Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Recently, I decided to treat myself to one of the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks and I picked up the shade Backtalk which is a gorgeous mauve pink shade that is definitely a 'my lips but much better' shade. It's a comfort matte which I really like as it has a matte finish but it's not drying to the lips.

Due to me buying this and my mum buying a couple of other items we also got a little booklet of samples from the other shades in the collection. They are separated into pinks, reds and nudes and I decided I'd swatch them all for you so you can see the shades available and what they look like on pasty white skin such as mine. It isn't great for me, however, as swatching them has made me add about 20 different shades to my wishlist and my bank account doesn't appreciate that.

Conspiracy - metallized bronze shade with plum tones
Naked - cream nude/pink shade
Rapture - cream pink shade with more mauve tones
Backtalk - comfort matte shade with pink/mauve tones (this is the one I purchased)
Amulet - metallized bronze with nudes tones that Conspiracy
Stark Naked - comfort matte with nude tones that will suit warmer skin tones than my own
ZZ - cream shade with very pink tones
Gubby - metallized shade with light peachy tones

Seismic - sheer shimmer plum shade
Menace - comfort matte shade that is a very bright pink with blue undertones
Pandemonium - mega matte shade in a vibrant purple
Big Bang - metallized pink which is very sheer and contains glitter particles
Jilted - cream pink shade that has red undertones and appears more red on my skin
Sheer Anarchy - sheer pink shade
Firebird - cream fuschia shade, similar to Menace but different finish
Psycho - comfort matte pink shade that isn't too bright with redder tones and glitter flecks

Rock Steady - cream shade with pink undertones 
Disturbed - comfort matte in a true red berry shade
Manic - cream peach shade with darker tones
Blackmail - comfort matte shade which is more plum than Disturbed
Gash - cream red shade which leans darker on my skin
EZ - cream red shade with orange undertones 
714 - mega matte shade which is a true red
Snitch - sheer peachy shade that leans towards coral 

I think this was a great little sample kit and with a good lip brush, you'll get a fair few uses out of the little pots. I love matte shades, but I have warmed towards ZZ which is unlike any shade I own but I can imagine it'll be a great pink for summer time and to take into next year's spring. I own a few shades like Disturbed which is a more berry dark red, but I don't own any like Blackmail which is more purple and something I want in my collection.

These are just 24 of the shades from the Vice collection which boasts over 100 different shades. For £15 each they are more than I usually spend on a lipstick, but the same price as a Mac lipstick and personally, I like the shade range more on these. I don't personally buy Mac and I'm trying to buy more cruelty-free brands and Urban Decay are actually cruelty-free (although owned by a company that aren't cruelty-free) so I do feel a bit better buying their products than I do Mac. I love Backtalk, the shade which I bought and it's so wearable and comfortable. If you're looking to splurge on a lippy, I'd seriously suggest checking these out! Find them here for £15 or through Debenhams or Feel Unique.

Which shade is your favourite?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

June Disney Wishlist

I haven't looked on the Disney website in a while but with the new Summer season and the release of Alice Through The Looking Glass, there are some great finds on there. I love the adorable ice cream range that they've brought out especially the tsum tsum lunchbox which I desperately want to take my lunch into work. The Winne the Pooh bag would be great for my holidays coming up as a beach bag or possibly for shopping. I really like the Ariel mirror even though I'm pretty sure I'm too old to have something like that in my room and it's probably designed for children who have much smaller heads than mine. 

I am completely in love the with Mad Hatter necklace and it's so colourful with lots of little hatter charms on there. It's got enough charms that you know it's a Disney necklace but the design is so nice on it that it's wearable in day to day life, which is why I love it so much!

Which is your favourite? Have you seen the new Alice in Wonderland film yet? 

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 13 June 2016

Summer Goals

I sometimes do a monthly goals post but I ended up feeling pants when I didn't meet them and so thought a "seasonal" goal might be easier to achieve as I have more time to do it and plus, who doesn't love Summer? Summer for me this year is shaping up to be a good one. I go to Ibiza in July with my girls and then have loads of little trips away planned such as a spa weekend with my momma bear and shopping trips.

I live in Sheffield, but my mum has moved away to Reading for work so she lives down there five days a week and comes home at the weekend. Reading is far from Sheffield at about 3 and a half hours to get there so it doesn't make sense for me to go and see her every weekend and she does sometimes stay down there if she has a lot of work on or is really tired. I really want to go visit her down there and we're planning on spending a long weekend there and doing an overnight trip to Brighton which I'm very excited about, Brighton is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. She's also allowing me and my friends to use her flat when she comes home so we can go down there and maybe go to Thorpe Park or have a night out in London.

Make The Most Of It
I'm 21 this year and after that, I feel like I should be more responsible with my money. So, while I'm still 20 I'm going to live like every week is my last and spend my money like it's going out of style. I'm very very lucky to live at home and not pay board and so the only responsibilities I have are towards my job and my car, plus my doggies and bunnies.

I have quite a bit of disposable income and while it would be smart to put that towards my future, I don't want to. Instead I'm going to spend it on travelling and clothes and makeup and drinking and dancing, all the things I want to do. I have no attachments and I'm fully aware that I need to take advantage of it before life smacks me in the face.

