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I really like tag posts and reading them as I feel you get to know the person behind the blog that you're reading it on and find out some more information about them. Fleur, over at FleurDanielle recently did this post and so I decided I was going to give it ago to hopefully shed some light for my readers over my mysteriously exotic and exciting lifestyle, lol I wish!

What Are You Wearing?
Currently, I'm at work while writing this, shh don't tell my boss. I'm wearing a lovely black blouse from Dorothy Perkins and an Aztec style midi skirt also from Dorothy Perkins which I have stolen from my mother and have no plans to give back. Soz mum. I'm wearing this with knee high boots, but they're also my mums and I have no clue where she got them from. Mum, if you read this I would like to apologise for forever stealing your things, but I assure you that I will continue doing so for as long as I live with you.

Ever Been In Love?
Currently, I am! Aw, aren't I cute! I'm in love with my rabbit Bernard... I'm kidding. It appears that the love of my life is a beardy plumber who is a bit too obsessed with cars. Got a right catch there ladies.

Ever Had A Terrible Breakup?
Not really. Sam is the first guy I've ever properly been in a relationship with and so I haven't yet gone through a breakup.

How Tall Are You?
I think that I'm about 5 foot 9/10, I dunno? How do people know how tall they are? Do they measure? I only know that I'm around that from the last time my doctor did my BMI and told me I need to get on that treadmill pronto.

Any Tattoos?
Yes, one. It's a half faded pentacle on my foot that I got when I was in Ayia Napa. I got it to ward off evil spirits and demons!! No, kidding. I got it because my nan is big into that stuff and it reminds me of her. It's half faded because it, unfortunately, lands in a spot where the lining of shoes goes through and so half of it is has faded a rather lot! I don't know whether to get it coloured in and just wear flip-flops for like 3 months or what.

Any Piercings?
Yes, I love piercings! I think I'm more open to getting piercings than tattoos because they're less permanent, although I have now had my belly bar out for 1 whole year and the fucker hasn't healed up! So I have my ears pierced twice, my tongue pierced (lol, kinda hate this one now), my belly button unfortunately and my nipple!

Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan... JUST MAKE BABIES ALREADY!

Favourite Show? 
Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, Criminal Minds, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones are just some of the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I don't have one favourite show, but if there was a show I could watch over and over again without getting bored it would be Friends. 

Favourite Bands?
I'll be honest, I don't really have a favourite band. I only really listen to playlists that Spotify make or the radio, but there isn't really someone who I listen to all the time. If I had to say bands that I liked at the moment or could listen to an album without getting bored it would be Fall Out Boy, Eliza and the Bear, One Direction (not even scared bro), but I also really love that new song 7 years by Lukas Graham.

Something You Miss?
My dog. She passed away in August and I miss her every day. I have two other massive beasts to keep me company and soothe my doggy grief but she was my baby and I honest have never felt grief for a lost pet like I do for my Bella.

How Old Are You?
20! I'll be 21 this year which is a big birthday! I don't want to be 20, or 21 for that matter they feel far too grown up for someone who is not ready to be grown up. Also, I know your 21st is supposed to be big and stuff, but I just can't be bothered to plan a big event for it! What did you all do for your 21st, if you are 21?

Zodiac Sign?
Libra, the scales. This must be the most boring star sign you can be. What also makes it boring is that my mum, my dad, my brother and I all share the same star sign! We're all Libras! 

Quality You Look For In A Partner?
That they can make me laugh, loving, loyal, ambitious & kind.

Favourite Quote?
I love Harry Potter and Disney, so my two favourite quotes have to come from them.

Favourite Actor?
My favourite actor of all time is Heath Ledger & it's such a shame that he was gone so soon. Everything he created was amazing and Brokeback Mountain is easily one of my favourite films, it is so powerful. My favourite actress has to be Jennifer Aniston, she's hilarious and such a good actress.

Favourite Colour?
I don't think I have a favourite colour. I love red & blue as I wear a lot of it because it's one of the colours I can wear without it clashing with my red hair. I also love yellow because I think of it as such a happy colour and I can't go into the nursery in my house (which is yellow) without feeling uplifted.

How Long Does It Take You To Shower?
Totally depends, I usually shower within 10 minutes or so but I can be in a bath for up to an hour, got to get your use out of those bath bombs right?

