Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Small Christmas Decor Haul

I realise that it's only the 2nd of December and I have posted like 3 Christmassy posts, but this year I am feeling so ridiculously festive I just want to put my tree up, cover my house in glitter and wrap myself up in my duvet every day while watching Elf. In the past I've never really bought individual tree decorations, we generally buy packs and then we have a few that my mum will have picked up or that my brother and I made when we were babies and my mum saved them. No joke she literally has this decoration that my brother made in reception that is just a circle piece of paper with glitter on. How she has maintained that for 20 years is beyond me. This is only a small little haul because every time I 'oohed' at something my mum would slap my hand and tell me it didn't fit her bollocks "theme".

The first thing I launched at when entering The Range was this Red Velvet Stag which was just perfect and I needed him. He's super lightweight and was incredibly cheap at around £2.49, but I'm unsure because he's not on The Range website, boo. I've been wanting a stag decoration for ages for the Christmas season, but everywhere seems to have bumped up the prices this year and I couldn't justify paying a tenner for a stag to just sit on my mantlepiece and stare at me. He's cute and the red is really nice and will thankfully, go with my mother's theme, although I don't actually know what her theme is I just had to get everything approved before it went in my basket. What a dictator.

The other thing I picked up from The Range was this cute little Teacup Decoration which is £1.89 and reminded me very much of Alice in Wonderland. I think it's super adorable and perfect in our house because I think my dad could run for the world record of tea drinking. I'm not kidding, we go through at least 4 pints of milk every two days in this house and that's just because we drink tea like it's going out of fashion. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with The Range for their Christmas stuff, but it was very much a repeat of last years stuff that they had and I definitely recognised a lot of stuff as the exact same as they had out then. I'm hoping as it gets closer to Christmas they'll expand, but for now they didn't really have much different from last year.

The final little tree decoration I picked up is this fabulous Gold Shoe Decoration which was around £1 and totally worth the glitter it got all over me when I picked it up. Tesco has 3 for 2 on their Christmas decorations and I had to restrain myself from picking everything up because IT DIDN'T GO WITH THE THEME! This little gold shoe was allowed though and it's so pretty and elegant. It does feel a bit flimsy and I'm sure if my dogs got hold of it (they like to steal the baubles from the bottom of the tree) it would be gone in one chomp, but for a quid it's a steal!

That's all I picked up for my Christmas decorations so far, but I'm in such a festive mood lately that I'm sure I won't be able to stop myself and so you'll probably see more hauls like this if it goes with the theme before Christmas. Have you started decoration yet?

Til' next time! XOXO


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