Monday, 30 November 2015

Manicure Monday #1

OOhHhhh is this a new series I hear you cry? Probably not, because I am super lazy when it comes to my nails. Or, I find one colour and wear it to death until I find a fault in it, just like everything else in my life. Wow, I'll stop being depressing. This polish is called Dark Blue which is part of the Colour Carnival range by Seventeen and retails for £1.99. I adore this range and I have so many colour from them that work well. They are super cheap and although a lot of them I've experienced don't have the best lasting time, they're great for the price you pay. Even if the name isn't the most inventive (Dark Blue, though, come on!) it is an accurate description of what it is lol.

Now, this is hands down my favourite shade I've tried in this range. In 2 coats, it's opaque and so shiny! I went away to a festival last weekend which involved a lot of hardcore drinking and dancing and it hardly chipped and that was without a topcoat. One of my friends who I went away with even asked if it was gel because of how great it looked. I think I've found my new favourite nail polish because this is definitely a winner. Usually, it'll last me at the very least, 3 days before it chips at all. I'm so bad at using a topcoat, I literally have like one and I always forget to use it so nail varnish never lasts well on me. This one, though, is great! If you've never tried the Colour Carnival range by Seventeen and was to give it a try, this colour is the one I'd recommend you start with. They are pretty inconsistent as a whole range when it comes to quality, but this one really hit the nail on the head (lol, puns). Don't forget to check out the CC range here as they're currently on 3 for a fiver.

Have you ever tried any of this range? P.S Super sorry for my gross fingers, I'm a biter.

Til' next time! XOXO


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