How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning?
About 20 minutes. I have my routine down and I can be up and out of the house within half an hour, with time for breakfast.

Ever Been In A Physical Fight?
As most redheads are, I'm feisty. I have been in one or two physical fights yes, one actually quite recently embarrassingly enough. I won't get into it, but I won obviously. Don't fight kids, stay in school.

Turn Off?
Smoking, ignorance, arrogance and lying.

The Reason I Made A Blog?
I've always been into writing and what's easier than writing about what you love? Actually, sometimes it can be hard but I have loved it ever since I've set up a blog and although I definitely have room for improvement, I love my little blog on the internet and I'm forever glad that I set it up!

Spiders. I have a serious phobia of spiders and I literally cannot be in the same room as one if I have seen it or if it's disappeared then I am not going into that room for a good hour. I have cried because I've seen a spider and I have a large distrust of people who threaten to throw a spider on you when they catch it. I also don't really like the sea, it scares me how undiscovered it is and how you can be just floating there not knowing if something near you is out to kill you.

Last Thing That Made You Cry?
Grey's Anatomy. I'm telling you, don't start watching this programme, it will rip out your heart, stamp on it repeatedly and then put it back in all to do the same thing again in a couple more episodes. I have openly sobbed at this and every OTP I have ever had has been crushed into a tiny million pieces. Don't put yourself through it.

Last Time You Said You Loved Someone?
Ok so I told my boyfriend that I loved him when I sent him off to work with his packed lunch this morning, but I also told my dogs I loved them before I left for work so...

Meaning Behind Your Blogger Name?
I'll be honest and say it kind of just came to me and I was all like woah I like that it kind of describes me, I like pretty things but I'm also slightly mad and I think I appear slightly mad to some people.

The Book You Are Currently Reading?
Currently trying to read The Clockwork Orange and majorly confused by it. Am I meant to understand a word of what is wrote in that book? I've also just finished Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill and would definitely recommend it!

Last Show You Watched?
Duh, Greys Anatomy... Luckily I've not cried yet in season 10 but I'm sure I will at some point. I know a major character dies soon and I'm just bracing myself for it so I can hole up in my room and cry about fictional characters.

Last Person, You Talked To?
The guy who I sit next to at work, he's very annoying.

The Relationship Between You and The Person You Last Texted?
Can you believe it is like 5 pm and I haven't texted anyone all day? Well, don't I feel loved! The last person I text was one of my best friends Nicole and we were gawking over Michael Socha in the new ad on E4. So obsessed with him *insert heart eye emoji*

Favourite Food?
Mac and Cheese or anything with cheese on which is quite difficult when you are dairy-free. I mad dairy-free mac and cheese the other day and I feel head over heels in love. I will most definitely be making it at least once a week, if not more.

Place You Want To Visit?
I desperately want to visit more places in Europe. My best friend and I are planning on going to Amsterdam later in the year and then I would love to go to Krakow & Paris. I really want to go visit Disneyland Paris and on a darker note, the Paris catacombs.

Last Place You Were?
I'm at work, SHHHH, but the last place I was before this was home. Home sweet home with my doggies and bunny. Does any of you miss your pets while you're at work? Sometimes I'm sat doing nothing and then I realise I'm thinking about which room my rabbit is destroying while I'm typing away.

Last Time You Kissed Someone?
Again, the boyf this morning but I also kissed my dogs before I left for work! This is my life... boyfriend & dogs.

Last Time You Were Insulted?
Someone told me I'm maturing far too quickly which I took as quite offensive. So what if I'd rather strut my stuff in cocktail bars than go to sweaty clubs with underage people wrestling at bars to get a watered down vodka.

Favourite Flavor Of Sweet?
Does peanut butter cups count as a flavour? Because that's my fave.

What Instruments Do You Play?
When I was younger I used to play the Cello. It's a dream of mine to learn to play the piano.

Favourite Piece Of Jewelry?
I have a necklace that Sam bought me for valentines last year and I never take it off.

Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone?
Sams best friend just bought his first house with his girlfriend so we went round there to help them strip wallpaper and eat chocolate. It was nice but definitely made me want to have my own house!

Who Should Answer These Questions Next?
Whoever wants to! It was actually quite fun doing this although I never realised how hard it is to think of your favourite something on the spot. What do you mean who is my favourite actor? I dunno have I even watched a film in my whole life?

Til' next time! XOXO


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