Be Better With Suncream
This might seem like an odd summer goal but I'm ginger and I burn. I recently went to Portugal for 4 days and it was around 26 degrees, which isn't amazingly hot, but I still burnt really badly and that was with factor 30 on! I want to try and avoid burning where I can, wear factor 50 and sit in the shade if I feel like I'm burning.

I do think some people get so focused on tanning and it can be harmful. I just need to accept that I'm ginger through and through and the only tan I will ever have is out of a bottle.

Get Organised
I have a problem that when I go on holiday I just shove 80% of my holiday clothes in my suitcase and hope for the best. Then I'll get to the destination and realise I have no outfit choices and nothing to wear. It's my own fault really, but I want to plan my packing more so that I know what I'm wearing and take an appropriate amount of clothing instead of overpacking but still having no clothes.

Plus, this year for Ibiza, 3 of us are sharing a case to save money and so I need to make sure I plan out as I don't have that much room. Same with toiletries, instead of all buying a shampoo, a shower gel, blah blah, we need to organise who takes what so we have enough but it doesn't weigh us down. I will plan these things!

Stay In Love With The Gym
I have been loving the gym lately. I go around 4 times a week and do an hour at least each time. Currently, I do Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday which gives me 3 days off but also means that I'm going enough to make a difference. I think if I went too much I'd end up tiring myself out and probably hurting myself cause I am clumsy AF!

I think as well as actually loving the classes and the instructors I am really enjoying seeing the difference it is making to my body. I feel stronger, more toned and just healthier. I know you hear this a lot but exercise really does make me feel better, must be the endorphins! I hope I keep it up and continue to see a difference.

Make More Time For Me
At the moment, I am single and happy with very little stress in my life (contrary to what the spots on my face will tell you) and I think a lot of that is down to giving myself time to do what I want and relax. I can get stressed with work, family issues and yes my blogging can sometimes stress me out. It's not the end of the world if I miss a post here and there or if I do something wrong at work. If I feel myself getting to a level where I start getting anxious then I tell myself to go home, have a bubble bath and paint my nails or something. Yes, it's not revolutionary but sometimes it's what you need.

Sometimes I will spend all day in bed while it's sunny, watching Netflix instead of taking blog photos but who cares? I'm allowed time to do what I want and if I'm happy, that's all that matters right? I have a selfish theme this year but I don't care. I enjoy being selfish sometimes and I sure as hell deserve to be selfish when it comes to my happiness.

These are just some of my summer goals. I could go on all day about things I want to do this summer, but these are my core focuses. I am happy at the moment and although my blogging has been a bit crap lately, which I can admit too, I do hope to make more of an effort with it.

I am doing a bit of a spending ban with makeup as I save up for Ibiza, so it can hard to come up with content for a beauty blog when you're not buying beauty items! You guys will just have to cope with my witty commentary on my very boring life. What are your goals this summer?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

June Candle Belle #MEGAMELTBOX

It only feels like it was two minutes ago that I was writing May's #MEGAMELTBOX post, but that might not be just down to the year zooming by but my laziness of going to pick up packages from the Post Office. You know what I mean, though, why does the Post Office depot have to close so early?!

Although Candle Belle have swiftly become my new favourite wax melt company, I do think I'm going to cancel my subscription. It is not anything that Candle Belle have done, it's just because the sheer amount of wax melts I have racked up is quicker than I can go through them when I get a fresh batch of 9 a month. I blame Candle Belle because their scents are that long lasting that I can put a melt into a burner and it will last for days and the size of the melts is so big that I cut them into chunks of four and so last even longer.

That being said, the scents are once again amazing. My only niggle ever is that they manage to put a cinnamon scent in EVERY MONTH and y'all know I hate me some cinnamon, but I do get that there are some weirdos out there that actually like the smell of cinnamon. Maybe I'm the weirdo...

Bed of Roses - Be transported to an English rose garden without leaving your home. This complex, yet delicate floral fragrance will fill any space with the truest fresh cut rose aroma on the market today.
I am really not a fan of rose scents and this is just rose on rose on rose. It's very strong too, which is good for a floral scent as they can be quite subtle. So, for rose fans, I think this is a great option as the scent is really strong and exactly what you want in a rose scent.

Sunshine and Shiraz - This is a smooth, full-bodied blend of rich sweet fruit; red grape and oak notes with a crisp citrus peel. All set against a backdrop of greenery and rounded off with warm woody tones and golden sunshine.
Shiraz is a grape which is used mainly to produce red wine and this scent reminds me of drinking sangria on holiday. It's very sweet and smells exactly like sangria.

Flashdance - This exciting parfum based scent is a blend of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes, black orchid, lotus blossom, liquid amber, mahogany wood, black violet and cream orchid. A powerful, girly, party fragrance.
I didn't know what to expect when they described this is a girly, party fragrance but it really does envision that. Not really the sweaty smells of a nightclub, but more reminiscent of getting ready with your girls before a night out. All the collective perfumes and hairspray in one wax melt.

Hot Cinnamon - Pungent, powerful and true cinnamon which will fill any space with warmth. This scent is a perfect rendition of the soft, chewy cinnamon sweets with the hard shell and red hot flavour.
I told you there's always one and this one is just pure cinnamon. Obviously, I hate it.

Strawberry and Rhubarb - An unlikely match made in heaven. Strong, true strawberry top notes combine with sweet rhubarb middle notes, all set against a fresh, clean backdrop of light spice and sugar cane.
This is really nice, I really love rhubarb scents but the strawberry is more overpowering in this one. It's very very sweet and doesn't smell as authentic as their scents usually do, but it's still nice and I can imagine it being strong when burning.

