Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Society 6 Gift Guide

As I mentioned in my last Christmas post, some people are ridiculously hard to buy for. I have some members of the family who writes a list and you can just pick something off there, but then others are just one of those annoying people who go "I don't know, whatever" like, come on! Give me a hint or something. Society 6 is great, you guys know how much I love it. It's a great platform for artists to showcase their work, but also for me to get some unique gifts for family and friends.

Society 6 sell a range of products for a range of people and currently have a fair few gift guides on their site that help aim at different people in your life. This Crazy Cat Lady Mug ($15) made me giggle and I could definitely think of a few people in my life that need this mug because they definitely don't need any more cats. For the other cat people in your life, that might not be hot beverage drinkers, the Anonymous Meow Print ($19.95) is so cute and I want it for myself! It adds an elegant but humorous touch and would be perfect for people who might have just moved house, or are partial to a classy print or two. I have a lot of people in my life that love their technology and are forever on their laptops, so this Pug Laptop Sleeve ($36) is a perfect gift for them. Not only is it adorable, it's also practical too as it gives them somewhere safe to store their laptop. The Tangled Laptop Skin ($20) can also be purchased for a tablet and is so pretty, I actually have this print in a throw pillow but I could see myself getting this print for my mum because she's never off her tablet and Tangled is her favourite Disney film. This Otter Throw Pillow ($20) is literally the cutest thing! I am a huge throw pillow fan and cute throw pillows are such a bonus. This would also again be great for people who have just moved out, especially if it fits their colour scheme. 

My mum loves wine and she equally loves getting those daft tin sayings and putting them all over the house, you know the ones that stay stuff like "I cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food" and so this Framed Wine Print ($34) is a little bit more classy and would be perfect for her. If you have another wine lover in your life this Wine O'clock Phone Case ($35) is another great gift, especially if their excuse is always "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" I am a huge Harry Potter fan and if anyone buys me an HP gift, I get all happy because I know they have thought of me and my interests and so this HP Travel Mug ($24) is ideal for those type of people in your life & also a great thought for those in your life that love a good coffee in a morning, but might not have the time to enjoy it before work. Last, but definitely not least is this French Bulldog Tote ($22) which is bloody adorable (I know I am saying adorable so much, but I'm not wrong am I?!) and is perfect for the frequent shoppers in your life, especially those tight buggers in your life that refuse to pay 5p for a bag. Totes are great now and this one is a stylish way to pack your groceries. 

These are just a couple of ideas that I got from browsing Society 6 and I'm definitely going to be picking some out for those tricky individuals in my life who are difficult to buy for. What was your favourite thing on the list? 

Til' next time! XOXO
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