Friday, 12 February 2016

Things That Have Pissed Me Off This Week

I try to come across as an upbeat, positive person on my blog. But, in the real world people often see me as hmm, how do they put it? Bitchy and moody. I mean, I can't even blame it on Aunt Flo most of the time because I use that excuse every week of the month and I think people are catching on. I have had a good week this week. Not in the sense that ooh I feel like a million dollars give me all your praise, but rather I had a takeaway on Wednesday and got a free portion of egg fried rice sort of week. Yet, there has been things this week that have really got to me, really rubbed me the wrong way and made me want to go ham on a punchbag. Which I haven't, cause I am a lazy toerag.

My brother
I know, brothers are just annoying in general. But my sneaky little arseface of a brother decided it was a good idea to remove my device from my Now TV account and add his phone onto it so he could watch my NOW TV account on his phone. I pay for NOW TV, let me just say and I told him he couldn't delete anything but he did it anyway! So, I got all excited with my reheated chow mein and my pj's on getting settled in to carry on watching my precious Greys Anatomy when BOOM no sorry Miss, you can't add another device until MARCH THE 1ST!

Does he not know that Walking Dead starts on Monday? Does he not know that I'm on season 8 of Greys Anatomy and my mum is on season 9 so I have to catch up? No, he doesn't because all he cares about are his problems and doesn't care that I can't watch my programmes. It's a serious issue guys. Luckily, Now Tv's customer service saw my tweets about murder and came to my rescue. So, hopefully, it'll be resolved. Otherwise there will be murder.

Shitty Internet
My boyfriends parents are currently away skiing their troubles away in Austria and he has to look after the house to make sure his 18-year-old brother doesn't smash the place up and so I've been stopping there all week. The trouble is, my boyfriend lives in the wilderness and his house is a signal hell zone and so I get no signal there meaning the only way I have any contact with the outside world is by connecting to his internet. The trouble is, it's shit. So it cuts out for like 10 minutes at a time and I'm left with no Greys Anatomy and no blogging! This has resulted in all my blog posts being a day late and my lovely self left very frustrated.

It's so annoying when you're in the blogging flow and you have so much to write, but it's interrupted by the laws of the universe working against you. Stupid universe.

Sometimes, when I'm in a rush or I can't be arsed to make dinner for work, I'll go out and buy a meal deal from Sainsburys or Boots, as they are the closest mealy dealy places near my place of work. The problem I have, though, is that I'm dairy-free and trying to eat well e.g. low calories. So, a problem I have is that I go for a typical sandwich or a pasta salad and they all have some form of dairy in them. Literally, if you're dairy free your choices are so restricted, it's ridiculous.

Ooh ham salad sandwich, you look good! Oh wait, you have yoghurt on you. First off, who puts yoghurt on a ham salad sandwich? What's wrong with a bit of mayo? Oooh chicken and bacon pasta salad, that sounds great! Creme Fraiche mayo, what's that? Oh, it's mayo with added DAIRY!! Please, how can it be so hard to just use normal ingredients that normal people consume. I am so sick of peanut butter and rice cakes or soup for dinner I just wanted a normal sarnie but I'm not allowed because supermarkets are out to ruin me.

Valentines day
My boyfriend and I had a sort of silent agreement about valentines day and it's that we weren't doing anything for it and weren't buying each other presents. One because everywhere on Valentines day is hella expensive and over the top and two because I'm a poor poor apprentice who can't afford to be buying daft presents every week. I mean it was just Christmas a month ago. But then he went to Meadowhall with his friend who has a new girlfriend and so wanted advice on what to get her and he comes back like "DON'T LOOK" and then he has shopping bags. I was like what, but I haven't bought you anything. I thought we weren't buying presents. He was like it's fine. It's not fine though is it Samuel because now I feel like the shit girlfriend who has a lovely boyfriend who buys her stuff and all I've bought him is a 99p valentines day card that says "I otterly adore you" with a picture of an otter next to it. It's fucking adorable, but still. Fuck Valentines day.

I'd like to apologise in advance for this post. Actually, it's not very advance when I'm posting this at the end of the ranting, but I'd still like to apologise. You know what, though, it feels great to get all of this off my chest and I actually feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Usually, I'd rant to my mum or my girls over a few cocktails about issues like this but I'm skint and I haven't seen my mum for a week and so you guys are my next outlet, you're my little internet friends. So, if you have something you need to rant about I'd highly recommend writing it out into a post because my god, this was therapeutic. Thank you for reading my rant and I hope you have a very lovely Valentine's day, whether you do something fancy, order or take away or spend all day in your pj's. Have fun!

Til' next time! XOXO


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