Friday, 27 November 2015

Better Periods With Veeda

After having a rant about the Tampon Tax last week, I came on my period and I felt like that was just the universe's way of slapping me in the face and telling me to sit down. I got the face on for a good few minutes before I remembered that the lovely people from Veeda has sent me some of their products to try and talk about.

Veeda offers 100% cotton tampons which are free from chemicals, dyes and synthetic materials. This means that they are a lot more natural to your body. It also means that they are free from bleach and viscose rayon which is one of the primary sources of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS scares me and after a really bad period once, I thought I had it and I was absolutely terrified. It's still a reality when using chemically made tampons as they aren't natural to put in your body and there has never been a case of TSS from using 100% cotton tampons. Veeda also strives to make their products environmentally friendly and the packaging on the tampons and pads all break down fairly quickly. 

I'll be honest and say that I have tried these out and without going into bloody detail, they were very comfortable and long lasting. I don't usually wear pads, but for the sake of testing out the products, I used them for at night as I sometimes worry about wearing tampons for longer than around 6 hours. They were a perfect size and weirdly enough, super soft. They were quite big and kind of felt bulky around my butt, but I think this was because I'm just not used to wearing sanitary towels. I will also say that I found like, no odour at all. I say this because some people hate the smell of sanitary towels, but that is due to the amount of chemicals and bleaches used in regular towels and because these were 100% natural, they were very clean smelling. I much prefer non-applicator tampons, although I know some people don't, and I found these really easy to use. They do offer applicator tampons and use plastic, but this has also been modified to be more environmentally friendly. They were super easy to put in my bag and discreet enough that I didn't have to make a big show about hiding my tampon and taking it to the toilet while I was at work.  

I can honestly and freely say that these did make my period better. I often feel like my insides are ripping out when I'm on my period and because of how comfortable these were, they took a little bit of stress out of my period. The great thing about Veeda is that they are also affordable, the tampons seen here are £1.85 for 16 and the sanitary towels are £1.98 for 14. Obviously, my stance on the Tampon Tax still counts & if you haven't seen my rant yet, check it out here. But, looking at Veeda and actually feeling the difference in natural products has made me definitely change my outcome on what I use while I'm on my period. 

Have you guys ever used natural products like this whilst on your period? Or would you like to? You can check out the Veeda website here

Til' next time! XOXO
*contains PR samples, all opinions are my own.


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