Monday, 2 November 2015

November Goals

Where the frick frack has this bloody year gone. November is here and suddenly I feel excited about Christmas because I love love LOVE buying presents and getting them wrapped and planning how I’m going to decorate. Yeah shush, I'm talking about Christmas. But, before I wish away the rest of the year, I want to set myself goals to make November as productive as possible!

Cook at home more
My god, I love cooking. November is the start of the weather going downhill and getting colder and so making tea at home becomes more fun as you can cook warm food that you can cosy up on the settee with or that warms your whole body while you gossip over the dinner table. I think sometimes I get caught up with time and getting so much done, so cooking at home and talking to your family over tea is always needed.

Make lunch rather than buy it
I am so bad for buying loaves of brown bread and brown pasta with the plan to make my lunch for the week and make it healthy, then after tea decide I can’t be arsed and I’ll just pick up a meal deal the next day. Not only are these high in calories and fat and other bad stuff, they rack up over the month. Let’s say I have 10 meal deals, that’s £30 I didn’t need to spend on lunch and what most definitely could go on better things. It’s just pure laziness that I don’t make my lunch and so I’m determined to make a pack up every day! (It’s day 1 and I’m doing well so far)

Start Christmas shopping
Ok, so technically I started Christmas shopping in October, but I only bought one present. I want to be organised this year and get the bulk done in November, so that when December comes I have the funds to pick up presents for people when I see them. I am not usually organised and I’m definitely one of those people frantically running around the shops on Christmas Eve. The problem with starting early is that no bugger knows what they want yet so getting them to tell you what they want is like pulling teeth.

Deal with my car
Urghh!!! I hate dealing with my car and all the motory things that come with it. The MOT is due sometime and I need to get it sorted so that I don’t get another letter from the scary people at the car place (?!). The bonus of having a boyfriend that is scarily obsessed with cars is that I can just go “SAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM plz do my car” and then sit and watch Netflix while he gets all greasy.

Do I even bother with the gym?
I am starting to loathe the gym, I don’t like it and I seem to much prefer to do my exercise in the comfort of my own home. I am going to make a pact to myself to at least do 20 minutes of something, be it star jumps or dancing around the room naked, I don’t care what. I just need to get my sweat on so that I don’t feel utterly guilty the whole of December for the Christmas weight I will definitely put on.

Get ready for the arrival of my niece
I am going to be an auntie for the first time and although she is due in December, her mum is huge and weighing in at almost four weeks more than she is. So, I am very excited and nervous for my brother and want to be the best auntie ever! Although babies do make me both a little nervous and a little ill. But, best aunt ever right?!

That’s it for my November goals. November is an odd month but is going to be very busy for me so I need to get my ass motivated. What are your goals for the month?

Til’ next time! XOXO


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