Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

When it comes to Christmas, I’m torn between being a giant child who just wants to eat all the chocolate and watch all the movies and a crazy alcoholic who’s motto is “fuck it, it’s Christmas”. I love spending time with family and friends and doing the traditions we have done for the last couple of years. So, today, I thought I’d share some of the traditions I have over the festive period.

1. Harry Potter Marathon
I’m not saying this is a Christmas time only event because I am happy to do HP marathons every day of the year if you’re down, but there’s something about Harry Potter to me that reminds me of Christmas. Between them being on Now TV and obviously having the DVDs, I can’t help but snuggle up with anyone willing to watch them with me (burn the HP haterz) and spend a day or two just watching the films back to back. Yes, please and thank you.

2. Getting absolutely sloshed on Christmas day
This has been a tradition in my family for god knows how long (when I was legal, obvs). Presents are unwrapped, Christmas dinner is done and we all sit at the table and play games, whether they be card or board. We play it safe for a few rounds and then slowly, we introduce the shots and the forfeits and all get merrily drunk and rowdy. It usually ends up with my nan getting too drunk to function and having to be sent to bed at 4 in the afternoon. Ah, Christmas.

3. Spending a full day decorating with my mum while my dad sits and dictates.
Every year my mum and I decorate the house and the tree around this time and we will put all the trimmings on and do all the hard work while my dad will sit on the settee and say “yeah it looks fine, want a cuppa?” every so often. Obviously, we have to have Christmas music blaring obnoxiously and we have to sing dreadfully along with it.

4. Bake!
For the past 2 years, I have attempted to make a gingerbread house and let me tell you, not this bloody year. It’s horrible and frustrating and takes far too long for what LITTLE you get in return. The first year made me cry I got so bloody frustrated and at the end of it all I had was a pile of iced gingerbread slabs to show for it. Last year, I finally erected my gingerbread house, for my dog to jump up onto the table and steal a wall meaning it all fell over and was ruined. NEVER AGAIN!! Although I do love to make cookies and stuff.

5. Buying a new pair of pyjamas to wear on Christmas eve
Whether I’m sitting in the house watching Christmas films, or down at the local getting pissed, I’ll always buy some new pj’s to wear on Xmas eve. It just makes it so great to wake up in cute, cosy pj's and saunter downstairs to open your presents, which will hopefully this year be the new UD palette. Plz Santa, I’ve been...erm… alright?

That’s it for my Christmas traditions. It really is one of my favourite times of the year and although I totally wish I could spoil everyone to high heavens this year, being an apprentice means it ain't going to happen. But, I’m happy to spend time with those I love and eat my weight in cheese and crackers. What are your Christmas traditions?

Til’ next time! XOXO


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