Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo First Impressions

I am usually a Batiste girl through and through when it comes to dry shampoo and I'm firmly on the side of it's not broke don't fix it. However, I saw Herbal Essences all on offer the other day at Asda and it was something like 3 for £4 so I bought shampoo and conditioner, cos basic and I thought I'd try their dry shampoo. I opted for the "Escape to Paradise" in the hope that I'd spray my hair and be instantly transported to an exotic island being fanned by sexy oiled me while sipping on a pina colada. That didn't happen, but it is quite good.

One thing I don't like about Batiste, or just dry shampoos, in general, is that I hate the white residue they leave they leave behind. If I'm putting in dry shampoo it's because I'm in a rush and trying to make myself look like I have my shit together. This one is quite good at not leaving that white stuff but leaves a film and does make your hair kind of feel like you've sprayed it with extra strong hold hairspray then brushed it out.

The smell of this is also really nice, something that I always actually look for in a dry shampoo. I don't want to be spraying dry shampoo on my hair and then smell like I'm putting dry rubbish on me. It smells nice and fruity and this smell makes your hair smell like you've actually washed it, so you can get away with it for a couple of days or more. I find with this one, because it has more of a fine spray than the Batiste cans, you actually use less.

It isn't the cheapest at £2.99 for 180ml compared to £2.99 for 200ml of the Batiste type but the difference isn't that big at all. I can't say that I would declare this my favourite dry shampoo, but it is really good plain and simple. Find it at Boots or Asda. Have you ever used this dry shampoo before?

Til' next time! XOXO


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