Cookie Dough - The strong, mouth-watering scent of freshly baked sugar cookies, buttercream frosting and true vanilla. This has to be the best cookie dough scent around; truly scrumptious.
I didn't think I'd like this one as I'm not usually a bakery scent fan, but this is so nice and smells exactly like cookie dough. They've got the level of sweetness spot on so that it's not too sickly or fake smelling.

Loco Coco Lime - Tropical with a twist. This exotic fragrance is a refreshing blend of coconut, lime blossom and lemon verbena, with middle notes of tangerine, pineapple and jasmine.
I don't think you can go wrong with a lime scent and this is no different. It's tangy, sweet and very refreshing.

Blueberry Cheesecake - A scent sure to make your mouth water. Sweet, yummy decadence created by top notes of Tahitian vanilla, rich creamy butter and ripe, juicy blueberries, all on a crushed biscuit base.
Again, I'm not usually a fan of bakery scents and I like this one a lot less than the cookie dough as the blueberry scent in it is quite fake smelling and a bit too unauthentic. Usually, they are really good with authentic scents but I think they missed the bar with this one. The butter, vanilla and biscuits come through quite strongly which I think saves it slightly.

Wedding Day - This fragrance is complex, yet delicate, with top notes of pear and apricot, middle notes of rose, orchid and bird of paradise, and undertones of fresh ivy, sandalwood and musk.
I agree when they say this fragrance is complex but it's nice and refreshing and I suppose everything you envisage a wedding day to be. I like it, it's quite a calm and relaxing scent.

As always, I'm happy with the fragrances from Candle Belle although there have been a few misses for me this month. As I mentioned, I think I am going to cancel just because I have too many wax melts and when I do need to restock I can pick a few of the fragrances. I have my eye on like Parma Violets and Twisting Peppermint.

If you're new to wax melts and don't know what kind of fragrance you like, this box is ideal as they include a wide range of fragrances that you're definitely sure to find one you like. The #MEGAMELTBOX is £11 a month and a great bargain. The company is also lovely and they put little sweets in your package every month. It's little things like that, that makes me want to keep purchasing from small businesses as their customer service and attention to detail always astounds me. What's your favourite candle scent?

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 6 June 2016

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream First Impressions

Wanting to try a new beauty product and being on a spending ban is literally like have an angel and devil on each shoulder. One part of me knows that I should try it, I mean I can write about it on my blog but the other part of me knows that I can wait a few more months to try it. But, as usual, the devil won out and I ended up purchasing two of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. These have become readily available in the UK and you get them from the likes of Boots, ASOS and Feel Unique for £5.50 each. I bought mine from ASOS when they were doing 20% off for students, but they didn't have many shades and so I took a chance and went with two brighter colours. When I get nudes I want to be able to swatch them to see which shade will go better with my skin tone.

The two shades I ended up getting were Prague and Morocco. Prague is a deep berry pink and goes onto the lips a little bit darker than it looks in the tube. Morocco is a bright orange red and I didn't know whether this one would be patchy or match my skin colour, but it's absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I got it.

All of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams have a very sweet smell, like vanilla cupcake batter but if you're sensitive to smell this soon settles down and they are quite odourless once dry. The formula is unlike anything I've ever tried, it's so smooth and mousse-like when you apply which makes it easy to put on and then it settles down into a matte lip which is not drying or harsh on the lips. This makes them great for people who want a long lasting lip colour but suffer from dry and cracked lips.

 While I do like both of them, Morocco is my favourite of the two I bought. I feel like with Prague you definitely have to have a lip liner with it because it can bleed and it doesn't last as long as Morocco. Once Morocco is on, it will last for hours! I have worn both of these on a night out and found that once you've reapplied a few times that they do get a bit flaky. But, that might have just been because I can't apply lipstick after a vodka too many.

Morocco is such a perfect summer shade and I think perfect for all skin types. It made my teeth look so white and didn't wash out my pale skin or clash with my red hair. Prague again is very wearable and perfect for the warmer weather if you're after a darker lip but don't want to go full vampy. I am so happy with these and they're my favourite lip products of the moment. I can't wait to go to swatch some of the other shades. I already have my eye on Stockholm and for £5.50 each, they aren't exactly breaking the bank. Find them at Boots, ASOS and Feel Unique!

P.S One thing I will say, if you're going from swatches online, ASOS swatches are so much lighter than what the shades are like in real life so I wouldn't use them for reference. Feel Unique are the much more accurate ones.

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 27 May 2016

TV Shows I've Been Binge Watching

I am a notorious binge watcher and I won't even try to deny it. With a Smart TV that provides me with access to Now TV and Netflix at the click of a button, there is so much for me to choose from. Now, I've recently come to the end of Grey's Anatomy *sob* and so I needed something to catch my attention and rather than being able to find a good series with 250 episodes like my beloved Grey's, I've been flickering through an assortment of shows that have 2 or 3 seasons. It's great because I can switch my attention between a few, but also heartbreaking when you get to the end and know you haven't got any more to watch.

