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It is no secret on my blog that I am obsessed with all things candle or wax melt related. I saw this new brand come around on a few blog posts and like the crazy candle lady that I am, I had to sign up. I was getting a bit bored with The Melt Crowd and so I wanted to mix things up a bit. 

The first thing I'd like to say about Candle Belle is how pretty their packaging is. I'm a sucker for packaging and I adore this style. I love how they put the effort in with each one and make it a different colour. They also put sweets in the packaging but I ate those so I couldn't get a picture, sorry not sorry. 

The Candle Belle melts are made from soy wax and they are huge. They can easily be cut up into 2 pieces for big melts and 4 for smaller ones, but they will easily last for many uses. They are also really soft and as I was cutting one up I got it all over my hands. I don't know if that was because it's soy or if it was warm, but it was very annoying. 

One thing that I really like about Candle Belle is that they include a scent sheet and describe the scents. Sometimes you smell a wax melt, called like "snowflake" and you wonder what the hell it's meant to be. So, with these wax melts, you can break them down with their individual scents.

Almond Bakewell - Butter shortcrust pastry and amaretto liquor topped with almonds with a vanilla sponge. I am not a fan of almond scents and amaretto and you can really get the amaretto in this one. It's quite sickly sweet and I couldn't imagine using a big chunk of this so it would definitely last a while. 

Granny Smith Apple - Apples and sweets are what this is described as on their website. It has a really authentic apple smell to it which I really love. This will be a great kitchen scent.

Black Cherry Bomb - A super strong, realistic explosion of black cherries. They say on their website that this is not one for "the faint hearted" and they're right. It is super strong and it literally hits you in the face with the scent. This is the only one I've burned so far and I literally took the littlest bit off and it scented my boyfriends whole room.

Bubblicious - Sugary vanilla with strawberry, citrus, coconut and clove. I don't know if that's what it's meant to smell like but it smells exact like the bubblegum that I would've had as a kid. This is my favourite!

Clove Rock - Super strong clove with hints of ginger and cinnamon. I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate clove. I hate ginger. I hate cinnamon. Hate it.

Coconut & Banana - Fresh banana, coconut and grapefruit, supported by kiwi fruit, strawberries and bubblegum with a hint of vanilla. I really like this one but if you don't like that synthetic banana smell then you won't like it. I think it's a really interesting mix with all the different fruits and definitely smells tropical. I don't know when I'll use this one but I definitely enjoy it.

Blue Hydrangea - Sunkissed hydrangeas and balmy breezes are sure to bring a big of summer inside every day. I don't really like fake floral scents but this one is actually quite realistic. It's really fresh and not at all sickly. I like hydrangeas and I think they've got the scent of this down.

Parfum De Paris - Ylang ylang, rose petals and jasmine are set against vetiver and sandalwood to perfectly capture 90 years of classic Paris. If someone said to me, classic perfume then I would definitely think of this scent. It's powdery and a bit like old lady perfume, but it's nice. I can't honestly see myself using this, but my mum really liked it.

Sweet Georgia Peach - Fruity peach with undertones of sweet orange, honeydew melon, vanilla and dusk. This is definitely peachy and I've never smelt a wax melt like this before. I like how fruity it is and doesn't smell synthetic. I can imagine it getting quite sickly if you use a lot of it, but that seems to be the general thing with these melts.

I am super impressed with the Candle Belle wax melts. They are very strong scented, soy wax and have a real smell to them so aren't fake smelling and gross. I like that they're all in their own packaging too so the scents don't rub onto each other and you can really get a good smell of them when you open the packaging. I am just highly impressed.

For only £11 a month, this is a great deal as you get 9 melts which work out as around £1.22 a melt and they're usually £2 a melt on Candle Belle's website. They gurantee that you won't get a repeat in fragrance for the first 3 months and they have 55 melts to offer, which is huge. Shipping is also included in the £11 and you can find it on the Candle Belle website. Which would be your favourite scent?

Til' next time! XOXO


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