Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lush Skin Drink Review

I made a pact to myself earlier this year to find a skin routine that works for me and stick to it. But, as with all my promises I make to myself, it got ignored. But, I did start to notice that my skin was flaring up and didn’t know what was causing the problem, but I had a feeling it might have been my diet. So, to find the route of the problem, I stripped back my routine and have literally been using a cleanser and moisturiser and seeing how that goes. *SPOILER* It’s going amazingly. I haven’t had a blemish in a good week or so and although my skin is still dry, as it goes in colder weather, it’s definitely feeling great. Because it’s winter I’ve been using an oil based cleanser (this Superdrug one, which is great AND affordable) and  an all round moisturiser. That moisturiser is the Lush Skin Drink:

Quench thirsty skin with this cream packed with nourishing sesame oils and butters, avocados, aloe vera and a light rose and orange neroli fragrance. Forming a light barrier against the elements, this is ideal for all weathers and is especially good for soothing the skin and helping it feel more supple.

It sounds hella good right like it’s going to moisturise my skin and protect it. I don’t agree with the scent it describes itself as, it just smells like sesame oil to me, which is also describes itself as on the packet. I really love this moisturiser and it melts into the skin super quick making it an easy morning moisturiser before makeup. It also can be slapped on at night to sink in throughout the night and leave it feeling supple and smooth in the morning. Honestly, using this and the oil based cleanser has transformed my skin and although I haven’t found out the route of my breakouts, I don’t see why I need to change my skincare when this is working so well for me. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to introduce products back into my routine and see how it goes, but I don’t use that much anyway and like to keep it as simple as possible usually.

If you’re looking for a good everyday moisturiser that will not cause you to break out and is generally good for all skin types, I’d recommend this one. The smell isn’t offensive, it sinks in well and helps battle against the winter winds. One thing I will say, it’s not cheap. My mum actually bought me this for my birthday (go mum!!) so I didn’t realise how much it was, but it is £12.45 for 45g on the Lush website, which is more than I’ve generally paid for a moisturiser in the past, but I can see some people thinking this is more affordable and it has last me ages, seen as I got it at the end of December and I still have a good quarter left in it. It’s worth it, though, in my opinion, and I love it!. Have you ever used Lush skincare before?

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