Jane The VirginA young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.
I saw this being advertised on E4 ages ago and refused to watch it because it looked so cheesy and horrible. But, when I saw the first season on Netflix I decided to watch it for a bit of easy bathtime watching (yes I watch tv in the bath, don't judge) and I got utterly obsessed with it. It's easy and funny and the characters are so likeable. Although the plot is outrageously unbelievable, it's fun and you get sucked into it. I'm gutted that there's only 1 season on Netflix, but I know that season 2 is currently airing on E4.

Chicago FireThe story of firefighters in Chicago, both on a personal and professional level.
This is set in Firehouse 51 and follows the story of a group of firefighters and paramedics through their professional lives where they are saving people and putting out fires. But, it also shows their personal life which is both funny at times and dramatic. Plus, there are a lot of hot hot hot firemen, so what's not to love?

Peaky BlindersA gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.
The first two seasons of this are on Netflix, but there are only 6 episodes in each season so it's a short series to watch. This I did find a bit hard to get into, but the fact that Tom Hardy is in season 2 spurred me on. There's a lot of swearing, violence and sex in this so not for everybody but it's really interesting to watch and I've really got sucked into the world of the Peaky Blinders.

Penny DreadfulExplorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein, and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.
This is the most recent one that I have started and it's the hardest to get into and follow. There are a lot of supernatural things in this such as witches, werewolves, vampires, etc and they are some of my favourite things to watch but this programme is quite complicated and there is a lot going on which made it hard to get into at first. It's centred mainly around Vannessa Ives and Sir Malcolm who are trying to hunt down Sir Malcolm's daughter who has been taken by vampires (I think, still unsure) and they encounter things along the way. But, it's also about Ethan Chandler who they enlist to help them and Frankenstein who is their doctor but also trying to bring people back to life. So, there's a lot going on. There's also Dorian Gray thrown in there who is an odd character indeed and likes to have sex with everyone. If you want to watch a programme that requires you to pay attention, this is it.

Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtA woman is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City.
Season 2 has just been added to Netflix and I think I watched it all in a day. It's so light and carefree and I love all of the characters, especially Tituss. It's silly, so maybe not for everyone, but there are a lot of laugh out moments. It's a perfect pick me up when you need a show to make you feel better.

These are all the shows I've currently binge watched, and when I say binge watched I mean watching until I have finished every episode in like 2 days. Not all of them are easy watches, but if you feel you've run the Netflix train into the ground I'd suggest these! Have you seen any of these? What's your favourite show to binge watch?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Something is out there . . .

Something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse and a person are driven to deadly violence. No one knows what it is or where it came from.

Five years after it began, a handful of scattered survivors remains, including Malorie and her two young children. Living in an abandoned house near the river, Malorie has long dreamed of fleeing to a place where her family might be safe. But the journey ahead will be terrifying: twenty miles downriver in a rowboat blindfolded with nothing to rely on but Malorie's wits and the children's trained ears. One wrong choice and they will die. And something is following them. But is it man, animal, or monster?

Engulfed in darkness, surrounded by sounds both familiar and frightening, Malorie embarks on a harrowing odyssey a trip that takes her into an unseen world and back into the past, to the companions who once saved her. Under the guidance of the stalwart Tom, a motley group of strangers banded together against the unseen terror, creating order from the chaos. But when supplies ran low, they were forced to venture outside and confront the ultimate question: in a world gone mad, who can really be trusted?

I love horror books, but when I first started reading this one for some reason I gave up after a couple of pages and then didn't go back to it for months. When I did eventually pick it back up I couldn't put it back down again and finished it in a couple of days. 

Based in America, it's a kind of post-apocalyptic book that goes from present day to the past with each chapter showing Malorie's journey from the start to the finish. This managed to keep the book fast paced and interesting as you saw the destruction of the world and the people in it. Malorie is an odd character that I couldn't like in the book, but then I don't think she was made to be liked. 

At the beginning of the book, Malorie finds out she's pregnant and people start dying all over the world because of something they've seen. Soon, people start blindfolding themselves and we follow Malorie along her pregnancy as the world fights against the things outside that they cannot look at. In the future, Malorie is alone with her two young children and has decided to escape from her house and to a better place but she can't open her eyes to get there. I found the prospect of there being something you couldn't look at a lot more terrifying than aliens or monsters that go bump in the night. The sheer fact of not knowing what it was but knowing what it could do to people, or not being able to know if it was inches away from you sent a shiver up my spine. 

There wasn't any need for graphic detail or gore, although there were some, this idea in itself was enough to make me not want to open my eyes when I went to sleep after reading this. It's fast-paced and easy to read and the story is interesting throughout. For once, I wasn't disappointed with the ending and was constantly kept guessing through the story. When the author wanted something fast paced I could actually feel my heartbeat pick up as the characters became more anxious. 

If you are a fan of horror then I would highly recommend this book. I'd give it 4/5 just because of my inability to bond with any of the characters. The plot itself is truly special and I think anyone who reads this will like it. Get Bird Box on Amazon for £8.18 paperback or £4.49 Kindle.

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 23 May 2016

May Candle Belle #MEGAMELTBOX

Once again Candle Belle manage to wow me with their fragrances and their wax melts. The scents and sizes of the wax melts themselves never let me down, even if the actual fragrance isn't up my street. 

Home Sweet Home - cinnamon, clove, rose, ylang-ylang and freshly brewed tea. 
I am not going to preach, but we all know the hate-hate relationship that I have with cinnamon. I also really dislike clove and floral scents so this isn't a winner to me.

