Friday, 8 January 2016

The Disney Dreams Collection 2016 Calendar by Thomas Kinkade

I always buy a new calendar every year even though I am most definitely not one of those people who writes or really uses calendars or diaries. I buy a calendar and then put birthdays in it even though I will never forget them so what I'm really saying is, I don't really know why I buy calendars at all. At all. Except I definitely know why I bought this because it's based on the work of Thomas Kinkade who is the artist behind The Disney Dreams Collection and I am the biggest fan of this collection. It is so beautiful and the artist is so talented and if you are a fan of Disney at all I would definitely check out his work. I would most definitely buy one of his painting if I was loaded, but this calendar is the next best thing and it was only £9.99 from Amazon so win, win.

January Pinnochio
This is the ultimate classic in the calendar and although it isn't even in my top 10 Disney films, I can still admire the movie and the classic tale that is Pinnochio. I think it is the perfect starter image because it really is one of the first Disney films I remember watching and I think it's a perfect start to the year. The image is beautiful, obviously and I like that although the sole focus is, of course, Pinnochio, the scenery takes up a big chunk of the image and it's so beautiful that it really fits the imagery well.

February Aladdin
I love Aladdin, again it isn't in my top 10 but it's my brothers favourite Disney film and so it reminds me of him. The imagery of this is beautiful and I love the little circle with the Sultan in it and Rajah the tiger. One thing I don't like about this image is that the scenery looks very painted whereas Jasmine and Aladdin look almost photoshopped and to me they just don't look like they belong in the picture. It's still so amazing and again, the scenery to me is breathtaking but the actual couple just doesn't fit in my eyes. So, I'd say this is my least favourite of the bunch. Plus, where's Genie?!

March The Princess and the Frog
This is the most modern film of the lot and I think it's done very well to look vintage and authentic. I think this is so pretty and captures the essence of the movie very well. I also like that they've included the frog version and the human version of Tiana and her prince. I am not even going to mention scenery again because I just don't need to, just look at it!

April Beauty and the Beast
The don of all Disney movies for April and my god, it's a beauty (and the beast lol). This is so beautiful and I'm in love with this one. I've seen the full image for this one where some of the scenery aren't cut off and it's so pretty and I think it's even prettier than this little version. I swear if I was loaded and a little bit crazy I would fill my whole house with these canvases.

May Cinderella
I'm a giant baby sucker  for scenery and I think this is my least favourite in terms of that but it is a lovely piece and Cinderella is classic. I love the little Lucifer in the circle and the bridge piece is truly beautiful. Again, I think the actual couple have a photshopped feel to them but I suppose they are cartoons and aren't supposed to look like cartoons, not actual people. So, I'll let it slide.

June Sleeping Beauty
Aurora is down there at the bottom of my least favourite Disney princesses (Snow White takes the title) but this picture is so beautiful and everything about it is magnificent. I like how everything is included in it from the fairies to the castle in the background. This one,  I think, is the prettiest although I'm not a giant fan of the movie itself.

July Fantasia
I don't actually think I've ever seen Fantasia but this wouldn't be a Disney calendar really if it didn't include Mickey Mouse. I think this is a very beautiful scene but apart from Mickey there isn't anything very Disney-esque about it, in my eyes.

August The Little Mermaid
Look at it, just look how lovely this is! It's so amazingly colourful and shiny and perfect. Again, I've seen the full image of this and it's really magnificent and he's also done a painting from the "Kiss the Girl" scene which is so brilliant and you need to check out his website and have a look at it. I love The Little Mermaid and this really captures the film amazingly well. Just look at it!

September The Jungle Book
This is my birth month and although it isn't my favourite I think it fits my month very well. It's a fun image and cheeky which I really like. It's set in the jungle and I expect the scenery to be beautiful, which obviously it is. I like that they include everything in this picture, even the little girl in the background who Mowgli meets. I haven't seen the Jungle Book in ages but this really makes me want to watch it.

October The Lion King
I love the Lion King and this is so beautiful! My brother is currently decorating his babies room with a Lion King theme and so I think once I've used up this calendar I'm going to frame this print and put it up in her room. I love the lighting effect in this image and think the sky in this is so beautiful! (I've used beautiful way too much, brb getting a thesaurus)

November Lady And The Tramp
This is the most underrated Disney film in my opinion and one that tugs on my heartstrings every time. Dogs and dogs being neglected and evil cats, no wonder! I really like this image and I think it's really cute. Notice in the background, in the boutique, there's the dress that Sleeping Beauty wears too which I think is really cool!

December Peter Pan
We're onto the final month now and it features an amazing Peter Pan scene. I love Peter Pan and I think that it has some of the best quotes in it, even though the bit where they leave Nana always gets to me! I love the bit where you can see all the pirates in the clouds, that's so cool!

That's it for this calendar and honestly I 'm so in love with it! I think it's my favourite calendar I've ever bought and I actually can't wait for the year to be up so that I can frame all the prints and hang them in my room. I'd love to see him paint some of the more recent Disney films in this classic style. Honestly, if you've never heard of Thomas Kinkade but you're a huge fan of Disney, I'd definitely check out some of his work on his website (or here if you're in the UK) and check out the Tangled painting he has done which is just amazing! If you want this calendar it's £10.99 on Amazon (currently out of stock, but you can still order and they'll send it when it's available) or you can get a mini version for £5.99 which features some different films such as Bambi. Which is your favourite image from the calendar?

Til' next time! XOXO


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