Monday, 15 February 2016

Disney Princess Adult Colouring Book

I love adult colouring books and they're such a good way to relieve stress when you just can't deal with the world. I especially know that when I'm getting frustrated and everything is winding me up, the best thing for me to do is something that will clear my head and adult colouring books are such a good escape. Mix that with Disney and I'm sold!

This Disney Princess book is in French which is weird but it isn't exactly the text that you're using this book for anyway, it's the amazing artwork inside. I love Disney & I think this is perfect for any Disney fan. I could definitely see this being a good stocking filler for someone's birthday, even if they don't speak French..

There's loads of Disney Princess's in this book, which is what it's focused on and it's so pretty. You could make them exactly as they are in the movies or get all funky and make them crazy colours, hell make Ariel blonde! One negative I'd say is the amount of Pochantas is super small compared to the amount of other princesses. Other than that it is such a nice book and I would really recommend it. Would you buy this book? You can find it on Amazon here & they also do a Frozen one.

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