French Lavender - lavender complemented by bergamot, eucalyptus, citrus zest, sage, pine and lily of the valley.
Again, another scent I greatly dislike is lavender. My mum is obsessed with the scent and when I was a child I didn't sleep well so she would soak everything in the vicinity of my bed in lavender in an effort to get me to sleep. It didn't work and just left me with a hatred of the stuff. This lavender scent is very subtle and fresh.

Raspberry Ripple - sweet raspberry with vanilla ice cream, subtle coconut and toasted meringue.
This one is super sweet and I've seen people refer to this as "drumstick lolly scented" which is a pretty accurate description.

Red Delicious - a true apple scent. 
Describing this just as a bog standard apple is pretty true to what it smells like. It's crisp and fresh like an apple but there is a base note of greenery that I assume is the tree in which apples grow. It's really nice, but I can't imagine it being strong when melted.

Vanilla Chai - chai tea leaves, vanilla milk with perky ginger and cinnamon. 
I don't really like chai tea or the scent of it. It's very spicy to me and as you know, I don't like cinnamon. This one is quite sweet with the vanilla milk and so I don't totally hate it, but again, it isn't my favourite.

Loving Spell - perfume with sweet mandarin, bergamot and tangerine, middle notes of fresh peach, strawberry and raspberry, all against musk.
I don't usually like scents that are based on perfume as I find them old lady like, but this one is pleasantly surprising. I think as it's based with lots of fruit scents it makes it sweet and refreshing rather than too musky.

Baby Powder - citrus notes, soft florals and musk create this classic scent. 
There's not much to say about this one other than it is very close to the real life scent and is quite pleasant if that's the sort of scent you like.

Balmy Beaches - a balmy breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk.
I honestly don't know how to describe this one but it is pleasant although it doesn't remind me of beaches, but definitely the scent of being on holiday.

Lemon Meringue - true lemon with bakery tones to recreate the perfect buttery crust with a hint of meringue.
Now this one smells so true to what a lemon meringue smells like I almost want to bite it. It's buttery and lemony and so delicious.

I never have a bad thing to say about the #MEGAMELTBOX from Candle Belle and this month is no different. There were a couple of scents not up my street but the others were amazing quality. For £11, a month you get 9 melts and they are always top quality. I can't recommend this box enough and if you're a fan of wax melts, Candle Belle are the perfect company to start with.

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 16 May 2016

The £1.70 Brush Set

I am not someone who can comfortably spend £60 of my own money on a brush set. I will ask for them for Christmas/ birthdays but there's just something in my brain that will not let me pay that much myself, no matter how much I admire them. Most of the brushes I own, bar an Urban Decay eye brush here and there, is cheap and most likely from eBay. They work well and my makeup seems to do what I want it to do, so as they say if it's not broke...

I saw a post on Makeup Savvy where she does a series of eBay bargains and she featured this brush set, which is currently on eBay for £1.70. So, even if this set was absolutely rubbish and unusable, it was less than £2! Luckily, they are very much useable.

In this set, you get 6 brushes and they are mainly eye brushes with 1 that could be used for powder to set your undereye concealer. The others are an eyebrow brush, a soft pointed brush that would be ideal for eyeshadow in the crease, a large blending brush, a flat brush and another large brush that they say is a concealer brush.

Surprisingly, they are super soft and although they are artificial, they aren't at all hard to the eye and so good for people with sensitive eyes. They feel really sturdy and the handles are nice to grip with a nice bamboo style. For less than £2, I can't complain about these at all. I haven't used them too much but when I've been testing them I noticed little to no fallout, which shows they are quite good quality.

They are from Asia and so took a while to get to the UK but they still arrived before the estimated delivery time on eBay, which is a bonus in my eyes. It does say on the actual eBay page that these are so cheap due to a big sale so I don't know how long they will be available. If I were you I'd pick them up now while they're still cheap, they definitely do the job just right for people who are on a budget!

Til' next time! XOXO

Friday, 13 May 2016

9 Questions I Have At The Gym

I've been going to the gym 4/5 times a week now for around a month. I've really been enjoying it but I've got to say, you do see some odd sites. There are so many things I think to myself at the gym that I've never said aloud. Now, I could probably go on a huge tangent about things I think at the gym and things that annoy but I thought I'd first go for 9 questions I have.

Why is she wearing a full face of makeup?
Some girls are pumping away in a class or strolling away on a treadmill and they have everything perfectly intact on their face. On one hand I envy them for looking so good and on the other I wonder how they bloody do it. I go to the gym to sweat my ass off and I'm constantly wiping my face, I'd end up looking like a clown by the time I was finished.

Why are you sat on a machine but not doing anything?
If you go to the gym, you know the ones. They're just sat on some form of equipment, either not doing anything or sat on their phone. It's 5.30pm and the gym is rammed, go sit on your phone in the changing room!

Why is the man pit so scary?
Every gym has a section, most likely the weights section, that only muscly beef cakes reside and it's the most intimidating section of the gym. I walk past and feel like a gazelle in front of a pack of starved lions.

How are instructors so happy?
My main thing to do at the gym is go to classes, they motivate me and I know that it's a professional leading it so they must know what they're doing, right? I don't get how they can work all day flinging themselves about classes or on spin bikes and not even look like they're breaking a sweat. I'm dying over here!

