Wednesday, 23 December 2015

6 Things I Hate About Working In Retail At Christmas (And 1 Thing I Love)

I work part time in a pet shop and so it's not like the usual retail environment, but it definitely has the same struggles that I'm sure a normal retail place would have. Christmas in retail in hard and I am so thankful I've worked in retail because now I know just how hard it is and can actually treat the retail workers like humans, unlike some people you come across. Here are 7 things I've learned whilst working in retail at Christmas for the past two years. 

1. People will come up with any excuse to get money off

“This is missing its tag, that’s 10% off right?” “I’ve forgotten my coupons at home, surely you have it on the system?” “I need this today, can’t I take the display one and just knock some money off?” No I can’t and it is not my fault that you forgot your coupons or your money or whatever, I don’t care. I am here to get paid and go home and I do not care if you don’t have time to go home. I am working, on Christmas Eve, don’t mess with me.

2. “You’ve ruined Christmas”
Ok, so I refused to sell you a fish on Christmas Eve so I’ve ruined your child's Christmas? I do not care if your child sits on the floor and scream, I can’t help you, we have rules. What I don’t get about these people is that they always blame you for things that are company rules or can’t be changed. If we have a rule that we can’t sell you fish if your tank hasn’t been set up for 3 days, I ain’t gonna risk that fishes life so you can just ignore it over Christmas. Go enjoy Christmas and come back when I can help. Bitch.

3. Asking to go look in the back
We are always told to tell people if it isn’t on the shop floor it won’t be in the back. But, they persist “can’t you just check?” Ok, but our “back” is literally a little storage room and the only thing in there is overstock, meaning that we can’t put it out because it’s fully stocked on the shop floor. That means that no, I am not going to find you the pudding Christmas jumper in XS for your tiny chihuahua.

4. Leaving it until the last minute.
The clock is ticking, you’re counting the minutes until your manager comes and shuts the door at 5 pm and you get to go enjoy Christmas Eve. No, don’t pull up in front of the store, don’t come to the door. I have just ushered the last customer out, I do not care if you just want to get your dog a Christmas stocking, we are closed. Let me enjoy my Christmas you evil being.

5. Sales
I may only work in a pet shop, but I am not envious of those who have to work in the Boxing Day sales. Our store gets manic and there are people fighting over a discount hamster cage or screaming at each other because “THEY WANTED THAT BUNNY”. FYI, I ain’t gonna sell you that bunny if you keep screaming at it and your child is tugging on my trousers so hard I think they’re gonna rip. Child, don’t make me kick you.

6. Extra stock
It’s Christmas and you’re anticipating the extra people coming into your store and with the extra people, comes the extra delivery. Double the delivery, double the work, double to backstock and double the number of times you chip your nail trying to get a coat out of it’s stupid plastic covering.

7. Get the best deals
One good thing about working over Christmas is that when everything goes on sale, you can nab what you want and save it under the till for when you finish your shift. Yes, I know it is now December 28th, but my dog can still enjoy a dog treat in the shape of a Christmas Pudding and flaunt that Reindeer jumper like a boss.

Overall, Christmas in retail, of any form, is shit. It’s full of inconsiderate people demanding they get what they want and shit music playing day and night. I suppose working in a pet shop is even worse because you see the lengths people go to just to get their screaming child a hamster at Christmas and it makes you sad for the animal (I will point blank refuse to sell you an animal if I think it’s welfare is at risk or your home is unsuitable, btw, I am a hard lady to please). I will be glad of the day when I no longer have to refrain from slapping a chavvy lady in a tracksuit because she demands a goldfish and she hasn’t even got a tank. What you gonna do lady, stick it in your sink? Idiots. I hate people at Christmas and I am so so so happy that I don’t work in retail full time and I am so so so in awe of you who do. I have been there and don’t worry, January will be here soon, you can relax.

Til’ next time! XOXO


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