Wednesday, 13 January 2016

January The Melt Crowd Unboxing

I think I must start this monthly post the same every month, always expressing how excited I am to receive it. In all honesty, this month I wasn't that fussed because I was wondering how they were going to follow their amazing Christmas box and also what kind of scents January deserves, or as I like the call it The Shittest Month Of The Year. Although, I do think they've done a great job of following it up and this month has a lot of clean and refreshing scents, just what you want to start the year off. They've also included two wax melts from their new range B.A.R.E which is made up of essential oils and other stuff I don't understand. 

Pink Denim: What exactly is pink denim supposed to smell like? I love the smell of fresh denim, it's such a homely scent but I don't know how making it pink would change the scent? I'm full of questions about this scent. It does smell nice, sweet and fresh. I dunno, I'm confused. 

Baby Powder: This is a lovely scent that envisions cuddling up to a freshly changed baby and just having a good old sniff of their baby head. I recently became an auntie and so this reminds me of that cute little bundle of poop I call my neice. It's very realistic to the real thing, although I don't think it's as strong as the Yankee Candle version. 

Coconut: I think this is the marmite of the group, you either love it or you hate it. I love coconut and it's one of those scents I will never get sick of. I love coconut body butter/scrub/wash just give me all that coconut. I'm going to emerge from my coconut bubble bath after washing myself in coconut shower gel and put coconut body butter on myself while lighting my coconut wax melt and pretend I'm sat on a beach drinking a pina colada out of a pretend coconut. 

Crystal Mountain Water: Water does not have a scent. I don't know how making it from a mountain and maybe crystal clear makes it smell any different, it just doesn't have a scent. This wax melt is lovely though and smells like nothing I've really smelt before. It's fresh and citrusy and exactly how I'd imagine sugar and water with a dash of lemon to smell. Worse description ever. 

B.A.R.E Orange and Lemongrass: Do you know when you first enter a Lush shop and you're just hit with that Lush smell, that smell that all Lush shops have no matter where you are? Well, they've got that smell and put it in a wax melt. This smells exactly like that and I can't really say anything else about it. 

B.A.R.E Cinnamon and Mandarin: Ah my arch nemesis, we meet again. Cinnamon, the devil of the scent world. It's January, Christmas is over, can we stop with the Cinnamon scents, please. Honestly, this doesn't smell like Cinnamon but I do know that it is awful. I literally got everyone in my house to have a whiff of this because it is so bad. It smells like pepper. Like you've literally stuck your nose in a tub of pepper, except it doesn't make you sneeze. I hate this. Awful. Big mistake. You suck.

Whisky: I have tried whisky a few times and it has never nor will it ever be my drink of choice. After downright knowing you hate a spirit, you definitely know what it smells like and this does not smell like whisky. I mean, I know they can't exactly put the exact smell that comes with whisky into a wax melt and this one definitely doesn't burn like whisky does. I suppose it does smell like whisky in the way that Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce smells like whisky. You can get a hint of it, but the rest is just sugary stuff yet again. This is the monthly "take to Sams house cause this is kind of masculine and he's a boy and can't have girly scents in his bedroom" wax melt and I think he'll like it cause whisky is just for men and not for us poor fragile females, right? 

Strawberry Jam: This is very sweet and actually very much like the real life thing. It is strawberries and sugar and a whole lot of preservatives. This is the only one that doesn't really fit in with the whole "natural and fresh" vibe that this box has going on. I suppose they just wanted to add a dash of colour to ruin the perfectly good pastel aesthetic. 

This box actually really impressed me even though I found some of the names utterly stupid and enjoying making fun of it all far too much. I think most of these melts must be part of their spring range because I can't find any of them on their website. I really like how they include new stuff in their boxes before it's released to the general public. I really like brands that appreciate loyal customers and it's something that makes me a loyal, repeat customer. Yay brand loyalty!

If you want to get your own Melt Crowd box, it is £10 a month and in your first box, you get a wax burner to melt all of these ridiculously named wax melts. I refuse to get makeup subscriptions because I just think they're hit and miss, but this is always something I love. Except cinnamon, fuck you cinnamon.

Til' next time! XOXO


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