Thursday, 11 February 2016

How's Life Dairy-Free?

So, I have officially been dairy-free for over a month now and so I wanted to update you guys on how I'm feeling. The last post I wrote on this was after I'd been dairy-free for just a week and I was really enjoying it. To be honest, I'm still really enjoying it. I'm definitely not finding it as hard as I thought I would and I haven't really had to make any real changes to my life. Yeah, I now buy soya and almond milk instead of cow milk and cheese isn't on the shopping list, but it has been surprisingly easy to cut little things like that out of my life.

You do have to get a bit more inventive in the kitchen. I can't just grab a pot noodle for my lunch anymore, but I'm fine with that. I feel so much healthier in myself and my body is energised, my skin is frickin' amazing and I feel great. I'm drinking more water and green tea, more greens and healthy carbs. There is literally no downside to this at the moment except the other day I spent like a tenner on non-dairy milk so I could test them all out and decide which one will be in my tea. Soya was the winner if you'd like to know.

If there were 10 things I could've told myself when going dairy-free, it would've been this:

1. You'll have to check the labels on everything, luckily all the allergens are labelled in bold and so you get pretty swift at realising what has dairy in and what doesn't.

2. No, hemp milk is not weed milk. No matter how hard your brother giggled when you bought some.

3. Dairy-free cheese will not work in a toasty, sorry. But they're pretty alright otherwise.

4. People will not understand why you have gone dairy-free and that's ok, you don't have to explain yourself to anybody, girl.

5. Desserts can get pretty boring when you go out unless you're a big fan of sorbet.

6. Eating out is actually pretty easy and most restaurants will easily cater to you.

7. Nearly all crisps are dairy-free, so your weekend snacks are not off limit.

8. Research recipes, you'll get pretty bored of pasta or rice cakes for your lunch at work.

9. Dairy-free butter isn't that bad and you can't tell the difference when it's on a sandwich.

10. Pesto has cheese in it, so your cheap lunch of pesto and pasta is out of the window.

It's honestly been the best life decision I've made in awhile and I'm surprised how supportive everyone has actually been. Seeing how much I like it has actually swayed my mum into trying it for a week, except she says she needs to find a good milk alternative for her tea. First-world problems, am I right?

I now can't wait to get some nutritional yeast flakes to make dairy-free mac and cheese. It can be a pain when I go round to me nans for a cuppa, though, her response is always the same. What do you mean you don't drink milk? How do you have tea? Other than that, it's great! Morrisons have also just increased their range of dairy-free yoghurts and cheeses which is so cool and means I get to try a wider range. They are super expensive though (I'm looking at you £4.41 Mint Choc Chip Almond Dream Ice-cream), but the actual lifestyle itself isn't. Do you think you could ever go dairy-free?

P.S Again, apologies for the higgledy-piggeldy schedule! My internet is broken at the moment and keeps cutting off around 8 pm at night? What's that about. That's usually the time I get my posts written and scheduled, so it's been a nightmare. Normal schedules resuming next week, I promise.

Til' next time! XOXO


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