle which was only £6.99 and it's massive! What's a Tk Maxx haul without getting a candle, right? This one was part of a range and I wanted to get them all, but I restrained myself and got just this one. It's so unusual but oh so good! The raspberry scent is very fresh and real, not a synthetic raspberry smell at all. I haven't burned this yet, but I'm so excited to! They had Grapefruit & Cilantro and also Coconut Milk & Mango. They all smelt so nice & I'm definitely going back to pick up the Grapefruit & Cilantro one. 

That's all I picked up from Tk Maxx this time but my god I'm obsessed with this place. They have so much good stuff and I can see myself nipping back in there to get some Christmas stuff later on in the year. The men's section is also awesome and I can see myself picking up a few shirts for family members because they always seem to stock really good brands, like Ted Baker and Ralph Lauren. Ahh, I'm going to go sniff that candle some more because it is such a heavenly scent!! 

Til' next time! XOXO


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