Saturday, 30 January 2016

Being A Tourist In London

On Thursday my mum and I went to London to see the show Wicked and do general touristy things. I love London and although there's no place like home (Sheffield) I do love being a tourist. Taking pictures of things and getting excited over taking the tube while Londoners look at us with that evil look in their eyes that they get when tourists hold up the tube queue.

We were staying in Victoria and decided it was a good idea to walk to Buckingham Palace (which I think is quite underwhelming) and then to Harrods which was pointless as we weren't allowed in with our luggage. We then went for some food and went to watch Wicked, which was such an amazing show. I absolutely loved the whole thing and it's definitely made me want to see more shows in the future. I would highly recommend it.

 (me and my lovely mummy)

The next day we went shopping on Oxford Street which I loved, we also walked to M&M World which was a nice walk as we got to see some nice restaurants and bakeries that are away from the main road. In all honesty though, my mum and I had done so much walking the day before that we were very achy and not really in the mood for much walking. We managed a good couple of hours though and had fun.

Overall, it was such a nice trip away and made my mum and I realise we need to do it more often. We got to have some very good mummy and daughter time. We also realised it was our first proper weekend away just us two and that we need to do it more often. We went on the Megabus, which is very long but also not as bad at all as we thought it was going to be. Most of the trip there was spent sleeping and then when we were in London we drove through all of Notting Hill and nice roads so we managed to see some lovely houses and Hyde Park. You wouldn't get that view of we were on the train and so we decided we'd definitely take the Megabus again and it's a lot cheaper than the train.

Have you ever had a very touristy trip somewhere? I think being an English tourist was such a weird feeling as we were surrounded by people like us but we were so excited to be there. I can't wait to go back, but hopefully I'll wear comfier shoes next time! P.S I know there's a lot of photos of my mum, but she's a poser lol.

Til' next time! XOXO


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