How is that guy been on the treadmill for 40 minutes, burned 1000 calories and I'm struggling with a 10-minute speed walk uphill?
How do they do it?

Where did she get those bomb ass leggings?
I like to look nice at the gym, even if I'm gonna die and be a pink, sweaty mess. Some people look so put together at the gym, I want to be one of those people!

I wonder if the gym instructors talk about me?
I'm sure they have no idea I exist, but there's some tiny paranoid portion of myself that makes me wonder if they laugh about the girl who can't do lunges (me) in the staff room. Lunges are hard.

Why are old people so happy being naked? 
It only ever seems to be old people that stroll around the changing room naked. I was shocked when I started the gym and was trying to simultaneously remove my sweaty sports bra while not letting the towel drop to expose my boobies to everyone and then someone swaggered over to the showers completely starkers. I didn't know where to look except at my mum who looked equally as shocked. I've got used to it now... No, that's a lie.

Am I supposed to be drinking a protein shake?
As I exit the gym I see so many men and women going out with a protein shake in hand and wonder if I'm meant to be drinking one. Am I ruining my progress? Why do I not understand protein shakes?

I'm sure there are plenty more that I just can't think of. The gym is a fun and weird place, but I enjoy it. Have you ever thought any of these things while you're there? Leave some of the questions you wonder about in the comments!

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

ASOS Holiday Wishlist

I am going on a lot of holidays this year and I don't say that in a bragging way, it's actually making me quite panicked. At the end of this month I head off to Portugal for 4 days with some friends from work, then in July I waltz away to Ibiza with my girls then in the October I'm going to Portugal again with my family for a week. I feel so underprepared for these holidays and I sorted through all my clothes from last year to come to the realisation that I hate them all, I know, first world problems, right? ASOS is my number one destination for clothes, always has been and always will be and their holiday selection is on point this year.

I love the pink flowy maxi dress and it would be perfect for the beach, especially over the orange swimsuit which is so out of my comfort zone but so pretty. Do orange and gingers go? I'm pretty sure they don't. I usually get my sandals and flip flops from Primark because I'm such a cheapskate but these espadrilles are so pretty & I love the colour.

What's your favourite item & are you going anywhere on holiday this year?

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 9 May 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Edition

When I first started seeing blog posts of Barry M's newest range I got very excited. I adore Barry M and around 75% of my nail varnishes are this brand and so when I read up on the Coconut Infusion range I knew I needed to try them.

These new innovative nail polishes contain coconut water and coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your nails while delivering a gel-like glossy finish. They contain Vitamins B & C to repair and replenish nails which result in a bright, healthier, long lasting finish. On the directions, they say not to use a base coat, just two coats of the polish and a top coat if desired.

The shades I chose to begin with are Laguna which is this absolutely gorgeous baby blue and Aloha which is a beautiful shade of pink that I've not seen in any other polishes. I have tried both on my nails and tried them with and without a top coat. Laguna takes 2 coats to achieve a streak-free, opaque finish and lasts around 2 days on my nails without chipping. Aloha is a bit more streaky and can sometimes take 3 coats but lasts around 2 days without chipping. Some of you might see this as a rubbish lasting time but to me, it's quite average. I work at a computer all day and my nails get damaged from picking up my bunnies from the garden and from the gym, so 2 days is average. I say it's average as it isn't really anything special and so the lasting power isn't something I would praise them for.

I really love both of these colours and I had to include a picture of Laguna even if it had to include a gross picture of my stumpy toes. I think the entire Coconut Infusion range has some truly unique shades and I can't wait to try more of these. Although they aren't they cheapest at £4.99 each, they are still budget and Boots currently have an offer on for buy 1 get the 2nd half price so you may as well treat yourself to at least 2!

Have you tried these yet?

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blog Update: Where Have I Been?

You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I have posted less frequently. I have made the most effort I could muster to post at least once a week but in the end, my health and wellbeing had to come first.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend who I've been with for nearly a year and a half. It was my choice in the end and I'm the one who lead the break up because it is what I wanted and needed at the time. I wasn't in the right place in my life for what he wanted and I fell out of love with him, which broke my heart because I really did want to love him. I've always been a person who knows what they want and takes action to get it. So, when I realised I didn't feel the same anymore I just couldn't be in that relationship for both myself and for the boy who I would just be pulling along and wasting his time. Although it was really tough and I came out of it feeling like an awful person, a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and feel relaxed for the first time in months.

It's a weird feeling breaking up with someone when you have no valid reason for it. It's the hardest thing I've had to do to tell someone I don't love them anymore and I will admit, I was a chicken about it and immature in the way I dealt with it. I'm 20 years old and this was actually my first serious relationship and then my first proper break up and so I couldn't have expected it to go smooth.

My mum is also moving away, which isn't a bad thing. She upped and quit a job that she hated and decided to do agency work where she can explore parts of the UK that she's never been before and experience different things that will develop her skills in a job that she has worked her whole life for. I'm seriously proud of her for the steps she's taking and although she's struggled with demons, she is constantly fighting them.

I've been spending all my time relaxing and hiding and reading and going to the gym and my blog went off my list of priorities. It was always in the back of my mind and I have a list as long as my arm of things that I want to write about but actually sitting down to write and take pictures has been something I just couldn't do. I don't know whether it was my emotions getting in the way or the stress I was feeling that I just couldn't bring myself to write about things I love because there were things bigger going on in my life.

I still love my blog, I still love writing and venting and I hope that I can get back into the swing of things and start afresh, sort of. Because I have written about my boyfriend on here and I have just ended something, I feel like I need an overhaul of different aspects of my life. A refresher, a new start. That doesn't mean I'm going to go Britney and shave my head, but you might see a few new changes to my blog over the coming months.

I know that some people aren't so open and honest on their blog, but it feels great to get this out in the open. It feels like I'm finally writing the closing chapter to my relationship and it's sad, but it's also what I needed. Sometimes you have to be selfish and that's ok. Sometimes it's good to be on your own.

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Feeling Floral with Williamson Tea

I am a massive tea lover. In my house, if you say no to a cup of tea, you're either ill or weird. We go through so much tea and milk you'd think we were hydrating the whole of England, but no it's just me and my dad and our addiction to Yorkshire Tea. Although, I am also a fan of all different types of tea and usually just drink green tea or peppermint tea while I'm at work so that I don't go into caffeine overdrive.

So, when Williamson Tea contacted me and asked if I wanted to sample some of their tea I jumped at the chance. For one, we share a name (my surname is Williamson) and for another, I've actually seen a few reviews of their tea and they are all positive. Williamson Tea is committed to growing high quality, sustainable tea which I really admire and they have over 140 years of experience in the art of tea growing. What I like about Williamson tea is that they have complete control over the growing of their tea as it is all on their own farms, which means you know that every brew you make is going to be of high quality.

They sent me two sets of tea, a 5 pack sampler of their Green Tea and their newly launched Earl Grey with Blue Flowers which smells amazing when you open the tub. It has the typical Earl Grey scent but the floral aroma really comes through and although floral isn't really my thing, it has a relaxing effect. They also sent me a Williamson Tea enamel mug which my dad got very excited about and asked whether he could take it to work to drink his tea in, bless him. 

Now, I'm going to be honest with you guys because I always am, I'm not the hugest fan of Earl Grey and honestly don't get it. Are you meant to have it black? Are you meant to have milk with it? So, I turned to my mum who likes it but she takes it with milk like a weirdo and I don't think this specific Earl Grey is meant to be paired with milk so I just brewed it the traditional way. The floral aroma becomes more empowering when brewing and again, it's nice and relaxing. I could imagine sipping this while lounging about reading a book. Although I'm not a huge Earl Grey fan I found this one quite pleasant and not as bitter as Earl Grey's I've tried before. It's a really unique flavour that I think a lot of people will enjoy. I haven't tried the Green Tea yet but I'm looking forward to it, I love green tea. 

I can't finish this post without talking about the packaging that the Williamson tea comes in. It's amazing and I literally "oohed" and "aahed" when I opened the package. Their tea is grown in Kenya and £1 from all Elephant caddies purchased goes to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which supports the welfare of elephants and rhinos which is something I feel very strongly about and honestly makes the price of the tea worth it. They aren't cheap at £12.50 for 20 tea bags, but knowing a portion of this will go to helping amazing animals against the threat of poaching then it's worth it. The packaging of this tin and all the tins on the website are so beautiful and I'd honestly recommend checking them out. Also, make sure to check out Williamson tea's Twitter and their Instagram where they regularly post about the charity they support.

Williamson Tea have also offered you lovely lot 20% off the Earl Grey Blue Flowers collection by using the code blueblueflowers at the till, which is available for two weeks!  

Til' next time! XOXO
*these products were sent to me for review, but all opinions are honest and my own as always.

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Melt Crowd: April

It's April, bloody April and I can't believe how fast this year is just flying by. A new month also brings a new Melt Crowd box and this month is an interesting one. I was slightly miffed when I got the box as there was no card saying what the scents were and so I had no idea what the flower was meant to be. 

Guys, I'm going to be honest now and say I think I'm going to cancel my subscription to this box. I do think it's really good value at £10 a month, but I am loving Candle Belle and their #MEGAMELTBOX. I also like with Candle Belle that they give you descriptions of the scents, which is something I wish Flamingo Candles would do, especially for daft scents like "Sparkling Diamonds." Ah yes, the smell of diamonds is my favourite thing to smell when I sit in my castle, eating my caviar. 

I don't think it's cause I don't think they're good quality because they are and I do recommend Flamingo Candles in general, but I've just not been overly satisfied over the past couple of months with the boxes. I did email Flamingo Candles and they sent me over the scent list for this month.

Strawberry Cream Tea - I didn't think I'd like this one, but it's quite subtle and not too sickly like I thought it would be. It's got the sweet undertones of strawberry, but the cream aspect dulls this slightly so you're left with a very very subtle scent.

Wild Dewberry - I don't even know what a dewberry is, but these have got a nice fruity smell to it but it's also quite floral. This is a very forgettable scent, in my eyes.

April Showers - I'm not sure what this is meant to smell like, maybe rain? I just don't have an opinion on this, it's fresh and citrusy but also very nondescript.

Sweet Peanuts - I didn't know what to expect with this one and whether it'd be a total dud but I do like it initially. I don't know how it will burn and if it will smell nice once burning but it smells really nice if you like peanuts. If you've ever had peanut brittle, it smells like that, very sweet.

Sparkling Diamonds - Again, no clue what this is meant to smell like but it's also fresh like the April Showers one. That's honestly all I can say about this one.

English Pear & Freesia- I feel like I've already had this scent, but I could be wrong. This one wasn't very strong when melted but it was pleasant. I think pear is a very subtle scent, so this one was overpowered by the floral.

Raspberry & Salted Caramel - It might be just me but I don't think these are two scents, or tastes for that matter, that go together very well at all. I love salted caramel but think it goes better with other things like chocolate or cheesecake, but that might be just cause I'm hungry and want cake, not fruit. I'm not a fan of this one, it just doesn't go together in my eyes (or nose).

Spring Bloom (the flower) - This one is so pretty to look at even though I had no idea what the smell is meant to be. I imagine because it's spring bloom it'll be based on spring flowers and it is very floral, but fresh too and not too powdery.

I'll be honest with you, I have now cancelled my subscription to The Melt Crowd. It's not because I don't think they're a really good brand, but I just have such an accumulation of wax melts now that I am overrun! Between these and Candle Belle and my inability to not buy a Yankee Candle melt when I go shopping, I am wax melted out! 

I do still think it's good value for money at £10 a month especially when you get a tart burner with your first box, but I am glad I've cancelled it. I might resubscribe for the future, but for now, The Melt Crowd posts will be gone! I hope you've enjoyed this series and my addiction to candles, but I'm trying to curb my addiction and this is the first productive step. Plus, I'm going on 3 holidays this year and I need all the dough I can get.

Til' next time! XOXO

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Book Review: White Bones by Graham Masterton

I'm so disappointed with myself with the lack of reading I've done lately and I don't really have an excuse except that I just kind of forgot! I forgot I had loads of books to read and then when I was sat bored or something, it didn't even cross my mind to pick up a book and I really want to change that in the next coming months because I forgot just how much I actually love reading.

You guys might have seen this book in my Christmas book haul You guys might have seen this book in my Christmas book haul, yes I've had it that long! But, I finally got round to reading it and I thought I'd do a quick review. This book is set in Ireland and so can be a little hard to follow if you're not all too familiar with Irish culture, but there is a helpful glossary at the back that helps with slang.

I found this book so easy to read and it flows nicely and I finished it in around about a day. I did find that there was so much going on, though, it wasn't just a crime novel where there's a murder and the detective solves it. No, there was a murder and then gang problems and then problems with her husband and other stuff, it was a lot going on and I do feel like that took away from the main plotline slightly and made the story feel a bit forced and that the author needed more to fill the book up.

One thing I would say about this book is that it is not for the faint-hearted. Now, I love horror and gore, but this goes into graphic detail about some pretty gross murders and if you are squeamish, you won't like it. I thought it was quite refreshing, maybe not the right choice of words? No, but I do feel like it helped you immerse yourself into the actual crime that the story was based around and I know some people feel it isn't appropriate, but I didn't mind.

I did find the end of this predictable and while it didn't feel rushed, I do feel like it was one of those where the author had a story but didn't have a killer so he just picked a character from the book and made them the murderer. There was a plot twist that I didn't expect, but I kind of thought it was unnecessary. While this wasn't my favourite crime novel that I have read I did enjoy it and I do think the author makes it an easy and interesting read, but it is very far-fetched and a bit predictable in places. I'd give this a 3.5/5, not great but not terrible and I would recommend it.

You can get it here for £7.99 or the Kindle version for 95p!!

Til' next time! XOXO

Monday, 11 April 2016

My First POP! Vinyl Figurines

Other than loving beauty and having a fierce obsession with candles, I do also have a little bit of nerdy side to me and I love collectables. In my room, I have a shelf of Disney Tsum Tsums, Harry Potter memorabilia and a zombie's head because honestly, anything zombie related is my favourite. 

I've been after some POP! Vinyl figurines for ages but I just didn't know where to start and I kept putting off thinking, what's the point of them? But, I finally took the plunge (lol, so dramatic) and purchased two of these little guys and I'm so glad I did.

The first one I knew had to get was Shaun from Shaun of the Dead because it is hands down my all time favourite film. See, anything with zombies remember? I can honestly watch this film over and over without getting bored, which is pretty easy as it's always on ITV2.

I honestly love this and I'm so happy with him and he's my first little bit of Shaun of the Dead tribute in my room. He was £9.99 and worth every penny, now I want the Zombie Ed one!

The main thing that I am obsessed with and have a lot of in my room, above all else, is Disney and so I had to get a Disney figure to start with! I adore this Gus Gus one and although Cinderella isn't my favourite Disney film by a long shot, I really love the glass slipper and thought it was so pretty! My mum liked this one too, even though she thought my Shaun one was weird. You're weird mum!

This is based on the live-action Cinderella rather than the animated version and it's so cute. This one was only £8.99 and really cheap in my eyes as it's so pretty and feels really good quality. I can imagine the sun reflecting really nice off of this one.

I'm so happy with my first POP! Vinyl figures and I can't wait to get more. I think these might be my new obsession, sorry Tsum Tsum's, you'll have to take a back seat. The next one on my wishlist is Sirius Black and Daryl from The Walking Dead. I bought my figures from Forbidden Planet and they offer free delivery on all POP! Vinyl figures and they seem to have really good discounts on them all the time, so if you want some of your own then I'd definitely check that website out.

Til' next time! XOXO

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